Akm Asian Food Gmbh 🇨🇭 Switzerland

Irina Kulikovskay Author: Irina Kulikovskay vk, 01.May 2022
Education: MSU
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What products does the 🇨🇭 Akm Asian Food Gmbh buy?

  1. Cashew gram
  2. Wheat flour
  3. Cinnamon gram
  4. Millet flour
  5. Shampoo
  6. Red rice flakes gram
  7. Mustard gram
  8. Spice mix gram
  9. Stainless steel idly cooker
  10. Red rice flour
  11. Hair dye
  12. Fibre made wedding decorative mand with accessories pcs
  13. Face cream
  14. Jaathikkaai nutmeg g
  15. Stainless steel idayappam maker
  16. Digital computing printing scale
  17. Fresh flowers we intend to claim the reward under meis
  18. Mixer grinder
  19. Soya meat small gram
  20. Assorted decorative gift dolls
  21. P/l. Cotton towel
  22. Non basmati rice ponni rice packed in pp bags
  23. S.s. Table pickle set
  24. Printed calenders
  25. Fennel seed gram
  26. White sugar candy big diamond gram
  27. Cardamom gram

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