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Irina Kulikovskay Author: Irina Kulikovskay vk, 01.Oct 2021
Education: MSU
Don’t tell people how to do things, tell them what to do and let them surprise you with their results

What products does the 🇴🇲 Ahli Bank buy?

  1. Business promotionmaterial value declar ation for custom purpose only
  2. Dream butter cupcake g x
  3. Pvc compound power cable grade: ki fr spl
  4. A label holder x x heavy duty mobile shelving/packing as per applicantsorder no: / /
  5. Clean seal m calcium carbonate flakes medium x multiwall paper bags, wrapped & strapped on pallets
  6. Rice bran oil ml x
  7. Copper telecommunication cable x mm
  8. Cup cake chocolate g x
  9. Ceramic glazed wall tiles x mm a
  10. Clean seal coarse calcium carbonate fla kes coarse x multiwall paper b ags palletized, wrapped and strapped on
  11. Spray can coal mine graphit grey heavy duty mobile shelving/packing as per applicants order no: / /
  12. Copper spikesair rod for lightning arrestor ael
  13. Polished granite slabs cheema pink
  14. Defoamer silicone based x gal pail palletized, wrapped & strapped
  15. D.i. Pipe fittings flanged bell mouth pn nw.
  16. Heavy duty mobile shelving/racking fix u/c g module d bl
  17. Hot and cold water dispenser model floor standing with cooling cabinet floor sta nding water dispneser with refrigerator
  18. Export / sale of one unit tug ananya imo no. built with compl ete equipment and accessories exp under
  19. Othr ftwrs w/upper straps or thong asmbl d to sole by means of plugs synthetic fo otwear: flite ladies slippers pul
  20. Bracing g b x x heavy duty mobile shelving/packing as per applicants order no: / /
  21. Atta + oats kg x
  22. Steel zinc plated locknut sln
  23. Prime hot rolled steel coils
  24. Csk wood screw m x
  25. Indian soya bean mealnon gmo cattle f eedpacking: in new pp bags each of about nettsupplier plant: washim other
  26. Supply of cs fabricated grating as per applicants purchase order no. amd dt., mm opg x
  27. Sulphonated asphalt x new mu ltiwall paper bags palletized wrapped & strapped with clam shell on pallets
  28. Other synthetic footwear schoolmate shoe s boys sm
  29. Others synthetic footwear school mate shoes child sm
  30. Business promotional material value onl y for customs purpose
  31. Export / sale of one unit tug ananya
  32. Spray can ral fami
  33. Tower hoist with standard accessories pr ime mover hp htc engine wire rope mm usha martin suitable for feet tow
  34. Copper flat sheet strip swg, mm wid th
  35. Other article of plastic meis si no pvc shroud supply meant for export on payment of igst
  36. Fiber optic cables as per applicant urchase order number dtd f oman tel cable
  37. Barite powder api x mts jumbo bags claim under chapter of ftp
  38. Bar cake vanilla g x
  39. Pregel starch mb fluidex eht modified starch of maize other dextri ns and other modified starches
  40. Whole wheat flour kg x
  41. Hex self locking nut m
  42. Synthetic footwear: schoolmate ladies s hoes nd a

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