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Irina Kulikovskay Author: Irina Kulikovskay vk, 01.Jun 2022
Education: MSU
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What products does the 🇫🇷 Upl S.a. buy?

  1. Cd rom with packing in folder / digital data operating manual digital data qc dossier
  2. Spare parts for filling & sealing machine securing block o f the seal beam
  3. Crop fog mark iv fogging machine
  4. Morwet ip powder surfactant misc charges include difference between imp. Inv. & ultimate sales invoice no.
  5. Sunflower seeds for planting & sowing var asfh
  6. Spare parts for filters pnematic control valve pc
  7. Free sample ncv solvent c
  8. A / module for laboratory glassware
  9. Italian ryegrass seeds for planting and sowing var barlm, harvest
  10. Nf technicalpurity: % min. Suspension containing nf as active ingredientcib pemit no. / dt. / /
  11. Top wheat clodinafop propargyl percent wp reimport ba tch no: injclo exported vide s/b no: dt.
  12. Satellite hydrocap pendimethalin % cs goods exported vide s/b no. dt. / / net wt.
  13. Arbus diamond p agricultural sprayers sr no. liter tank, fan mm, chemical pump lts/min, defle
  14. Agnique soap l
  15. Dimethyl carbonate not intended for food & medicinal use
  16. Morantel tartrate technical packing: kg fibre board drums we intend to clai m rewards under meis
  17. Ethyl vinyl ether
  18. Spare parts for agricultural sprayers disk j code
  19. Static mixerspare for de ammoina reactor static mixer cert no: stl dt: / /
  20. Evaporative condenser wxrd v/ hz/ ph
  21. Pilot freeze dryer model no: fd f re
  22. Spare parts for agricultural sprayers tire lx code
  23. Titanium gr. jkt ball valve & titanium gr. non jkt ball v alve nos
  24. Spares for transport simulator
  25. Spares for ftnir spectrometer in s ample cup for in, mm diameter
  26. Forage sorghum bicolor seed samples import permit no. / dt. for research purpose only
  27. Lck lauda eco re g cooling thermostat v; hz s/no. Lck, lck spare parts for chillers
  28. Spare parts for procell labsystem plug nipple g / part no.
  29. Copper powder & flakes sample of no commercial value & val ue for customs purpose only
  30. Acrylonitrile in bulk a.c.n. Against invoice no. Ter r /d dtd.
  31. Spare parts for list machine crp conti o ring
  32. Burner assembly for incinerator package with waste heat boiler
  33. Plastic boxes of sulfur from total lacq kg each sample for research purpose only
  34. Art work photoprint artist david yarrow the proud nightwatch man archival pigment print size x cm
  35. aminosulfonyl aniline
  36. Zivdar apple wax ltr
  37. Return bend pattern ec ck alloy. Eb nos
  38. Agricultural sprayers sr. No.,, & arbus super export liter tank
  39. Free sample ncv calcium dodecyl benzene sulfonate naxate l
  40. Weishaupt gas burner type wm g / a zm r / pc
  41. Fungicides
  42. Vegetable seeds cucumber seeds for planting & sowing va r cu
  43. Indian groundnut kernels bold winte r crop packed in jute bags
  44. Loop mixer heat exchanger along with accessories
  45. Filter spare parts grid acc to dwg f incline left pp pcs
  46. Laboratory equipment: vapor duct o mm, sj /, incl. Combi name
  47. Atrazine technical cir / atrazin technical dt.
  48. Spare parts for agricultural sprayers hose connector code
  49. Pea seeds for planting & sowing var sugar bro
  50. Spare parts for filling & sealing machine timing belt pull ey
  51. Methyl lactate sample used as a solvent specialty chemical ltr no commercial value, value for custom purpose only
  52. Spare parts: haptkoninghpall altech printer assembly kit p acked in pa, main frame assembly kit part, assembly ki
  53. Oil absorbent activated carbon
  54. Parts for laboratory equipments
  55. Maruyama agricultural machinery high clearance boom sprayer bsa lmq cn serial number: l
  56. Cargill gel instant starch
  57. Ceramic beads rimax
  58. Phosphorus pentoxide x kg drums d phosphoric anhyd ride ethox p packing: drums drums pkg grp: ii, imco class:, un no: sb no: dt: freight prepaid gr. Wt. Kgs: nt. Wt. Kg s: h
  59. Spare parts for agricultural sprayers ball bearing code
  60. Spare parts for filling & sealing machine radial spherical bearing x x stainl
  61. Upper grease retainerr machinery parts
  62. Vegetable origin based fertilizer ah it vacciplant liter samples with no commercial value valu for customs on
  63. Brookfield viscometer model: lvdv t with accessories
  64. Complete machine unit m a, tableting m/c kg/hr, kombra
  65. Tube, return bend
  66. Rotor assembly & screening machinery parts off shaft c/w n yloc nut & washer to drg k
  67. weishaupt dual fuel burner rgms / a vers. Zm nr valve train dn complete with accessories serial no:
  68. Vegetable seeds cabbage seeds for planting & sowing rare ball
  69. / cn, n xl customer mat. No: p & p **sealless and leakfree canned motor pump, single stage
  70. Mono chloro acetone
  71. Vacuum regulator with dial gauge dbr p analog pressure gaug es
  72. Water purification equipment swc max gpd ft ro/ uf membranes
  73. Probe mm bently m x arm
  74. Vacuum regulator w. Dial gauge dbr p analog
  75. Rotary screw blowers screw blower dbs pcs
  76. Spare parts of packaging machines nylon scraper filling sp out
  77. Seeds for sowing, corn seeds pacer
  78. R, tubular reactor, dia: mtr
  79. Acetic anhydride tank container
  80. Strach g poly propenamide co propenoic acid potassium zeba sp x lb bag_usreimportexport vide sb no:
  81. methoxy propanol propylene glycol monomethyl ether
  82. Shimadzu uv vis spectrophotometer, model: uv with ac cessories set

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