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Irina Kulikovskay Author: Irina Kulikovskay vk, 01.Oct 2021
Education: MSU
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What products does the 🇸🇨 Doffays Pharmacy buy?

  1. Mucaine gel oxetacaine, aluminium hydr oxide
  2. Aqua tears eye drops polyvinyl alcohol
  3. Moviz d tabletaceclofenac packed in strips
  4. Finger cot s, m, l finger cot
  5. Colgate pain out dental gellavang tel
  6. Dettol sanitizer denatured alcohol
  7. Pouch arm sling baggy m, l arm slin g
  8. Odomos mosquito repellent cream n die thyl benzamide packed in tubes
  9. Blood pressure monitor blood pressure m onitor
  10. Hexidine mouthwash chlorhexidine
  11. Blood pressure apparatus
  12. Lubic jellylubricating lelly packed i n tubes
  13. Stockings mid thigh l compression stockings
  14. Honitus cough remedy syrup tulsi
  15. Exercising balt
  16. Podowart paint podophyllum resin
  17. Lip balm oils eranda
  18. Paper cover & plastic bag paper cover&plastic bag
  19. Fiprofort plus spot cat fipronil
  20. Fiprofort plus spot dog fipronil
  21. Cobadex forte capsules vitamin b, b complex
  22. Wrist brace with thumb
  23. Oral b prohealth medium toothbrush toot hbrush
  24. Sensitive toothpaste
  25. Grilinctus cd syrup chlorpheniramine
  26. Dulcoflex a suppositories bisacodyl packed in strips
  27. Real care underpads x cm under pad s
  28. Shield ointment lidocaine packed in tubes
  29. Oilatum bar mineral oil
  30. Amrutanjan strong pain balm pudina ka pool
  31. Aquasoft cream glycerin packed in tubes
  32. Sugar free gold pelletslactose, aspart ame
  33. Portable nebulizer
  34. Gastracid syrup simethicone, calcium carbonate
  35. Veet hair removal cream aqua, urea
  36. Digital thermometer
  37. Sterillium hand disinfectant propanol
  38. Salytar ointment coal tar packed in tubes
  39. Dispovan syringe ml single use syrin ge
  40. Lactare granules asparagus racemosus
  41. Durex condoms
  42. Veet cream hair removal cream packedin tubes
  43. Pediasure powderprotein packed in j ar
  44. Erytop gel clindamycin phosphate
  45. Citro soda sachets sodium bicarbonate
  46. Oral b cross action powder toothbrush t oothbrush
  47. Kidicare plus syrupl lysine
  48. Selsun shampoo selenium sulfide
  49. Coronation hot water bottlehot water bo ttle
  50. Fybogel powder isabgol husk
  51. One touch select test strips blood glucose test strips
  52. Renu lens solution len clear solution
  53. Elbow crutch adjustable elbow crutch
  54. Carry bag paper cover
  55. Bio ture multipurpose solutionmultipurp ose solution
  56. Electrosip drinkapple sodium chlorad e
  57. Omni gel linseed oil packed in tub es
  58. Kz soap ketoconazole
  59. Duphalac solution lactulose
  60. Shoulder support

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