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  • Flour confectionery. Ring with nut
  • Confectionery product. Ring with a nut.
  • Flour confectionery: ring cinnamon, poppy seed, rum baba, rum baba mini, puff snail with caramel, snail with lipstick, brioche, juice-bar marked IP Dobychina OB.

    Products flour confectionery: Cupcake with candied fruit, Lemon cupcake, Capital cupcake, Chocolate cupcake, Special ring with nuts, Curd ring, Chocolate glazed ring, Milk cake, Poultry confectionery product

    Izde Leah confectionery flour. Butter cookies with and without filling: Fancy (Rings with nuts, Rings with marmalade, Rings with sesame seeds, Rings with cinnamon, Pretzel with poppy seeds, Pretzel with cinnamon, Favorit

    Confectionery flour products. Cookies: Day and night , Golden, Ginger, Coconut, Ring School , Ring Sand glazed with lipstick , Ring with poppy seeds , Ring with nuts , Pretzel with nuts , Krend

  • Confectionery flour products: custard cakes with cream , custard with cottage cheese, custard with condensed milk, custard rings with cream, custard rings with cottage cheese, custard rings with condensed milk, profitero
  • Confectionery products. Cookies: shortbread "Kurabie", "Kurabie with poppy seeds", "Ring with peanuts", "Ring with candied fruits", "Jam boat", "Lolita", "Twix"; biscuit biscuits: "Chocolate honey cake", "Male ideal", "R
  • Pastel confectionery: marshmallow "Pavlovsky marshmallow rings with currant flavor", marshmallow "Pavlovsky marshmallow rings with gooseberry flavor", marshmallow "Pavlovsky marshmallow rings with raspberry flavor", mars

    Flour confectionery: oatmeal with bitter chocolate, shortbread ring, oatmeal cookies with nuts, shortbread ring with peanuts, shortbread ring with chocolate , oatmeal cookies with white chocolate according to TU 9130-001

    Confectionery: Butter cookies: Nut ring, Coconut ring, Chocolate-nut, Sand ring, ordinary shortbread, Shagane, Minutka , butter with filling, with raisins, milk-honey, with chocolate

    Flour confectionery products: Pastry - Amber , Sand ring , Sand ring with fruit filling , Sand ring hercules , Puff with fruit filling , Puff tongues , Puff 禄Sprinkled with powdered sugar

    Confectionery products: roll with condensed milk, shortbread ring with peanuts, shortbread ring with nuts, shortbread ring, Shkolnoye shortbread cake, shortcake Evening, shortcake Sand strip

    Confectionery products: Pastry (custard, honey, shortbread, puff, biscuit) : Ring with butter cream, Ring with cream brulee, Ring with curd cream, Eclair with butter cream, Eclair cr猫me brulee, Eclair with

  • Confectionery flour products: custard ring (creamy, curd), shortbread ring, shortbread ring with peanuts, crust
  • Confectionery flour products: custard ring (creamy, cottage cheese), shortbread ring, shortbread ring with peanuts, milk shortbread, shortbread, Moscow bun, packed in cardboard boxes, bags made of polymer materials
  • Confectionery: waffles soft: Vanilla, Vanilla with cottage cheese aroma, Vanilla with cottage cheese aroma , Vanilla with raisins , Vanilla mini, Assorted , Vanilla ring , Cottage cheese ring , Raisin ring

  • Confectionery products, flour - cakes. Shortbread cakes: Fruit rainbow; Ring with cherry filling; Gourmet with fruit filling; Lukoshko. Custard cakes: Vanilla ring; 芦Ring with boiled condensed moss
  • Confectionery flour products. Cookies: Ring with poppy seeds, Ring with sesame seeds, Space, Houndstooth
  • Confectionery flour products: cakes - "MEDOK", "NUT", "BIRD'S MILK", "RING WITH NUTS", "BREAD TUBE WITH CREAM", "CREAM RING", "NUT WITH CONDENSED MILK".
  • Confectionery products - Custard cakes: Choux with condensed milk; Custard with cream, Custard ring with cream; Curd ring; Nut; Nut with condensed milk; Glazed custard tube
  • Confectionery products - flour cakes: "Choux with cream", "Choux ring with cream", "Choux tube with cream", "Choux tube with glazed cream "," Basket with whipped cream and fruit ","
  • Flour confectionery. Oriental flour sweets: "Brushwood" "Chak-chak" "Arzu" "Kurabye Baku" "Nan Bukhara" "Salted baklava" "Ring" "Ears" "Shortbread ring" "Strudel with raisins" "Biscuit with cinnamon

