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What products does the 🇴🇲 Jindal Shadeed Iron&steel Llc buy?

  1. Indoor current transformer indoor resin cast rectangular ct sys voltage kv ilv: / / kv hz
  2. Fire retardant paint for integrated stee
  3. Spare part for platform truck vehicle: b attery socket handle sr
  4. Angular contact redial ball bearing
  5. Parts for centrifugal pumps kirloskar make centrifugal p.d. Pumps components p rimerly designed for handling water a
  6. Coating fire protection firex ec non
  7. Sampler tundish stream ar de oxidant
  8. Ss pipe fittings elbow, d, ss, welde d size: / x sch
  9. Electricty supply meter premier ht ci jsis mat. Code e m * sr. No.p c to p c
  10. Indicato lamp vac comprising in the same housing at least a central process ing unit and an input and output unit w
  11. Tool holder & spares grinding collect g wc
  12. Thyristors diacs and triacs other than p hotosensitive devices module thristr p art mcc io b ixys
  13. Fabricated steel structure made out of m s hr strips grating electroforged size x aaa x ms galv x mpanl mtr spa
  14. Well block, free trade sample, no commercial value, no foreign exchange involve
  15. Trolley pawl coltable drg no t item code spare parts of casting machines of a kind used in metal
  16. Spare parts of casting machines of kind used in metallurgy: plate lock cs nickel coat
  17. Cs pipe fittings adaptor, cs, bar, w. Ferrule with ferrul & nut size: / bsp x s
  18. Instruments & apparatus for measuring or checking the pressure bourdon sensing p ressure gauges bar g / bsp
  19. Dewinter camera microscope digital usb c mos, model no: dgi
  20. Spare parts of gas compressor filter dry er
  21. Electricity control panel: multi functi on timer with co rp aw k time range to hrs functions chan
  22. Carbon steel industrial basket filter, nb with spares
  23. Spare parts of rolling mill clamp fork
  24. Electricity control panel: local contro l stations size: x x mm lcs enclos ure with complete hardware & wiring as p
  25. Hydrometers&similar floating instruments, thermometers, pyrometers, barometers, hygr ometers, recording or not and any
  26. % cotton % polyester knitted polo t shirts blended fabric with logo embroid ery
  27. Control valve solenoid valveevr / with coil make danfoss
  28. Celox ai sensor for carbon aluminium detl. As per inv. We intend to clm. Meis
  29. Belt type oil skimmer bw model; bw to and fro scraper including bucket and oilskimmer
  30. Industrial knives blade rotary size:
  31. Spares for gearbox s dn s/so ratio : oil seal input, output oil seal, inpu t pinion shaft, air breather plug, bearing
  32. Electrical goods belt watch system senso r module type: bw c
  33. Othr prts accssrs, attchmnt fr mchn tool copper electrodes panther logo mm material no
  34. Supply of belt conveyor measurement belt s conv, mm, ep, hd /, m
  35. Semiconductor fuse link a type din nh
  36. Ss hex plug coupling size: / npt m, thread length: mm threaded elbows, bends and sleeves
  37. Refractory motors/concretes didurit b v
  38. Spare parts for use solely or principall y with the machinery of pulley tackle an d hoists brake thruster eld /
  39. Sprocketf/car; drg ..z/
  40. Industrial or laboratory furnaces and ovens, including incinerators; non electric disc tooth washer ubf matl code
  41. Gluing powder polyvinyl chloride cas no
  42. Spare parts of brake assemblyswitch pro ximity bi m az xdtls as per inv. W e int. To clm. Rwd. Und. Meis
  43. Tape ferrul e zp lm tp y m lm a yellowm mm m for lm a p/n e zp make letatwin s
  44. Union taper seat f/f
  45. Hi tech make ball valve, flanged dn manual lever operatedcl full bore pa rt body, floting ball
  46. Liquid deflector mod: up / make kirlosker spare parts for pump we intend to clm. Meis
  47. Spare parts of gas compressor hp/lp swit ch
  48. Wilo mather and platt pumps private limi ted make spares impeller ca nm
  49. Digital indicators digits display i nputs: thermocouples, rtd, ma, v, ps: / vac measuring or checking instruments/a
  50. R cylinder assembly generic c
  51. Butt welded fittings of stainless steel elbow pipe ss dn bw sch deg a d
  52. Processing charges for tld monitoring se rvicethermo luminescence dosimetertld cards based on calcium sulphate dysprosi
  53. Electronics part power contactor rt bb
  54. Parts of conveters, ladies ingot moulds & casting machines of a kind used in mett alurgy or in metal foundries rack, lltc d
  55. Battery cell, kbh p, ni cd
  56. Grating & supports for assly to be used in cooling chamber which is part of cast ing machine po no. dt.
  57. Part/accessories for slide gate: contr ol station shroud manipulator lcs, material code:
  58. Adapter sleeves h item code
  59. Spare parts of rolling mill shear pin
  60. Electronic part power & control junction box: junction box w x h x d p lastic
  61. Parts & accessories of panels omron make relay model no g r sni v ac with pole led indicator with test button
  62. Panels for distribution of electricity lcs panel for mop, additional pendant panel for lcs, details as per invoice an
  63. Rubber goods: cord seal mm
  64. Spares servo adc cards of universal testing machines adc card for kn
  65. Aluminium product display stand hexagona l h: mm
  66. Hi tech make full bore, part bdy, fl oating ball, iso stem& bdy seal gr afoil fire safe pr max
  67. Filter concept fcicon ss m ake mm od mm long ss conical type filter element with top flange
  68. Buzzer electronicbuzzer vac db electronic buzzer db audi o level db supply vac sut size
  69. Hi tech make ball valve, flanged dn pneumatic cl full bore part body, flo ting ball process
  70. Copper conductor xlpe insulated overall shielded pvc sheathed unarmoured instrum entation cables below v. pair x
  71. Ceramic insert rcgx t : parts s uitable for use solely or principally wi th e cutting machine
  72. Spare parts of rolling mill flower bolt for stand hs dr material code:
  73. Pump block parts
  74. Pipe cast fitting self lock mm x /
  75. Hydraulic pump for press type gear type of pump hydraulic pressure bar, capac ity lpmmico e for tons autom
  76. Spare parts of rolling mill spring shs

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