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What products does the 🇩🇰 Elster Instromet India Pvt.ltd. buy?

  1. turbine gas metering system consisting of sr no. re export after necessary testing
  2. Bi metal dial thermometerstag no. tg, tg, tg
  3. Retraction tool usm bracket serie,
  4. Encal, energy measurement analyzer
  5. Measuring equipment
  6. Reimport after calibration completion set consists of noof d upstream & no of d downstream pipe spool d
  7. pipe spool each setconsist of nos of d upstream & nos of d ownstream product details as per invoice
  8. crates ultrasonic meters sns:, and, flow plates included. Flow plate sn, and crates upstream pipespools crates downstream pipespools crate bolting, gaskets and pipe spool flanges
  9. Insulated wires & cables pr x . Mm is cable appendix b meis schedule s/ no:
  10. Signal processing unit series iv parts for ultrasonic gas flow meter
  11. Fabrication d instrumentation scientifique et technique
  12. Industrial valves forged carbon steel astm a n piston check valve class, ends flanged raised face, bolted bon
  13. Disc equalising valve assy part mmh machinery spare parts
  14. Repair kit for os/ x r: parts for slam shut valve
  15. Hsv rf slam shut valve item nos. layer coating & schakelaar steute eex stobel mtr
  16. Mc rear chamber windowparts of gas analyzer nos
  17. pc trunnion mounted ball valve, lb, rf ends, gear op, a n body, /enp stem, a /enp ball, lf /enp seat ring. Ny
  18. Laboratory gas meter dry version g
  19. Flowconditioner q sonic plus ans r l material no
  20. Elster amco regulator model: cpb with accessories as per invoice no. Sg ci dt: / /
  21. Monitor regulator reflux with integrated ssv sb and limit switch incl test kit moc: a gr lcb /lcc
  22. Flow computer model ultrasonic incl network module
  23. Regler m r rv l olpco measuring instruments
  24. Sa analyzer sensor block parts of gas analyzer no s
  25. control valve
  26. Spare of manual release station parts for fire fighting system
  27. horiz bandlock asme part no. Gdbandlock quick opening closures for pressure vessel nos
  28. One set consists of nos of d upstream pipe spool size: mm x mm h& no. Of d dreimport
  29. Element ser / e mic part mm machinery spare parts
  30. Ultrasonic gas flow meter q sonic c ansi s/n &
  31. Spares hsv /, spare kit consist of fillter block, o rings, self locking nut item no. S
  32. Spare bleed screw seal set parts for quick opening closures nos
  33. Ball valve lcc bw
  34. Encore fc modulal oil gas flow computer
  35. Rotary meterrabo g alu, serial no.,
  36. Complete gas chromatograph/encal
  37. Smart temperature transmitters other: s tt stt smartline temperature trans mitter
  38. Electronic input output cards: fibertek pigtail: sc single mode / um
  39. Flow computer model fc tgm single stream, including x mfe module, xeser module xmfa size / x rack
  40. Afv kit less sleeve part mm k machinery spare parts

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