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Irina Kulikovskay Author: Irina Kulikovskay vk, 01.Oct 2021
Education: MSU
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What products does the 🇴🇲 Modern Steel buy?

  1. Bin fro crate blue make nilkamal ms m/po/ /pi d dt a s per invoice no / dt
  2. Spares for induction melting furnace forsteel mill: inverter thyristor api
  3. Msm/po/ pi dt s ieves as per invoice no / dt
  4. Articles of stone or of other minerals substance ebt tube quality: grafimag f ths grafimag f ths
  5. Magnesia carbon bricks x x x brand: sz d
  6. General spares eaf bail arm, laminated & riveted mt capacity as per drg
  7. Ccm tools/ ccm spares. Frame for reaction roller material is frame with swi vel arm plate with foundation hole x ra
  8. Partial shipment ccm continuous casti ng machine system / accessories de sign, engineering, supply and commission
  9. Ccm spares: gearbox for withdrawal strai ghtener
  10. Battery chargers: control card
  11. Switches & sensors: leuze difuse scanner + m connector
  12. Tap changer drive mechanism complete gear plate assembly make easun mr type viii d, sl no. olt
  13. Hydraulic roof lifting cylinder
  14. Msm/po/pi o dt. cabin f an commercial type ? Sweep metal body grill & blades phase hz mfg. Alfa
  15. Switches & sensors: mushroom actuator aml make tecknic
  16. E.a. For s.t. Or pr.e. Cir. Or for mak. Cn. Toor in ele. Cir: automatic circuit breakers, for a voltage greater than volt
  17. Cooling coil tank with coils tank od mm x height mm coils construction by ms seamless schedule, nb pipe w
  18. Msm/po/pi dt: indust rial pressure switch model ip make da nfoss / indfoss mfg rudra impex corpor
  19. Alumina carbon slide gate plate refracto rycollector nozzle
  20. Msm/po/ /pi n dt flame detector as per invoice no / dt
  21. Punch grid type step min. Rated resistance box for type m / ps, hp, ra, rv
  22. Thermoplast pb high temperature, elec trical insulation application: bus burs, frp sheets
  23. Cp flat chisel for cp
  24. Switches & sensors: selector switch, position, type stay put, make technic
  25. Mechanical accessories. Band saw blade / x tpi make miranda m/roll
  26. Spares for induction melting furnacefor steel mill. Heat sink compoundapi
  27. Remi inline helical geared motor phase msm/po/ /pi dt as per invoice no / dt
  28. mm piston ring with guide + manuf acturer name jai ganesh industries gst no dgrpk c zi tax invoice no
  29. Eaf spares: fiber gear for winch drive detl. As per inv. We intend to clm. Meis
  30. Partial shipment parts of ccm mould operator pendant arm
  31. Laboratory equipment/accessories saro j make optical brinel hardness tester mo del: b o with standard accessories
  32. Msm/po/pi dt: hydrau lic direction control valve dsg c a n make yuken mfg shashi dhava
  33. Refractories: refractory cement, mortars, concretes & similar composition: high alumina mortar ocm fixtite am c api
  34. Electric motors remi inline helicalgeared motor phase, v +/ %, hz+/ %, insulation class f with temp rise lim
  35. Master controller contact as shown in t he picture a, speed and systems
  36. Ramming mass % mgo based trl ram m
  37. Mounting block part no. Pr / make s artorius universal mounting kit: manufa cturer name minebea intec india privat
  38. Stator rotor motor thrustor
  39. Furnace/ accessories pre cast delta
  40. Elc lp, kleentek ferrocare electrostatic liquid cleaner machine fitted withkleentek japnese high voltage transforme
  41. Msm/po/ /pi n dt. valve crab st stage part no
  42. Marathon make slipring induction motor type ks sb, hp, kw, v
  43. Laboratory chemical, equipment and accessories: temperature controller api
  44. Microscope type rv
  45. Plant air system / accessories: whatma n ashless filter paper mm dia cat no.
  46. Analog signal isolation, buffering and a mplification, model ashe tx, input s ignal: v dc, output signal: v d
  47. Msm/po/ /pi d dt workshop machineries/accessories as per invoice no / dt
  48. Partial shipment parts of ccm roller apron assembly with zone ii ss spray pi pes
  49. Viba make cast carbon steel globe valve, os and y bolted bonnet, moc confirms t o astm a grade, wcb body and bonnet
  50. Oxygen plant spares: u type air heate r element kw, v made out of mm s tube, u length mm
  51. Ccm systesm /accessories leg guard w ith inside woolen linning yellow colour, make kevlar as per inv no. / dt.
  52. Laboratory chemical, equipment and accessories: potassium iodide, pure api
  53. Switches & sensors: stored energy unit m/s easun mr make, part no: for ol tc drive mechanism of type ma
  54. Switches & sensors: induction lamp led type yellow v dc make teknic
  55. Laboratory chemical, equipment and accessories: soda lime indicator api
  56. Supply of c.t. Equipments/parts of c.t. Fl oating shaft, dtls as per inv. We cl. Rewards un. Meis
  57. Plc based electrical control panel withtemperature monitoring instruments and local control panels
  58. Msm/po/pi o dt. heating element kw diameter of heater mm
  59. Hydraulic cylinder for tilt lock cylin der
  60. Spares for induction melting furnace forsteel mill: start pcb api
  61. Mould flux in granular form for continuo s casting of steel we intend to claim re wards under merchandise exports from ind
  62. Sponge iron lumps coal based direct reduced iron for steel mills api
  63. Oxygen plant spares: circular split di e size: / bsw
  64. Msm/po/ /pi dt. ccm tools/accessories hss round die set / x make nkp as per invoice & packin
  65. Msm/po/ /pi dt. s witches & sensors contractor tf coil voltage v ac type: tf af
  66. Ceramic fiber mm round rope
  67. Eaf mechanical equipments/accessories ti lt lock
  68. Electrical starters for switching detalis as per invoice
  69. Leg guard with inside woolen lining yellow colour, make kelvarpairsmfg. Part h corporation gstno. afxpd h zx tax
  70. Air pollution control system consistingwith equipments draft control dampers with motorized actuators
  71. High alumina bricks and shapes porous pl ug well block
  72. Ccm systems/accessories melting safety g oogles metal frame with blue glass as pe r invoice & packing list no. / dt
  73. Ferro silicon calcium cored wire shape round dia mm fesica product code: cwcasi
  74. Partial shipment parts of ccm valve stand for reaction roll assembly with fl ow divider for pusher assembly
  75. Eaf mechanical equipments/accessories ga ntry column wheel assembly set
  76. Fitting materials for filter bags
  77. Msm/po/pi dt: hylum rod, size: mm, length meter. I rod mfg r.k. Polymer gst no a

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