Vmk Medical Enterpirses 🇸🇨 Seychelles

Irina Kulikovskay Author: Irina Kulikovskay vk, 01.Oct 2021
Education: MSU
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What products does the 🇸🇨 Vmk Medical Enterpirses buy?

  1. Clear wax ear dropsbenzocaine+turpentin e oil
  2. Moviz d tabs
  3. Haem up gems
  4. Instant sterile mopping p cmx
  5. m z composite a /a /a /a
  6. Dental chair led light
  7. House articlespersonal use/showcase
  8. Midwest tc bur
  9. Dressing scissors str
  10. Otrivin p nasal spray
  11. Glycomet gp mg tabsglimepiride s
  12. Optical lens ankur
  13. Bp apparatusagaro blood pressure monit or s
  14. Flamingo vv stocking pre
  15. Optical plastic box
  16. Test tube x
  17. Bp apparatus with adapte
  18. Sony medical thermal printer up x md
  19. R f lab reagents
  20. La shield lite gel
  21. Provi boost syrupmultivitamin ml
  22. Urea
  23. Tarsalic oint jarcoal tar+salicyclic ac id gm
  24. Dispovan syringe ml
  25. Thermoseal ra paste
  26. Total proteins
  27. Zincovit sypmultivitamin+minerals m l
  28. Micodin shampoomiconazole nitrate+chlor hexidine ml
  29. Lab coat half
  30. Seledruff shampooselenium sulfide m l
  31. Pangajakasthuri ortho herb oil
  32. Mini spike s
  33. Ecg recording paperpaper rolls
  34. Instant sterile swabs cmx
  35. Glucose test strips
  36. Tips small
  37. Ultra sound paper sony
  38. Shofu crown&bridge kit
  39. Disposable adult brief
  40. Gastro biopsy forcep w/o spike
  41. Bio true lens solutionopticals ml
  42. Limchee chew tabsvitamin c s
  43. A envelop folded s
  44. Milk of magnesia ml
  45. A letter headprescription pad s
  46. Dr. Murthy eye center case sheet
  47. Magnesium sulphate i.p
  48. Bp apparatusdiamond blood pressure mon itor s
  49. K edta tubes
  50. Paper rollssony
  51. Dextrose % i.v

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