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Irina Kulikovskay Author: Irina Kulikovskay vk, 01.Jan 2022
Education: MSU
Don’t tell people how to do things, tell them what to do and let them surprise you with their results

What products does the 🇸🇨 Dr.franky Vital buy?

  1. Hydrogen peroxide solutionhydrogen per oxide
  2. Cilacar t abletcilnidipine & telmisar tan packed in strips
  3. Neosporin skin ointmentneomycin & polym yxinpacked in tubes
  4. Aquatears eye drops polyvinyl alcohol
  5. Moviz d tablet aceclofenac
  6. Elastic tubular knee caps xl, xxl knee cap
  7. Open wove bandage cm x m bandage
  8. Medical compression stockings l compr ession stockings
  9. Naselin nasal solutionoxymetazoline
  10. Alcohol swabsisopropyl alcohol
  11. Pouch arm sling s, m, l arm sling
  12. Odomos mosquito repellent cream n die thybenzamide packed in tubes
  13. B.p. Monitorblood pressure monitor
  14. Lubic jellylubricating jelly packed i n tubes
  15. Compression stocking below knees, m, l compression stocking
  16. Lumboset xxxlsacro lumber corset
  17. Lip balmoils erandapacked in jars
  18. Becosules capsulesb complexpacked i n strips
  19. Sugar free pellets magnesium stearte
  20. Lubic jelly synthetic & vegetable gum packed in tubes
  21. Krack heel repair creamdaruharidrapac ked in tubes
  22. Candid cl v suppositoriesclindamy cin & clotrimazolepacked in strips
  23. Cosart h tablet losartan potassium pa cked in strips
  24. Refresh tears eye drops sodium carboxym ethyl cellulose
  25. First aid kit type iii first aid kit
  26. Clinical thermometer
  27. Mederma gelallium cepa extract packed in tubes
  28. Citro soda sachetssodium bicarbonate
  29. Dispovan syringe ml single use syr inge
  30. Surfac sn creamclotrimazolepacked in tubes
  31. Hansaplast wash proofnitrofurazone
  32. Revital h capsulesvitamins & minerals packed in strips
  33. Silverex ionic gel silver nitrate pa cked in tubes
  34. Hydrogen peroxide solutionhydrogen pero xide
  35. Tozam tabletlosartan potassium & amlodi pine packed in strips
  36. Digene mixed tablet dried azluminium
  37. Crystal violet paint crystal violet
  38. Knee caps xl, xxlknee caps
  39. Glucose powder calcium
  40. Legrand brand model metal box
  41. Duphalac syruplactulose
  42. Shoulder immobilizer lshoulder immob ilizer
  43. Seven seas capsulescod liver oil
  44. Digene gel mixedmagnesium hydroxide
  45. Cremaffin liquidliquid paraffin
  46. Dexorange p syrup ferric ammonium
  47. Erytop gelclindamycinpacked in tub es
  48. Selsun suspension selenium sulfide

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