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Irina Kulikovskay Author: Irina Kulikovskay vk, 01.Oct 2021
Education: MSU
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What products does the 🇴🇲 Majees Technical Services Llc buy?

  1. Fibreglass reinforced plastic & thermopl astic lined plastic product gre fittings other detail as per invoice
  2. Spares for fan model ex aluminum impeller as per invoice
  3. Pressure reducing valve pcv flanged rf downstream pressure regulat or having body moc astm a cf m trim
  4. Industrial fans & blowers parts electric motor kw as per invoice
  5. Electronic equipments junction box w x h x d mm in ss l moc of mm thk ex proof zone
  6. Water quality monitoring system sample c ooler closed loop sampling system for ta g sc
  7. Pyrotech workspace make new modular cont rol desk for monitors made in xlat sy stem
  8. Eithernet to fiber media convertermoxa
  9. Exdflare ignition control panel assy wit h atex brass cable glands &ss baliga cat. No. Exitcp /copper free cast alu
  10. Cloud managed social wifi hotspot with d ata analytics dashboard initial set up and configuration charges ubiquity unif
  11. Custom built stainless steel vacuum cham ber components s.e. Dish end mm x, s traight face mm, moc sa
  12. Paf industrial centrifugal fan model pa serial no f
  13. Filtration system fabricated metal produ ct not elsewhere classified filter coale scer s
  14. Accessories for fan medel pa accelerometer as per invoice
  15. damper with pneumatic actuator, d amper with pneumatic actuator & dampe r with pneumatic actuator
  16. Airworthy wooden box
  17. / npt sight glass s/g / l ss; si licone o rings; teflon gasket; fmax unit rating; psi
  18. Sierra make innova flow switch s serie s model no. Fs cs s d le tg
  19. Exd. Nipple, zone, gr. Iic ip baliga cat. No. Bnp /iic / brass ni. Plated
  20. Abrasive cloth roll mm x meters grit
  21. autolock coupler sst flurocarbon hose shank item code cl sv
  22. Exd flare ignition control panel assy wi th atex brass cable glands &ss balig a cat. No. Exitcp /copper free cast alu
  23. Spare mtl safety barrier + sma rt type loop powered transmitter
  24. Spare indication lamp, green v dc for panel part no. jil vddg
  25. Patch panel c pp rm u, adapter p late wit duplex sc coupler splice tray c st pigtail sc type sm: c pt s sca

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