    Assortment of gingerbread confectionery products: raw wheat gingerbread flour of the first grade - "Zebra Lebedevskaya", Zebra Lebedevskaya in confectionery glaze, "Kokosik", "Kokosik in confectionery glaze", "Poppy ring

    Flour confectionery. Custard cakes: "Air ring", "Profiteroles with cream", "Profiteroles with boiled condensed milk". Puff pastries: "Napoleon". Shortbread cakes: "Shortbread ring" with nuts, "Sandy" glaze

  • Flour confectionery products: butter cookies: "Coffee", "Lemon", "Fruit", "Spider line", "Chamomile with cherry", "Chamomile with raspberries", "Mint" , "Coconut", "Glazed ring", "Truffle", "With cinnamon", "Rings", "Tan
  • Flour confectionery: - butter cookies: Ladies fingers, Ladies whim, Duet, Chestnuts, Rings, Glazed ring, Krakatuk, Delicacy with coconut, Delicacy with poppy seeds, Delicacy with walnuts, Me
  • Flour confectionery. Custard cakes: "Choux ring", "Choux ring with boiled condensed milk", "Eclairs with boiled condensed milk", "Profiteroles with boiled condensed milk"

    flour confectionery-cakes: custard with condensed milk, custard drops, custard tube, custard ring, Potato cake, Peach cake, puff tongue, fruit basket, ring with nuts,

  • Flour confectionery: Custard cookies: Custard stick with sugar; Custard in dark glaze; Custard in white glaze; Custard ring with sugar; Custard ring in dark glaze; Zavarno
  • Confectionery flour products: "Air rings with sugar", Custard "Air rings "," Sunflowers "," Sesame petals "," Sesame petals with chocolate icing ".
  • Confectionery products. Biscuits: "Air rings with sugar", " Air Rings "," Sunflowers "," Sesame Petals "," Sesame Petals with Chocolate Glaze "
  • Flour confectionery products. Sugar cookies: Air rings with sugar, Sesame petals, Sesame petals with chocolate glaze.
  • Confectionery products: cakes in the range: sand "Korzinochka" with marshmallow, "Ring with a nut"; "Cookie"; custard "Tube", "Ring", "Muftochka", "Eclair", "Profiteroles", weight biscuit, t

    Flour confectionery. Cakes: "Shortbread ring with walnut", "Custard ring", "Milk cake" piece.

  • Confectionery flour products - sugar cookies, lingering, butter, oatmeal: Delicate ring, Delicate ring in chocolate, Just a miracle, Quirk, With a souffle , Bagel with poppy seeds , Curl , Sesame , Stick
  • Confectionery flour products - cookies: Delicate ring, Delicate ring in chocolate, Just a miracle, Quirk, With souffle, Bagel with poppy seeds , Curl , Sesame , Stick in chocolate with peanuts , Soche
  • Confectionery. Air cake: Vkusoteev, Vkusnoteev fruit and berry , Fruit - berry , Vanilla , Fruit , Vanilla buttons , Vanilla with flax seeds , Fruit rings , Fruit rings
  • Confectionery products: Air cake: Vkusnoteev, Vkusnoteev fruit and berry, Fruit and berry, Vanilla, Fruit, Vanilla buttons, Vanilla with flax seeds, Fruit rings, Fruit rings
  • Confectionery. Airy pastry: Vkusnoteev, Vkusnoteev fruit-berry, Fruit-berry, Vanilla, Fruit, Vanilla buttons, Vanilla with flax seeds, Fruit rings, Vkusnoteev
  • Confectionery, flour. Butter shortbread cookies: Honey, Curd (with raisins, candied fruits, cherries, dried apricots, with chocolate chips, with lemon, with filling), Chocolate, Walnut ring, Figured, Sandy ring
  • Gingerbread confectionery Raw gingerbreads: Valentine with a nut, Valentine with raisins, Voronezh, Gorodetskaya fun, Dneprovskie, Road, Winter, Cocoa-nut, Cranberry, Rings , Rings with chocolate
  • Flour confectionery. Choux pastry: eclair with cream, profiteroles with cream, ring with cream, ring with air, cake Shu, cake The custard tube.
  • Flour confectionery. Cookies: shell cookies, chamomile kurabie cookies, hedgehog cookies, rain cookies, bagel cookies, figured cookies, ring with nuts, bagel with poppy seeds, shortbread cookies with jam, basket with
  • Flour confectionery: - shortbread cakes: Sand ring, Sand, glazed with fondant, Milk cake; - custard cakes: Custard ring glazed with fondant.
  • Flour confectionery: - biscuit cakes: Childrens , Home , Friendship , Grillazhny , Kalach , Ring , Baby , Dream , Special , Joy , Gift , Fairy Tale , Sweet , Tea , Chocolate-raisin ;
  • Chilled and frozen confectionery products: cupcakes-capital, with lemon, May; shortbread cakes - a shortbread ring with sugar, a shortbread ring with nuts.
  • Flour confectionery. Custard cakes: Custard ring; Custard ring with boiled condensed milk; Eclairs with boiled condensed milk; Profiteroles with boiled condensed milk

