Prism International 🇴🇲 Oman

Irina Kulikovskay Author: Irina Kulikovskay vk, 01.Nov 2021
Education: MSU
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What products does the 🇴🇲 Prism International buy?

  1. Printed misprinted paper waste
  2. Shippers load and count stc: rolls in total waste paper / test liner paper
  3. Other bent wood furniture sofas, catalogues
  4. packages s.t.c one unit used crawler crane ton model: kh year: origin: china engine number: em chass
  5. Stc bundles toyota fd forklift s/n: fda bundles parts and tools for klifts
  6. Waste paper; ocean freight prepaid; allows calendar days equipment freetime in pakistan
  7. Stc: hc containing skids with rolls for wood laminates, lbs. P.c.t
  8. Partially assembled pil inflatable lighting to wer containing stainle ss steel frame, fiber top c over with cg box without ballast, capacitor & ignite r, with balloon toolkit, sa nd bag & rain protection c over with set of stabil izing rod
  9. Chemical non haz tolyltriazole service type: cy cy
  10. Diisopropanolamine % qty: mts p/o no: fax: + att n: mr danielle snyder this shipment contains no wood packing materials houston t x zim american integra ted shipping services company inc. Address: as agent n
  11. reels in total d shape & water damage waste paper scrap all sorts cy/cy
  12. mts, lbs. Monoisopropanolamine % and cas p/o no: prism ma nufacturer: nanjing hbl alkylol amines co, ltd. No east fangshui road luhe nanjing china net wt:, kg lbs wt:, kg lbs un no:
  13. pallets stc: ceramic wall tiles
  14. used unit caterpillar e wheelloader
  15. Spunlace nonwoven fabric cy/cy
  16. Wate paper all sorts: : : ; used machine:
  17. Aluminium waste and scrap Aluminium bevererage cans ubc clean dry/free of moisture liquid, dirty, insets, pesticides, iron. Re nr. / dde nr. / ncm freight prepaid:,
  18. packages stc: cartons of house hold goods
  19. Other bent wood furniture table, doors, mirror
  20. x stc packages pallets printed misprinted aluminium poly coated waste
  21. Stc unit medical bed set & parts for medical bed
  22. Shippers load & count stc: nissan forklift s/n wgf tcm fd z forklift s/n cat wheel loader v
  23. Dicyclohexylamine: un, dicyclohexylamine, class, pg iii, + c.c. Dicyclohexylamine thc prepaid sc emergency contact: chemtrec day or night container owned and/or supplied by shipper
  24. rocyaway blvd, jamaica, ny, tel fax x kg fibre drums un approved contain camphor usp usp cas as per inv. No cap dt. p.o. No. Cal dt. s.b. No
  25. Annuciator system
  26. Electronics
  27. nd set of obl trashed for reprint* * st set of obl trashed for repri nt* waste paper and scrap: on bo
  28. st set of obl trashed for reprint* waste paper and scrape net weigh t: hs on board vessel total p
  29. Hot air nonwoven fabric wet wipes lid cy/cy
  30. Fatty alcohol c shippers loadcount & sealed x isotank container contain un psn environmentally hazardous substance liquid nos lauryl myristyl alcoholimo class pg iii marine pollutant yes mt of c c fatty alcohol lauryl myrist
  31. x ft cntr waste paper all sorts fcl
  32. Stc: wooden box unit machinery and parts freight as arranged
  33. Electronic slim device
  34. Advertising material
  35. Zinc ash with total zn contents more than %, pb % max, cd % max zinc dross shelf as per isri in blocks we ight:, lbs /, :, lbs /, : freight prepaid caed: h sc
  36. tank mts, lbs. Monoisopropanolamine and cas p/o no. Prism manufacturer nanjing baochun chemical co, ltd. No east fangshui road luhe nanjing china net wt., kg lbs groos wt., kg lbs un no cl
  37. Ricinoleic acid shipper own tank container x iso tank containers castor oil fatty acid ricinoleic acid no. gr wt nt wt tr wt freight payable at rotterdam destination charges payable at ro
  38. Used paper magazine and core pipes
  39. Oseu x tk container total pcakages only total one packages only castor oil fatty acid ricinoleic acid no. gr wt nt wt tr wt freight payable at rotterdam destination ch
  40. Waste paper and used clothing in bales
  41. Circuit board
  42. Castor oil fatty acid ricinoleic acidindustrial monocarboxylic fatty aci d pkd. in liquid bulk iso tank contai
  43. Stc chairs, bags, cups, umbrellas & waste paper

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