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Irina Kulikovskay Author: Irina Kulikovskay vk, 01.Nov 2021
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What products does the 🇫🇷 Bou Matic Llc buy?

  1. , pet care products, bed
  2. Ferrule, ss, butt weld
  3. Animal fed
  4. Total eleven nos of cases nos of wooden pallets, nos of wooden boxes, nos of wooden crates, no. Of oil tray wraped in bubble sheet an d shrink film roll only: s igma rubber injection moulding machine ma
  5. xcal in accordance with po od swivel ul main air vac pwr com in accordance with po od xcal in accordance with po od swivel ul main air vac pwr com in accordance with po od
  6. Marine hardware bench swager rigging hardwa re
  7. Animal food
  8. Tray assy jetter cabinet
  9. Cooler flate gate assy hat
  10. Cooler plate elbow deg ss clp gasket n pl ate n all blocked
  11. Parts for automatic systems tuner hdpe ante nna nedap loaded on pallets
  12. General rubber mat po it was said by shipper that this shipment contains no wooden packing materials special
  13. Hose bibb ball valve punch bowl ladel fence assy, end, xspedia highlighter ball pen retractable gel ink pen ball point pen ctc: karen/chris cy cy freight collect
  14. stall i beam skirt plates rivet ss/ss bolts and nuts for stall i beam mounting material
  15. Kit sensor mounting sensor de leche para equipo de orde?o ami
  16. Piece condensing unit rog
  17. Ft coils of silicone tubing for use in dairy production
  18. Duct kit, santa fe hc
  19. automatic handy cow brush for live stock only automatic handy brush doe live stock only
  20. Crate milking robot mr d and accessories delivery address boumatic, s. Stoughton rd, madison, wi, usa hs
  21. Pet foods non dangerous
  22. Cast art. Of iron, malleable stc cable clamps stb loaded on pallet
  23. Of kg on pallets bedcide order no op kg freight prepaid freight and charges prepaid ocean freight prepaid destination thc prepaid destination inland haulage prepaid shipping agent at destinati
  24. pkg rotary milking parlor stall sbs external chassis, drive and stalls pn /pn /pn po. No. Freight prepaid incl. Locals delivery address/notify address central sands n highway g wi nekoosa.
  25. Rcvr l e outlet blank
  26. Parts for rotary miking parlor stall
  27. Arm, swing parlor/tag heatseeker ll, leg
  28. Arm formed swing parlor
  29. Slac parts for rotary milking parlor: p roller assy op pkg drive bracket od htn
  30. Slac pcs roller assy pcs wheel drive pcs wheel idler loaded into package htn:
  31. Bicycle parts kg
  32. Agricultural spare parts milking machine parts tariff no. cartons on pallet lcl/lcl
  33. packages of milking machine parts
  34. Slac spareparts rotary milking parlor: turntable post rump rail htn:
  35. Cooler plate bumper rubber plunger
  36. Cooler, plate gate assy, seq, lift parallel
  37. Gate assy, seq, bottom, xspedia noswpm
  38. Compressor
  39. Slac steel stall divider wrapped in foil:
  40. Herringbone rotarydairy equipment one stall herringbone rotary external chassis, concrete kit and stall rms x po. No
  41. Shell assy, std ss microfiber cloth elbow xpre

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