    Flour confectionery products: Cookies: sugar, butter (shortbread, sandy - otzadny, whipped, croutons, nutty) in the range: Sand ring with walnut; Sand ring with fruit filling; 芦Sandy

    Confectionery flour products made from shortcrust pastry: cake, ring with nuts, school ring, milk cake, basket with filling, glazed shortbread, shortbread cookies

    Confectionery flour products: Milk cake, Custard ring, Ring shortbread , Cookies Kurabie , Nut cookies , Coconut cookies , Snail cookies , Figured cookies , Peach cookies

    Flour confectionery. Custard cakes: Choux ring, Choux ring with boiled condensed milk, Eclairs with boiled condensed milk, Profiteroles with boiled condensed milk

  • Flour confectionery. Gingerbreads: Pineapple rings, Volzhskie, Vostochnye, Caramel, Malinka, Poppy rings, Printed, Rainbow, Sladushka, Sour cream, Super apricot balls, Super koloboks a
  • Flour confectionery: butter biscuits: Squirrel, Vanilla, Cherry, Cherry flavor, Dairy yummy, Fruit yummies, Drakosha, Hedgehogs, Zest , Caprice , Rings of sand , Rings of sand
  • Flour confectionery: Custard eclairs: Lakomka with cream with glaze, Lakomka with cottage cheese, Lakomka ring with cream, Lakomka 禄Ring with coconut, Gourmet truffle, Gourmet without glaze

    Flour confectionery: cakes: Basket with protein cream, shortbread ring, shortbread with fruit filling, juicy with cottage cheese, airy with butter cream, custard ring, custard with butter cream, biscuit

    Confectionery flour products. Cake Curd. Cakes: Custard ring with cottage cheese, Ring with cottage cheese cream, Cottage cheese.

    Confectionery flour products. Cakes: Sand ring; Milk cake; Basket with fruit filling and lipstick; Juice with cottage cheese; Puff languages; Custard ring glazed with lipstick; Tubule Inspiration, Sand pi

    Flour confectionery: Moscow Ring, Ring with nuts, Milk cake, Pretzel with cinnamon, Chamomile air cookies, Homemade cookies, Kaleidoscope cookies with oatmeal, Kaleidoscope cookies with coconut, P

    Confectionery: juices with cottage cheese, a basket of ham and cheese, a basket of mushrooms and cheese, a shortbread ring, a milk cake, a cottage cheese cake, an air ring in an assortment of a medallion, nuts, oatmeal,

    Gingerbread confectionery products. Gingerbreads: Valentine with raisins, Valentine with nuts, Voronezh, Gorodetskaya fun , Dnieper , Road , Winter , Cocoa-nut , Cranberry , Rings , Rings with chocol

