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Irina Kulikovskay Author: Irina Kulikovskay vk, 01.Nov 2021
Education: MSU
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What products does the 🇴🇲 The Dunes Oman Llc buy?

  1. Elec automation works in sand p lant scada system for automatic data fet ching based on f code
  2. Ramming mass with boron oxide type anj % as per invoice & p/list
  3. Parts for induction equipment fimp inducto high performa semiconductor
  4. Horizontal series profile projector pri me model ht with accessories u/m eiswe int to claim rew u/meis exports f
  5. Fork boss brand solid cushion tyre size
  6. Assy sieve mic dia inch x mm
  7. Spare parts flow control valve: frm b x/ qrv we intend to claim rewards under meis merchandise exports from india
  8. Core mask screw
  9. hand gloves
  10. Indicating lamp for electric muffle fur nace
  11. Spares for shot blasting machine impelle r cap screw
  12. Parts and accessories of d cmm renisha w smpc for d panther garret
  13. Tee envelop gasket p. No. Tf for manda r pump
  14. Eco tap aerators part no mech
  15. Carbon additives
  16. Safety light curtain
  17. Form drill df f panther b hsg pa rt no: df u/meis we dec. T hat we sha. Cl. Ben. Un. Ch of ftp
  18. Plastic face shield with head gear
  19. Allen head bolt m x mm/ft/tvs/unbrako
  20. Safety goggles plain
  21. Parts for induction equipment ffit valve pressure reducing atoshg
  22. Parts for induction equipment fwir servo motor encoder cable w/connect
  23. Refractory monolithics Mt vr el ectric arc furnace ramming mass
  24. Combustion boat
  25. Diamond paste p. No. os
  26. Stamping parts & parts for turbo charger part name: main arm gtd part no:
  27. Dispenser cylinder total unit sda
  28. Laminated vinyl sign board fdycode
  29. Parts of shot blast machine simatic operator panel op
  30. Weiber water distillation unit metal t
  31. Level sensor ifm
  32. Parts for induction equipment ffit pneumatic cylinder
  33. External hard disk
  34. Gasharz phenol formaldehyde resin/cold box resin containing solid content +/ %
  35. Fire brick al size
  36. Power cable
  37. Grinding wheels made of synthetic abrasi ve grains
  38. Spares for shot blasting machine case elevator belt assly
  39. Rheotec core paint
  40. Parts for induction equipment felh power supply ps v dc f/tundish conso l
  41. Conveyor and elevator textile belting general purpose of relevant xnn / x x xshr ce rest as inv
  42. Sonel make power quality analyzer, pqm
  43. Audco ss ball valve screwed end
  44. Sew motor gearbox model no: r drs m
  45. Outboard battery charger
  46. Educational books cd iso/tr in cd
  47. Hydraulic lifting and tilting loader for ton presswe intend to claim rewards u/meismerchandise exporter from india
  48. Parts for induction equipment fmod short coil detector rev.
  49. Blue stone mounted points b
  50. Quick pattern changer bush
  51. Pillar drilling machine mm drill chuck with key and m arbor we intend toclaim rewards under meis merchandise
  52. Spare parts of moulding machine carbide insert x item code: tk
  53. X robotic ball cutter
  54. Pencil grinder nakanishi impulse
  55. Ceramic infrared heating panel for preheating of pattern consist as per packinglist we intend to claim rewards under
  56. Spares for shot blasting machine: centering plate part no. Oth. Det. As per inv
  57. Precomp gear cs sae for clutch assy
  58. Hand hack saw frames
  59. Dia reamer rs
  60. Short screw feeder fa /g drn l
  61. Elec supply and updation of exis iting software to simatci wincc v ste p v line sand plant
  62. Proximity sensor dia mm sai
  63. Silica quartz ramming
  64. Hyd. Cyllinder tonne single acting flat with qc c, mtr hose, pr. Gauge and hand pump, model: xm ch
  65. Mk circuit breaker, range: a,
  66. Spare parts of moulding machine inter nal plow u/meis we inten d to claim rewards under merchandise exp
  67. Air receiver tank premier make
  68. Belt conveyor size: mmendless lengthx mm width x ep / ply x + rubber cover x mm thick xm grade with hot
  69. Parts of dust collector special screwbl ade screw
  70. Parts for induction equipment himp bnc black male with strain relief boot
  71. Hand hacksaw blade / with teeth
  72. Data logging system for tempmaster t o computer interface unit with terminal software slaves
  73. Moly graphhoist rope compoundcrg
  74. Auxilar fring moudle fmod
  75. Air pressure switch indfoss
  76. Parts of shot blast machine accelerator srd turbine u/meis
  77. Spares for shot blasting machine chain l ink pin
  78. pattern plate fdycode: ppc
  79. Pillar drilling machine machine vice swivel type we intend to claim rewards under meis merchandise exports from
  80. Pneumatic conveying system spares consis t of: dunes code: maca macawbe r inflatable seal for mm dome va
  81. Elektromag brake coil with brake disc with the liner spring

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