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Irina Kulikovskay Author: Irina Kulikovskay vk, 01.Oct 2021
Education: MSU
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What products does the 🇸🇳 Dangote Cement Senegal S.a. buy?

  1. Make: aira model: srt way on off control valve model: type: n/c size: mm fluid p ressure test: bar wob as per invoice
  2. Welding tig filler s b size mm p ur. Inv: btc/ / / gst no: b cmps f z
  3. Spray nozzle fitting mm, ss dry fog spr ay nozzleair+waterasper invoicepur i nvno. / gstno: aakcs l zi
  4. cut of machine, watts. Make: maki ta, model: lw pur. Inv. No: / Gst no: aedpc m zl
  5. Ace plast ram bw powder componet
  6. Electrical machinery and equipments & pa rts electrical actuators model actuator sa b oa no:
  7. Speed sensor_woodward, model: szcb speed sensor for wood ward, model: szcb magnetic resistance type length
  8. Industrial valve spare seal kit_ epdm / nitrile / delrin dn _pin designseat /o ring/brg tag no. Item no.i
  9. Trial control valve, drawing no`s code k model n quingdao jieneng steam turbine group
  10. Boiler parts cooling water system coolin g tower fan assembly
  11. Diamond grooved pulley lagging sheet wit h cn bonding layer haedness + shore a size mm widex mm thicknessx mtrs
  12. Boiler parts furnace wall, primary & sec ondary convection super heater pcsh coil name
  13. Tig torch kit pur. Inv. No: / Gst no: aedpc m zl
  14. Metal oxide lightning arrestor no model/type zab /metovar; rating: kv, ka
  15. Forbes marshall flowmeter, optiswirl, dn / /, ansi, flanged, meter s ize dn /, converter, basic, separa
  16. Single & multistage process pump: model: scp md x
  17. Electrical spares for control & relay pa nel board: led indication lamp vdc red nos, green nos
  18. Indicating led for esp controller panel, make: tecnik, plbrl tax inv no: /i/ / dt as per invoice
  19. Speciality chemicals maxtreat phosphoric acid
  20. inch strainer fabricated type, fg code:
  21. Textile products and articles of man mad e fabrics % non woven polypropylene filter fabrics q. No. Nwpe size
  22. Hd oil for dwt h dp purc hase inv no. / dt gst no: aaacn d zl
  23. Grundfos motor for crn pumps kw/ pole. Part no. d pur. Inv. No: /. /gst no: aagfm j zk
  24. Travel drive shaft with pinion
  25. Wheel grinding type, metal ` pur. In v. No: btc/ / /gst no: bcmps f z
  26. Kitchen/crockery items value declared for custom purpose only oth. Det. As per inv& packing list
  27. Repair kit seal kit consisting of o ri ng set and plunger assembly as per invo ice
  28. Maxtreat cans speciality chemical &
  29. Bearing housing nos set ac
  30. Gasket and gland rope alongwith accessories & components
  31. Air filter set ac
  32. Pull cord rope g.t. Dia mm pvc coated
  33. Set of lobe fitted with shaft nos set ac
  34. Nicad battery v kph ah with dry powder & uncharges condition
  35. Gear box make: shanthi gears: btad ratio : purchase inv no: d t.
  36. Flanged wheel assembly without drive
  37. Ac current transducer aux supply: v ac/dc input voltage: v ac output: ma dc no. Of output nos
  38. Bed material crushed refractorysize: mm bulk density: kg/m alumin a: %asperinv
  39. Fork, type joint,, k Fork type joint part no. stem governing valve drawing nos as per inv
  40. Roller tyre and grinding plate machiner
  41. Feed table
  42. Splicing kit for steel cord belt mmx st, m incl/of inte/rub/rub/strip, t op&bottom cover exc/heat/sol/cl/agent
  43. Sieve machine vibrator scren unit size: x feet moc: mild steel pur. Inv. No: / /gst: bxapm r ze
  44. Splicing kit for steel cord belt mm x st, m inclusive of intermedia te rubber, rubberstrip, top & bottom cov
  45. Electrical spares for control&relay pane l board: switch spc p synchro socpe off/on selector switch
  46. Consumables alongwith hardware
  47. Bearing cover nos set ac
  48. Ethernet radio modem ethernet based radi o modem with poe adapter, surge protecto r and mounting accessories gc
  49. Electronic realy over load relay make siemenssirius electronic relaym ode no lo e type
  50. Speciality chemicals maxtreat acrylic polymers
  51. Control transformer, make: ador powertrans, item code: tax inv no: /i/ / dt as per invoice
  52. Hss round bar size x
  53. Spares for ash handiling system vessel p ressure gauge kg/cm mecgale part n o
  54. Double acting air lock relay pur inv no: ilp/ dt: gst no: aaacl g z
  55. Pump rotating assembly model up / pump rotating assembly incuding shaft, s leeve, impeller and nuts, wearring, bear
  56. Industrial valve spare pcb with sensor f or rotex ls model no: dxlw a r tag no. Item no. Asp
  57. Bolt m x full thread nut washer grad e alloy steel. Grade: quen ched tempered
  58. Partial shipment: boiler feed pump primar ily desighned to handle water all dets. As per inv
  59. Refractory mortars / concretes didomur f v v pcs
  60. Roller tyremachinery parts
  61. Spur locking device gear nos set ac
  62. Filter bag mm dia x mm long const ruction top: mm sep beaded snap band bt m: double disc w/ mm

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