  • Confectionery products: Butter biscuits: Butter Grandmas cake with glaze, Butter biscuits Grandmothers cake, butter biscuits Banana joy , butter ring Nut ring , butter biscuits Lips with cheese
  • Confectionery flour products: Butter biscuits: "Grandma's cake with icing", "Grandmother's cake", "Banana joy", "Nut ring", "Slippers with cottage cheese", "Makovka", "Marble", "Picnic "," Sweet
  • Confectionery flour products: Poppy roll, Custard ring, potato cake, Capital cake, Shortbread ring with nuts, Basket with cream Mushrooms, Fruit basket , Juice with cottage cheese, Eclair cake

    Confectionery products. Cakes: Ring with jam and powdered sugar, Coconut, Ring with boiled condensed milk, Cones, Nuts, Bow with fruit filling, Envelope with fruit filling, Palmyra with fr

    flour confectionery products. Shortbread cakes: Sand, glazed with lipstick (sliced), Sand ring, Sand ring with fruit filling, Milk cake.

  • Flour confectionery: cake Shortbread basket with boiled condensed milk, cake Sand ring with nuts, cake Sand ring with sugar, cakes Puffs with creams on vegetable oils, cakes Layer
  • Flour confectionery: Stolichny Cupcake (with raisins), custard ring with cottage cheese, a strip of sand, juicy with cottage cheese, a ring with nuts, in a cardboard box

    Flour confectionery: Verona cake; English muffin with candied fruit; English cake with cocoa; cake with cottage cheese; sand ring; kurabie cookies; grain cookies; coconut cookies; almond cookies; sand ring;

  • cakes: Ring with cream of cottage cheese and boiled condensed milk Lakomka , Ring with curd cream Favorite, Nut, Berlin, confectionery product Ant farm
  • cakes: Ring with cottage cheese, Ring with cream of cottage cheese and boiled condensed milk Timka , Walnut , Potato , Walnut new, Berlin new Confectionery item Anthill
  • Confectionery products, cookies marked Amur baker: Zvezdochka, Kar shark , Carmen , Rings , Rings Marble , Pretzel , Round with poppy seeds , Kurabye , Oatmeal , Oatmeal in chocolate , Oatmeal

    Flour confectionery. Cupcake with raisins, Marble cake , muffin with dried apricots, Stolichny muffin, muffins. Pastries: Ring Pavlovskoe with jam, Basket, Tube with cream, Sponge cake, Potato, Shortbread ring,

    Flour confectionery: - shortbread cakes: Sand ring, Sand, glazed with fondant, Milk cake; - custard cakes: Custard ring glazed with fondant.

  • Confectionery. Cakes: Potato sprinkled, Sand ring, Boucher glazed with chocolate lipstick, Mushroom with cream, Biscuit with chocolate cream, Tartlet with cream and fruit from compote, Ring factory
  • Confectionery. Cakes: Sprinkle Potato, Sand Ring, Boucher glazed with chocolate lipstick, Mushroom with cream, Biscuit with chocolate cream, Sand strip with fruit filling (sliced), K
  • Confectionery, flour: cakes - Medovik, Fairy Tale, Podmoskovny with fondant; cakes - Biscuit, Shortbread ring with nuts, Milk, Sopochnoye, Custard ring, Zavarnoe with fondant, nuts, Zavarnoe with k

  • Gingerbread confectionery Raw gingerbreads: Valentine with a nut, Valentine with raisins, Voronezh, Gorodetskaya fun, Dneprovskie, Road, Winter, Cocoa-nut, Cranberry, Rings , Rings with chocolate
  • Confectionery products: Napoleon, Medovik, Shu with cottage cheese, Shu creme brulee, Yumbrik creme brulee, Curd eclair, Eclair with condensed milk, Curd ring, Cr猫me brulee ring, Anthill, cake Potato, Meteoritic cake,
  • Confectionery, flour: cakes - Medovik, Fairy Tale, Podmoskovny with fondant; cakes - Biscuit, Shortbread ring with nuts, Milk, Sopochnoye, Custard ring, Zavarnoe with fondant, nuts, Zavarnoe with k

    Flour confectionery products: butter cookies Kurabye, butter cookies Gourmet with condensed milk, butter cookies Camomile, butter cookies Ring, butter cookies Nut Heart, butter cookies Nut ring, oven

    Flour confectionery products: cakes Sand strip, with fruit filling, Sand glazed with lipstick, Sand ring with nut, Puff tongues, Napoleon, Curd ring, Nut , Medovik , Day and

