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Irina Kulikovskay Author: Irina Kulikovskay vk, 01.Dec 2021
Education: MSU
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What products does the 🇴🇲 Khalid Co buy?

  1. Sanitary fixtures and other articles taps cocks similar appliances non ferrous metal brass july angle valve
  2. Polyester textured yarn, denier / set, non intermingle, semidull, raw white, aa grade. Quality suitable for dyeing, all quantity s/z twists from one production lot. Cy/cy
  3. x hq lcl part cntr stc used vehicle chassis no. Lh engine no. l
  4. Used motor vehicle; used motor vehicle *******************; chassis no: hdj no: ; hq x container
  5. Equip
  6. Documents
  7. bu marrakesh design on bol cer amic fct
  8. Cpc drysalted goatskins /,, /, / port of loading: port elizabeth south african seaport place of delivery: karachi seaport pakistan shipped on board declared cle
  9. Printing
  10. Parts of sanitary ware beitou wall mount showerhead, material code: t l cp
  11. flush valve kit
  12. Meter
  13. Rock salt natural lamps
  14. x hq lcl cntr stc units of used vehicles ch. No. La a
  15. Fabrics
  16. Parts of sanitary ware soap dish, materi al doe: in cp
  17. Light bulb
  18. Total cartons of travel goo
  19. Plant seeds
  20. Polyester textured yarn, denier / heavy intermingle, semidull, dope black, aa grade lc no: lc/ / apl agencies private ltd marine house industrial area west wharf rd po b
  21. Instafit +mechanical w/o accessory box
  22. pallet stc: medical equipment
  23. Dry cattle hides grade i iv total pcs fcl/fcl
  24. Camera accessories
  25. Power supply
  26. Parts of sanitary ware july angle valv e pcs per box, material code: i n af
  27. Sanitary ware of kohler t s mall co rner basket tax invoice no.m dt.
  28. Stc: percent polyester textured yarn dty / f nim semidull, a grade other details as per beneficiarys proforma invo
  29. Button
  30. Shippers load and count stc: packages boxes & pallets polyester filament yarn: denier / trilobal bright aw+a grade fcl
  31. Stc: x hc fcl container s.t.c personal effects & used household goods total quantity: pcs:
  32. na dtv+ tm system controller
  33. in ss escale wall hung toilet bow l
  34. in af singulier bath spout with dive rter
  35. Polyester textured yarn, denier / set, semidull, raw white, a grade cy/cy
  36. Bv memoirs stately towel bar
  37. vox round vessel
  38. Stc kenyan air dried hides
  39. Used textile doubling machines
  40. Threads
  41. Used keyless for a car
  42. Locks
  43. Sanitary fixtures & other articles like taps, cocks & similar appliances of non ferrous metal brass assy lift rod
  44. x ft containers said to contain cobble plate contract no: mets date of issue: qty: Mts l/c no. insu lc date of issue: da
  45. Food suppliments
  46. Food oil temperature & tpm met
  47. Gdsm first quality nylon textured yarn, stretch semidull on cones, denier / / dyed. About packing in strong export cartons, all cartons outside four tapes. As per ben
  48. k reve wall hung bowl w/o seat wh ite
  49. Rubber soles; sandal samples
  50. t c cp strayt shower column ultra thin version

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