Production Tool Supply 🇨🇦 Canada

Irina Kulikovskay Author: Irina Kulikovskay vk, 01.Jul 2022
Education: MSU
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What products does the 🇨🇦 Production Tool Supply buy?

  1. Milling cutters, other than tungsten carbide tipped, n.e.s
  2. x horz. Metal cut bandsaw, x bandsaw milling & drilling machine and spare parts p w/crts+ plt ctns+ wdc+ ctns. H.s: / / / / /
  3. Drills reamers end mills
  4. Micrometers and callipers
  5. Bending machine
  6. Knives other than guillotine and blades, for machines or mechanical appliances for metal working, n.e.s
  7. x eorz, metal cut bandsaw, x bandsaw, vs drill press, tpr arm radial drill, vertical metal cutting bandsaw and spare parts h.s:,,,,,, P w/crts+ ctns plts ctns p x
  8. Milling & drilling machine, stand for mill/drill machine, mill/drill machine. ctns plts ctns + ctns p. H.s: /
  9. Measuring instruments plug gauges
  10. Collet
  11. Tools for boring or broaching o t ungsten carbide tipped, nes
  12. Tools *steel swivel benchvise vise clamp angle plate dead blow hammer * don t show on hb/l *
  13. Shop stool hd with backrest black shop stool hd blk shop stool hd black rndrest swivel tractor seat stool mechanics roller seatwdrawer roller shop stool with side drawers shop stool cushion black shop stool cushion with back blac
  14. Machine accessories ; air hose reel ; machine vise ; screwdriver ; gear puller ; flashlight ; wrench ; punch ; stand
  15. Steel drills steel reamers
  16. End mills, taps for drilling equipments
  17. Carbide drill
  18. Anvils, portable forges and hand or pedal operated grinding wheels with frameworks
  19. Hardness testing file sets hand lapper set magnifiers h.s. Code,,,
  20. Drills taps reamers end mills
  21. Self opening dieheads used with various machine tools
  22. Permanent magnets metal
  23. pallet having cartons only containing: tools inv. No: aipl /exp/ dtd: s.b. No: dtd: iec. No: : nd notify: m/s danzas aei custom brokers attn: wilma metro airport cente
  24. x prm bench lathe with stand
  25. x horz. Metal cut bandsaw, drill machine, milling/drilling machine, drill press, vertical miital cutting bandsaw, radial drilling machine, x bandsaw drill press and spare parts. H.s: / / / /
  26. Flap disc
  27. Welding helmet
  28. Align p x axis longitudinal table powerfeed, align z axis vertical knee lift powerfeed, jaw scroll chuck. P plt ctns + wdc p. H.s: /
  29. Bandsaw, milling/drilling machine, drill press and spare partspowerfeed, chuck, stand p w/crts+ ctns+ plts ctns; bandsaw, milling/drilling machine, drill press and spare partspowerfeed, chuck, stand p w/crts+ ctn+ plt ctns
  30. Millstone, grindstone etc of agglo syn or nat dia excl circ saw blades nes
  31. Millstones and grindstones for milling, grinding or pulping
  32. Hand sharpening or polishing stones
  33. Machine vise machine accessories other hand tools dustpan retractable air hose reel magnetic tools refractometer small knife
  34. Components way angle vise, tailstock

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