  • Flour confectionery - butter biscuits from wheat flour of the highest grade. Butter biscuits from wheat flour of the highest grade: - without filling ( Ring with peanuts , Fitness , Goldberg Karina , Ring with ses
  • Flour confectionery - butter biscuits Butter biscuits from premium flour without filling ("Day-Night", "Fitness", "Karina", "Ring with sesame "," Honey "," Domes "," Waterfall "," Zest "," Cheburashka "). Cookies
  • Flour confectionery products: caprice cake, curd cake, Volzhsky cake, Milk cake, tartlet, Napoleon, nuts, baklava, lemongrass, shortbread ring, custard ring, biscuit roll, chak-chak, tubes, eclairs, p
  • Flour confectionery: whim, Volzhsky cake, Milk cake, tartlet. nuts, baklava, lemongrass, shortbread ring, biscuit roll, puff Sverdlovskaya, tubules, eclairs Trade mark BKK

    Confectionery: Products from shortbread dough: shortbread ring with sugar, shortbread ring with nuts, juicy cottage cheese, juicy fruit filling, milk shortbread, shortbread horn with poppy seeds, shortcake with glaze

    Confectionery products: shortbread without interlayers: Favorite, Shortbread ring, Korzhik lactic; shortbread cakes with cream based on vegetable oils: Lyubava, Honey; custard cakes: Eclair, Ring

    Confectionery flour products: - Shortbread cakes: Medovik - Shortbread cakes: Shortbread ring, Birch, Turbinka, Shortbread ring with nuts ... Not intended for feeding children.

    Flour confectionery - Muffins: Maisky, Stolichny, Curd, Ufimsky, Tea; - Glazed cake, milk cake, Gingerbread cake, shortbread ring, nut ring; - Muffins (muffins): with boiled condensed

    Flour confectionery: - cakes: biscuit Boucher, Choux ring with cottage cheese, Choux ring with protein cream, cream eclair Cream Cheese, Chocolate eclair, Korzinochka with protein cream, Korzinochka with k

    Confectionery products glazed with chocolate glaze: cookies: caramel ring with peanuts, ring caramel with seeds.

    Flour confectionery products: weight sponge cake, puff bagels, mini-juices, Pastry Ring cakes, Choux ring, packed in consumer packaging

    FLOUR CONFECTIONERY PRODUCTS. SAND PASTRIES: Turbinka, Sour cream, Darkie, Birch, Medovichok, Sand ring, New, Curd gourmet, Ring with walnut

    Confectionery products based on confectionery fats: - Cakes: Amaretto , Valentine, Viennese, Cherry, Vu-a-la, Night, Hedgehog, Caramel, Caravel, Potato, Ring Pineapple, Forest Fairy Tale, Forest Berry, Napoleon, Polov

    FLOUR CONFECTIONERY PRODUCTS: MUFFIN CUP, SAND RING, products are made in accordance with TU 10.71.12-011-61144405-2006 Confectionery products. Specifications.

    Sugar confectionery: marshmallow by weight and packaged in an assortment: Sonata, Ladybug, Ring, cranberry lemon , banana , glazed with confectionery glaze Nocturne , Pastoral , Elegy , Capu

  • Sugar confectionery: Crispy balls with cream Surprise inside!, Cookies with cream in a blister 4 servings, Confectionery egg with a collectible toy in the form of a ring made of metal and polymer materials, Cookies wit
  • Sugar confectionery products: Confectionery egg, with a collectible toy in the form of a ring made of metal and polymeric materials inside, weighing from 1 to 10000 g,
  • Sugar confectionery: assortment of marshmallows: Sonata, Ladybug, Ring, Cranberry, Lemon, Banana, Yula, Elegy, Exquisite, White-pink, Creme brulee, glazed with confectionery glaze N

    Cakes, pastries, muffins, rolls based on industrial semi-finished confectionery products: cakes: custard -" Choux ring "," Eclairs "; biscuit -" Honey "," Boucher "," Biscuit-cream "" Viennese waffles "; crumb -" Sprinkl

