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Irina Kulikovskay Author: Irina Kulikovskay vk, 01.Aug 2022
Education: MSU
Don’t tell people how to do things, tell them what to do and let them surprise you with their results

What products does the 🇴🇲 Bankmuscat Saog buy?

  1. Transformers radiators mm wide x x fins ajts std/
  2. Lady belt with metal buckle with logo
  3. Meat & meat products indian frozen halal boneless buffalo meat compensated
  4. Candid mouth paint ml other
  5. Design, engineering, manufacturing, supply of filter and accessories solid filters tag no. S /
  6. units kia vehicles
  7. mtr legged angular tower telecommunication tower and accessories other details as per inv & plist
  8. Bearing outer bh and bd spare pa rts for beml equipment part no. Ax
  9. Sand stone honed tiles teak wood sand st
  10. % cotton grey fabrics of different types: % cotton grey fabrics ne / s cotton high twist gassed yarn from india
  11. Paper and paperboard, coated on e or both sides improved newsprint hc containers s.l.a.c a total of Mt of improved newsprint the l/c number. /bmlc/ por: ca wsprint the l/c number. /bmlc/ por: ca ed h fc
  12. Hot & cold water dispenser brand masterc
  13. Printed &adhesive laminated flexible pac
  14. boxes ceramic glazed wall tiles siz e: x mm digital wall tiles packing box pcs box sqm
  15. Ductile iron spun pipe di dn & r/g & end caps & r/kit we intend to claim rew ards under meis. All items e. Seal
  16. Coated electrodes of base metal for elec. Arc welding gricon green e vac uum pack size x mm
  17. Electrical energy meter, parts & accessor ies p b single phase kwh meter genus single phase two wire,, v, hz
  18. Feed supplements zigbir fine pow der concentrates for compound animal fee d
  19. Red ruby polished tiles size: x x cm pkd in wodden crates oth dtl as per inv
  20. Copper telecommunication cables x mm
  21. Parts suitable for use solely/principall y w/the apparatus of brass brass o c lamp /
  22. Foc disposable glasses pcs material only for publicity promotion & sampling purpose only
  23. Textile fabrics, impregnated coated, covered or laminated with plastics other those heading of man made fibre mmf
  24. Pickling preparations for metal surfaces, fluxes and other auxiliary preparation s for soldering, brazing or welding geefl
  25. Conductor marking light: conductor induct ive marking light kv
  26. Indian sago seeds. Packed in pkts x
  27. pkt. Jem red polish tiles x x cm pcs & pkt. Teak wood creazy cut sizes sampl e free trade sample no commercial value
  28. Totapuri mango pulp packing kg asept ic bag in drums drums
  29. Spare parts & repairing of til cranes port hyd & swivel assy, part: we intend to claim rewards und meis
  30. ro membrane in welded housing
  31. Filter kitp/n z a
  32. Paralink para link? Ultra strong reinforcement fabric made of yarn lldpe masterbatch & armid yarn / kevlar
  33. D.i. Pipe fittings double socket bend x
  34. Parts suitable for use solely or princip ally w/the apparatus of brass o clamp
  35. Bh and bd spare parts for beml eq uipment mounting bolt kit part no. Axb
  36. Rear view mirrorp/n
  37. Part supply of sludge mangement systemmanual valves part a
  38. Promotional materials dummy kent grand plus non working machine for disp lay/demonstration
  39. Basket strainer x
  40. Sandstone size: x x mm thick details as per invoice & packing list
  41. Horizontal filter separator assembled wi th structure piping spool instruments va lves & elec. Items item no. V d
  42. Spare parts water level sensor float
  43. Neck tie, silk blend
  44. Spare parts needle control valve
  45. Supply and services of set of air condenser system
  46. Aircraft warning spheres
  47. Sanitary ware acn chr n toilet p
  48. Diesel generating set kva asper inv.n o. Peipl/eoexp/ / greencardno. dated. valid upto
  49. Astm a flat bar size: mm x mm x mm long
  50. Candid powder gm. Comp: clotrimazole usp % w/w purified talc bp
  51. Footwear with outer sole of plastics gents leather half boots article no. S dd pu leather
  52. Spare parts electronic ballast auto fl ush
  53. S.s. / l hex bolt with hex nut an d washers size: m x mm long ful l threaded
  54. Spare parts & repairing of til cranes pad, o/r beam / x, part: we intend to claim rewards under meis
  55. Part supply of filter & purify machinery & apparatus part of horizontal filter separatoritem no. V das per inv

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