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Irina Kulikovskay Author: Irina Kulikovskay vk, 01.Nov 2021
Education: MSU
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What products does the 🇸🇮 Abb Bulgaria Ltd. buy?

  1. Engineering products: drive lever assly: hyn r
  2. Hv disconnector parts dc spares consisting of following parts base phasewelded sdf ba w
  3. Corona protection hyn r
  4. Other articles of aluminium sheet metalw/o bushing drg no. Hdg p rev.m
  5. Other articles of aluminium front panel
  6. Sheet metal fabricated cabinets hyd
  7. Sdf cp current path kv a pole
  8. Spares for hv disconnector consisting of: ph, dea metallics
  9. Tube or pipe fittings pneumatic linkage s closing nippel part no hate p drg no. Hate p rev aa ln
  10. Dhs gear wheel z part no hc p rev ab
  11. hyn r handle normal
  12. Sdf es earthing switch kv phase
  13. All aluminium alloy conductors non fer rous forgings components tk arcing con tact nos parts no hc r
  14. Other articles of aluminium bae cover
  15. Cast articles including parts/components of aluminium tk shieldig cap machined
  16. Elmex switches ex e elmex control mechanism with nc type snap action switch dwg no. mt
  17. Cast articles including parts/components of aluminium io/ig ring
  18. Current path kv / a phase sdf cp
  19. Bearing assly hyd r
  20. Dea set of phase module base fram e, es
  21. Worm shaft, part number. gpa
  22. Machinery parts: frontdeckel be arb hdg p n
  23. ghv a device holder
  24. Other parts of hdg switchgear parts: locking bolt
  25. Blocking magnet v dc hyn p
  26. Spares for hv disconnector moving contact finger silver plated edb nos; connecting rod assembly edb; es drive
  27. Welle gma p
  28. Articles of polytetra fluoroethylene gh v p insulation block customized ptfe nozzles&cylinder heads for sf gas
  29. I/we undertake to abide by privision offoreign exchange management act asamended from time to time including real
  30. All aluminium alloy conductor non ferro us forgings componentstk arcing contact
  31. Electrical controlgear/switchgear contact knife
  32. Pneumatic linkages closing nippel partno. Hate p green card no. Kasez/ / valid till
  33. Other article of aluminium contact press
  34. hyn p hub magnet, v, dc
  35. Other switchgear parts seal retaine r evision level: aa
  36. Es kv a ph. Stand. Cont sdf es w
  37. Cast articles including parts/components of aluminium tk shielding cap machine d
  38. Other switchgear parts tk support ri ng revision level: ab
  39. hyn p fixin pin b
  40. Electrical control gear/switchgear gpa terminal bolt
  41. Engineering products mechanical interlocking md hd a
  42. Hv disconnector parts dc spares consisti ng of following parts: edb ba frame assly module edb phase bend

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