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What products does the 🇨🇦 Mays Chemical buy?

  1. General precipitated calcium carbonate sturcall x kg bags service contract group group mineral fuels / oils and their distillation products nos us transport mode rail/motor express bills of lading no originals iss
  2. Triclosan trox. Trichloro hydroxy diphenyl ether
  3. Other millstones grindstones grinding wheel s and the like not for milling grinding or pulping of agglomerated abrasives exc diamo nd or ceramics
  4. Edible vegetable oils and fats shortening all purpose latino x lbs invoice mays do
  5. Other, waste organ solvents drum shipped on board x s.w.l.a.c. steel drum of kg e o with: propylene glycol usp ep nw. kg ct number: sae freight prepaid agencia de aduanas gama s.a nivel do.b ped
  6. Phosphoric acid food grade %: class no: un no: pac king group: iii tel. imco class:, u.n. No:
  7. Margarine boxes margarine puf pastry bucarina x lbs do. Invoice mays
  8. Drugs; thiobis tetramethl ibc s peroxido de hidrogeno % ncm: id n purchase order: oisc imo onu
  9. Acetone
  10. Fertilizers, mineral, checmical, shipped on board x s.w.l.a.c. drum e o f steel drum with: propylene glycol usp ep ct. Number: nw total: sae: freight prepaid agencia de aduanas gama s.a nivel adt
  11. Anquamine ancamide un amines liquid corrosive n o s amino methyl trimethylcycl ohexylamine benzene dimethaneamine anquamine ancamine un amines liquid
  12. Raw materials for rubber products mck for paint carlex order no invoice noal heat treated pallets bags & bags
  13. packages ibc totes in wooden pallets x ibc totes silicone fluid lk sil t cst ids t k id no purchase order no oisc dtd Invoice no. E dt sb no: dt. cont
  14. Freight prepaid on pallets loaded into containers akucell af cellulose gum packed in kg net paper bags withpe innerbag bags per pallet hsno service contract no ga m shipper continued ne
  15. Fatty acid kortacid pkgh; ref: ; freight prepaid in singapore shipped on board shipper s own isotank container ddc prepaid; total: one isotank container only
  16. ft tank caustic soda residue iit
  17. Phthalic anhydride
  18. Potassium sorbate granular loaded onto pallets loaded into containers potassium sorbate granular ct number
  19. metric tons triple pressed stearic acid pofac l rspo mb udab shipment br
  20. X kg bags precipitated calcium carbonate sturcal l
  21. Cartons super tab lactose spray dried usp/bp each kg net multi ply bags wyndale lactose milled mesh usp/bp each kg net cartons super tab lactose anhydrous usp/bp each kg net new zealand freight prepaid
  22. Malt extract drum kg
  23. Soda ash lightsoda ash light mt net of soda ash light big bags per container net/ per container tax exemption no. M soda ash lightsoda ash light
  24. Sunsafe eha ethylhexyl dimethylaminobenz oate purpose: it can be used for materials
  25. Malic acid fine granular, malic acid powder
  26. Soy protein containing pallets kg of concentrated soy protein b, kg of natural grained textured soy protein mm, kg of curing salt b, as per commercial invoice / freight collect product of brazilian origin commer
  27. Sodium carbonate soda ash big bags cont soda ash the information appearing on the declaration relating to the quantity and of the cargo is in each instance based on the shipper s load and count i have no knowledge or information which
  28. Loaded onto pallets loaded into containers akucell af sodium carboxymethyl cellulose packed in kg net paper bags with pe innerbag, bags per pallet fda reg
  29. Isoamyl alcohol br
  30. Empty propane tank liquefied petroleum gas residue instrument of international trade
  31. drum loaded onto pallets kalamarbenzyl alcohol nf/fcc grade _ hs no eori_ nl po_ supplier_s fda registration_ b s/c_ nl px
  32. L cysteine hydro chloride mono hydrate
  33. Calcium stearate fcc vegetable grade kosher rspombhs
  34. Ufacid k pe drum anionic surfactant freight prepaid cif san juan id no: the wood packaging contained in this shipment meets the ispm rule hz: alkylsulphonic acids, liquid un number: imdg class:
  35. Sodium saccharin mesh re exp. Und. Sect. imp.b/e no. dt. v.a. Above % as per invoice
  36. Hydrogen peroxide ibc s hydrogen peroxide % ncm id n imo onu imco class:, u.n. Page, u.n. No:, stowage group: ii
  37. One x ft. Hc container x kg drum avicel ph nf i microcrystalline cellulose commodity code freight collect seawaybill of lading no original required
  38. Hydrochloric acid, hazhydrochloric acid, haz drums plastic containing kn acido clorhidrico invoice imo un pg ii ncm code the information appearing on the declaration relating to
  39. Lactone: aromatic pesticide on pallets of glucono delta lactone f in kg bags po, tpt on board express bl freight + thc + cuc prepaid
  40. Palm oil shortening latino all p x lb kg
  41. drums emulsion synthacril a Ex p. po oisc+
  42. Potato starch on pallets shrinkwrapped bags of nett potato starch so ref fda
  43. Potassium sorbate granular potassium sorbate powder sorbic acid dust free
  44. Carboxylic acd, oth, arom, p. Etc container pallet triethylene glycol dimethacrylate mhoromer mfm h.s. Code: collect charges seafreight, usd bunker:, usd

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