Shahi Foods&spices Llc 🇴🇲 Oman

Irina Kulikovskay Author: Irina Kulikovskay vk, 01.May 2022
Education: MSU
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What products does the 🇴🇲 Shahi Foods&spices Llc buy?

  1. Ctns ww indian cashew kernels whole pckd in x tins net perctn. Weintend to claim rewards under ftpmeis
  2. Accessories wire basket pcs export und er lut no: ad
  3. Miscellaneous hardware exportunder lut n o: ad
  4. Island hob and hood area with doors and drawer faces export under lut no: ad
  5. Wheat kg gpp bags
  6. Mace flower each cartons kg net ct ns
  7. bags mens polo t shirt with chest emb roidary
  8. Cocunut cream
  9. Crockery shelf complete including glass shelves export under lut no: ad
  10. Liquid coconut milk
  11. Polished granite slabs romantic red cm
  12. Rose mung kg/bag
  13. Desiccated coconuts excl. Edible copra
  14. Indian origin mustard packing in p p bags
  15. Pressure bracket
  16. Turmeric salem bold packed in new gun ny bags bags each kg net
  17. Kitchen vertico synchro carcass export u nder lut no: ad
  18. Coriander seed bags each kg net
  19. Spot light for all units, spot light, fram e work pieces. Export under lut no: ad
  20. Fennel seeds grinding quality packed in new poly bags bags each kg neta sperinv
  21. Indian origin dry ginger packing in jute bags
  22. Dg ball bearing z x x
  23. Indian coffee robusta cherry pb. Pkd ingunny bags. Claiming rewards under merchandise exports from india scheme
  24. bags plastic caps for bottle
  25. Cardamom black best quality packed in n ew poly bags bags each kg net
  26. bags nutmeg with shell each bags kg net packed in gunny bags
  27. Cumin seeds bags each kg net
  28. Silo screw feed conveyor
  29. Turmeric finger andhra medium packed in new gunny bags bags each kg net
  30. S work table x x
  31. Indian snacks x pkt
  32. Soyabean meal
  33. Nylon stopper
  34. Horse gram
  35. Coriander seed milling quality bag s each kg net
  36. Allen cap screw m x
  37. Air shaft new machine air shaft leakage
  38. Auger screw with tube & drippler
  39. Island withbreakfast table complete with corian export under lut no: ad
  40. Used machinery with assembling parts fo r sorting cleaning and grading od seeds / pulses
  41. Indian origin ground nut packing in jute bags
  42. Coriander seeds packages each kgnet

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