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Irina Kulikovskay Author: Irina Kulikovskay vk, 01.Jan 2022
Education: MSU
Don’t tell people how to do things, tell them what to do and let them surprise you with their results

What products does the 🇸🇨 Good Health Pvt Ltd. buy?

  1. First aid kit plastic
  2. Educational & guide books history scheme textbook printed books
  3. Hcg urine pregnancy test kit other
  4. Metal syringe other
  5. Podowart paint pack of ml akums d rugs & pharmaceuticals ltd
  6. Mixer grinder code: food grin ders
  7. Abzorb powder pack of gm
  8. Home dressing pack
  9. Omron b.p. Monitor hem othr diagon ostics instruments
  10. Cardivas strip of tabs other each film coated tablet contains: carv edilol ip mg excipients q.s
  11. Veterniary products eazy pet tab othe r
  12. Philips avent scd / therma bag neoprene color black other
  13. Water for injection ml other
  14. Vaseline lip care cream pack of gm other
  15. Nycil powder classic excel gm other composition: per g cetylpyridinium chloride g, zinc oxide g, star
  16. Pethex shampoo bottle of ml provimi animal other actual qty bottle
  17. Garlic pearls pack of pearls othe r each soft gelatin capsule contains: g arlic oil bulb oil, allium sativum.
  18. Veterniary medicines kiltix collar lar ge veterinary medicinal preparations, n ot for human use, not elsewhere specifie
  19. Flamingo cervical pillow
  20. Jewel farmer roasted flaxseed pack of gm ingredients: flax seed & edilbe salt
  21. Stainless steel tea/coffee filter other, of stainless steel
  22. Flamingo posture brace large orthopeaed ic or fracture appliances
  23. Omron nebulizer machine
  24. Clinical trolley
  25. I can pregnancy test kit other
  26. Rantac strip of tabs other e ach film coated tablet contains: ranitidi ne hydrochloride ip equivalent to raniti
  27. Bacti gauze sterile other
  28. Whisper maxi fit regular pad pack of pads
  29. Nebuliser mask airways oxygen therapy apparatus
  30. Medicine & medical products dabur honitu s yrup bottle of ml of ayurvedic system
  31. Envelop. Supplied by arihant enterprises, gst no: bhpps k zi, bill no. /
  32. Vissco back rest for use on bed
  33. Mycoderm powder bottle of gm khus hboo beauty care
  34. Revital h woman strip of tabs othe r [ingredients: minerals bulking agent i vitamins ginseng root extract
  35. Durex xcme condoms pack of [rubber c ontraceptives, male condoms
  36. Parraffin gauze dressing cm * cm co tton wool, medicated
  37. Medicines & medical products seven seas original cod liver oil pack of caps ules other
  38. Educational & guide books guide book pr inted books
  39. B protin jar of gm other medcne pu t up for retail sale n.e.s ingredients: proprietary blend of high quality prot
  40. Dettol soap pack of gm household so aps ingredients: sodium palmate, sodiu m palm kernelate, aqua, talc, parfum, so
  41. Venus cn without valve masks other
  42. Moisturex syndet gm medicated toilet soaps
  43. Prolomet xl strip of tabs other each extended release film coated bil ayer tablet contains: metoprolol succina
  44. Tic tac orange pack of nos other s ugar confectionery, not containing cocoa ingredients: sugar, permitted stabilizi
  45. Abzorb syndet cleansing bar gm other
  46. Kidicare syrup bottle of ml other ingredients: liquid glucose, purified water, sucrose, sweetener, mag
  47. Towels set of
  48. I can pregnancy test device other
  49. Protinules choclate powder jar of gm protein concentrates and textured pr otein substances
  50. Mersilk nw suture thread [rubber co ntraceptives, malecondoms
  51. Comfrey examination gloves medium box of pcs other
  52. Scf / teat natural newborn other
  53. Neosporin antibiotic powder bottle of
  54. Oral b tooth brush soft tooth brushes including dental plate brushes
  55. Wooden depressor pack of pcs ot
  56. Diamond stethoscope twin scope other
  57. Lactacyd bottle of ml soap in oth er forms
  58. Otrivin oxy fast relief adult nasal spra y pack of ml
  59. Aquatears eye drops pack of ml othe r each ml contains: polyvinyl alcohol ip mg povidone ip mg benzalkonium
  60. Adhesive tape cm* cm
  61. Comfrey exaxmination gloves large pack of nos surgical
  62. Wheat grass powder gm germ of cereal s, whole, rolled, flaked or ground
  63. Colgate total waxed dental floss packof m dental floss other

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