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Irina Kulikovskay Author: Irina Kulikovskay vk, 01.Oct 2021
Education: MSU
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What products does the 🇸🇨 Vmk Medical Enterprises buy?

  1. Candid mouth paintclotrimazole ml
  2. Esr tubeslab equipments
  3. Quantel medical axis nano a scan iv/ / / pol
  4. Filling instruments
  5. A care hot&cold pack iv/ / / pol
  6. Zinc oxide powderzinc oxide
  7. Utility tray
  8. Scalar unit leddental products s
  9. Soap dish
  10. Aristozyme liquid enzyme preparation
  11. Cervical pillow
  12. Lab coat full largelab coat
  13. Sterillium medicated hand washlut. Sl. No. / dt.
  14. Metal matrix system
  15. Air bed surgical product
  16. Him tan removal orange face mask herbal products lut. Sl. No. / dt.
  17. Latoprost capsophthalmic solution
  18. Vicks candy jar
  19. Nebulewzer mask p hudson oncentratio n masklut. Sl. No. / dt.
  20. Spasmonil plus tabdicyclomine hydrochlo ride
  21. Multipurpose container device ml
  22. Suture thread
  23. Flying tiger balm pain reliving ointme
  24. Amrutanjan fast rrrelief inhaler ml
  25. Aqua tears eye dropspolyvinyl alcohol+p ovidone ml
  26. X /spectacle display optical furniture lut no: / dt:
  27. Chair seat furniture lut no: / dt:
  28. Examination gloves large
  29. Well rich tabletsmultivitamins and mine rals
  30. Amr body pain gelpain reliefer gm
  31. Kiskin lotion mlspa fur +skin lotion ml
  32. Wellman tabletginseng, garlic, antioxid ants, amino
  33. Him gasex sdigestive ga
  34. B.p digital monitor s
  35. Dispo drape pcdental products
  36. Moviz d tabs aceclofenac s
  37. Indotrac electronic tractiobn unithospi tal equip
  38. Haem up gemsvitamin b s
  39. Note book long sizestationery s
  40. Abdominal belt elasticlut. Sl. No. / dt.
  41. Thrombophob gel ingredient heparin sod ium
  42. Candid powder bdusting powder
  43. Hiv tridot t test cards
  44. Rvg sleeves
  45. Him anti hair fallhair cream herbal pr oducts lut. Sl. No. / dt.
  46. m single bond universaldental products s
  47. Urine container sterile
  48. Asthma therapeutic omron compressor c nebulizer ne c iv/ / / pol
  49. Cosec bath set zara
  50. m z compositedental products
  51. Topaz mg tab
  52. Hand spreaders
  53. Hba c calibrator
  54. m monophase uv/led vernis
  55. Bp apparatusagaroblood pressure monit or
  56. Tea tree general product
  57. Assorted special metal frame mix
  58. Elastic adhesive bandage
  59. Nirlife sodium chloride mlacolate sa line
  60. Diamond bursdental products
  61. Absorbent lead sheet mm ft x ft

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