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Irina Kulikovskay Author: Irina Kulikovskay vk, 01.Jan 2022
Education: MSU
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What products does the 🇧🇩 Asha Enterprises buy?

  1. Festive party popper item no. Fppr cm festive products
  2. M.s. Small metal jesus cross item no. Wt
  3. Handmade wall painting g. Wt.
  4. Angular contact ball bearing d
  5. Spare parts for textile machine o ring gasket ribon original scan copy kha
  6. Photo frame pcs usd /pcs w/o decorations & ornaments
  7. Surgical instruments hartmann forcep, volkmann bone, dres forcep, tissue forcep, probe, adson dressing forcep, hartmann ear, percussion, handle, schamberg curete as per inv no si
  8. Banquet table with chair & covermdf, wood, iron w/o decorations & ornaments
  9. Small plastic gift article item no. Prct wt
  10. Polyester embroidery fabric with visible background in different colors and style
  11. Bicycle headgear protection cap model dynamic
  12. Color pencil small item no. Cps wt.
  13. Children printed pictures item no. Pps wt.
  14. Metal plate for wall decoration small
  15. Bicycle bleeding kit of disk brake use
  16. Artificial plastic grapes item no. Wt
  17. Dm co fractional lasers machine medical equipments
  18. Display panel sheet * item no. Dps wt.
  19. Samsung system airconditioner am fnmdeh/tl indoor unit tr/no gas
  20. Polyester knitted fabrics
  21. Teak wood teak wood rough square log s free days at destinat ion dae teak wood teak wood rough square log s teakrough square logs with Cbm hs cod e /teak clean sawn sizes with C
  22. Assorted goods mosquito oil
  23. Spare parts for shutless looms projectile d light
  24. Pillow
  25. Cumin seedsa.p.i
  26. Cardboard boxes conta ining decorative handmade box metal & card board b oxes, marble stone temple steel utensils, juicer m ixer, pens cotton t shirt s, pan & cotton caps set steel tandoors same.,,,
  27. Pakistani raw cotton / crop, specification as per ice no. Mzn/ / a dtd. we hereby certify that goods are packed in export packing
  28. Re import & rejected gasket for oil pump housing pcs
  29. Table lamp w/o cfl
  30. Rubber coated plate gym equipments
  31. M.s. Window hinges item no. Wb wt
  32. Dry wall screws
  33. Bicycle plastic chain wheel cover
  34. Bicycle rear suspension pc/polybag
  35. Bottle glass & tea gift
  36. Bicycle metal fitting small fitting bicycle parts
  37. Multi function machine model no. Ky gym equipment
  38. Spare parts for textile machine projectile complete * mm gms smooth normal ld
  39. Bicycle car roof stand g. Wt. bicycle accessories
  40. Spare parts for textile machine dobby selector original staubli in packing brand new f..
  41. Hardware goods
  42. Bicycle seat cover
  43. Package tape g. Wt. Kgs
  44. Samsung system airconditioner arkh eaccessory
  45. Spare parts for shutless looms load cell
  46. Moulding made of polymer for frame length m
  47. Spare parts for textile machine clamping piece p
  48. Spare parts for textile machine c c sensor
  49. Toilet tray pcs usd /pcs
  50. Bicycle face mask
  51. Spare parts for textile machine screw/spring/washernut forslay set
  52. l vacuum flask
  53. Air pump for balloon item no. Bp wt. Kgs
  54. Water color set item no. wt
  55. Other household copper thali half moon
  56. Tt digital hi speed shuttleless rapier loom with ho ok electronic jacquard, width cm, color elec. Selector
  57. Acetonitrile % industrial composite solvent iso tank
  58. Other household articles stainless steel katories for sambhar
  59. Spare parts for textile machine oil switch for dobby machine szt
  60. Pectoral fly/rear delt model no. G s gym equipment
  61. Spare parts for shutless looms weft device hole
  62. Bicycle metal disc plate

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