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Irina Kulikovskay Author: Irina Kulikovskay vk, 01.Aug 2022
Education: MSU
Don’t tell people how to do things, tell them what to do and let them surprise you with their results

What products does the 🇸🇨 Euromedical Family Clinic buy?

  1. Foot care cream gmmadhu
  2. Hydrogen peroxide solution hydrogen per oxide
  3. Bactigras gauze dressing chlorhexidine
  4. Tears plus eye dropspolyvinyl alcohol
  5. Clear wax ear dropsparadichlorobenzene
  6. Moviz d tablet aceclofenac packed i n strips
  7. Steristrip bandage
  8. I can pregnancy test device
  9. Absorbent cotton wool
  10. Sterile water pack of ml free sample
  11. Surgical spirit surgical tape
  12. Suncros tint spfsunscreen
  13. Lactus solostar iu/ml injectioninsul in glargine
  14. Flomist nasal spray fluticasone
  15. Digital thermometerthermometer
  16. Flucort skin lotion bottle of ml other
  17. x shampoociclopirox
  18. Lantus solostar iu/ml one pre filledpen of ml cartridge others
  19. Gentle baby soapjaitun
  20. Blood pressure monitor blood pressure m onitor
  21. Compression stocking below knee xl co mpression stocking
  22. Nasivion adult % bottle of ml other
  23. Podowart solution podophyllum resin
  24. Revital h womanvitamins & minerals
  25. Lip balm eranda
  26. Ors liquid appleoral rehydration salt
  27. Silverex ionic gelsilver nitratepacke d in tubes
  28. Candid v pack of vaginal tablets with applicator other
  29. Stemetil injectionprochlorperazine pa cked in amp
  30. Becosules syrup b complex
  31. Aloe vera gelalov vera juice
  32. Ascoril d lozenges ginger & lemondex tromethorphan
  33. Odomos mosquito patches pack of patches
  34. Accu chek active test stripsblood glu cose test strips
  35. Lion plasterbelladonna plaster
  36. Sparkling white toothpastetooth paste packed in tubes
  37. Clingen suppositoriesclindamycinpacke d in strips
  38. Deep cleaning apricot face washaqua
  39. Cosart mg tablet losartan potassium packed in strips
  40. Oilatum soapmineral oil
  41. A to z tablet multivitamins packed in strips
  42. Cetaphil moist. Lotion glycerin
  43. Cetaphil moisturing lotion glycerin
  44. Ors drinkoral rehydration salts
  45. Baby massage oilashvagandha
  46. Band aidbenzalkonium chloridepacked in jars
  47. Neem face scrubneem, apricot
  48. Osteocare tablet calcium carbonate pa cked in strips
  49. Asthalin inhaler salbutamol
  50. Diafoot creamurea packed in tubes
  51. Citro soda sodium bicarbonate packed in sachets
  52. Dispovan syringe mlsingle use syringe
  53. Durex condomscondoms

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