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Irina Kulikovskay Author: Irina Kulikovskay vk, 01.May 2022
Education: MSU
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What products does the 🇴🇲 Al Naba Supplies&catering buy?

  1. Cashew nut
  2. Iqf. Frozen green peas
  3. Frozen vegetables packed in x Kg batch code: gp green peas brand: kla
  4. Fresh indian potatoes species lauvker kg pkd in leno mesh bag oth dtl asper in v & pl
  5. Frozen vegetables packed in x kg bat ch code: c diced carrot brand: kla
  6. Corn flakes
  7. Frozen vegetables frozen chilli green whole brand kla
  8. Frozen vegetables frozen tomato diced brand kla
  9. Mustard seeds
  10. Fresh white shell table eggschickenwe intendtoclaim rewards under merchandise exports from india schememeis group b
  11. Kuber premium regular ctc tea
  12. Iqf. Frozen mix vegetable carrots mm french beans mm & peas
  13. Kuber hing asafoetida
  14. Cumin powder
  15. Turmeric powder
  16. Black pepper whole
  17. Kuber premium regular tea bags
  18. Peanut plain
  19. Frozen vegetable packed in x kg batc h code: s spinach brand: kla
  20. Fennel seeds
  21. Fennel whole
  22. Jaggery samall cube

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