    Confectionery products, flour, pastries: biscuit - "Biscuit sliced", "Bushe", "Poleno", "Raffaello" ; sand - "Sand ring", "Sliced 鈥嬧媠and"; air - "Meringue", "Air"; custard - "Zavarnoe"; almond

    Gingerbread confectionery: raw gingerbread: "Tsivilskie", "Chocolate ring", "Favorite", "Drop", "Yalchik", "Coconut", "Gift", "Commemorative", "Moscow", "Dneprovskie" ; gingerbread cookies: "Severnye", "G

    Confectionery products: juices, sour cream crust, shortbread ring

    Confectionery products, biscuits in the assortment: "Vanilla with condensed milk", "Home", "Rings", "Chamomile", "Biscuits with sesame seeds", "Baked milk", "Creamy star", "Strawberry", "Vanilla"

    Confectionery products: Cheese cake Kiwi, Cheese cake Peach, Cheese cake Berry Glazed custard ring; OKP code 913035

    Confectionery, flour - cakes: Grand Cafe, Gourmet with a nut, Gourmet with cr猫me brulee, Medoc, Lesovichok "," Prague "," Fairy Tale "," Chocolate tango "," Shortbread ring with a nut "," Mini basket with condensed mole

    Confectionery products: "Kolodets", "Shortbread ring", "Mulatka", "Fantasy", "Cookies", "Mocco", "Assorted", "Mirabella", "Brownie", "Brownie creamy", "Krumiri", "Kurabie", "Almond", "Sliced", "Macaroon"

    Confectionery products: Pastry "Eclair", cake "Ring" , roll with cottage cheese, a puff with cottage cheese "Pirouette", a puff "Ladies' whim", croissants with condensed milk, milk shortbread, custard cake, ke

    I confectionery flour: Butter ring

    Flour confectionery: sand ring

    Confectionery flour - biscuits: Peanut ring, coffee, sesame, oatmeal, "Coffee beans", "Florentine"

    Flour confectionery: buns: cheesecakes with cottage cheese, buns: vanilla, with raisins, with jam, with apple and cinnamon, with poppy seeds, cakes, pastries, eclairs, ring, pies, custard cakes, honey cake, napoleon , sa

    Flour confectionery products: Bulk eclair; Chocolate eclair; Cherry eclair; Soup with cottage cheese; Curd ring; Poppy with currants; Strawberry sour cream; Curd sour cream; Cheesecake with fruit; Casserole with raisins;

    Confectionery flour products: pies, cakes in the range: Custard cakes. Eclairs: "Creamy", "Kashtanchik", "Successful", "Profiteroles" with cream, "Fantasy" rings, "Tube". Puff pastries: "Tongues" puff, "小

    Confectionery. Shortbread cakes: "Sand strip" with fruit filling, "Sand ring", "Sand" glazed with lipstick; puff pastries: Puff pastry sprinkled with powdered sugar, n

    Flour confectionery. Butter cookies: "Nut", "Dachnoe", "Kurabye", "Poppy", "Sticks with boiled condensed milk", "Shells" with jam, "Sour cream", "Sissy", "Raisin", "Nut ring", " Udachnoe, "Zernyshko", "Ko

    Confectionery products (including frozen). Cakes: "Profiteroles", "Eclair", "Ring", "Choux" without fillings or with fillings: boiled condensed milk, vanilla-butter, custard, cr猫me brulee, milk

    Baked flour confectionery products: Juice, Walnut ring, Korzhik, Shortbread cookies Day and night, Diana shortbread cookies with chocolate, Kassandra classic cookies, Kassandra grain cookies, Zlata lemon cookies , Peche

    flour confectionery. Shortbread cakes: shortbread ring, shortbread with fruit filling, shortbread with fruit filling, glazed with fondant, shortbread with boiled condensed milk filling, shortbread with filling

    Confectionery flour trade mark "MK "MaestroKlass" in assortment: Scopper with curd (with curd product), Ring "Nut", Korzhik "School", Bread "French" from shortcrust yeast dough with fructo

    Confectionery flour products: Cupcake with raisins, cake with filling, cake "Novocherkassky", "Poppy", "Muffins", Baba Rum, Korzhik, Sochnik. Cakes: "Choux", "Ring" shortbread with peanuts, "Tubule

    Confectionery products: biscuit cake, sand cake, puff cake, with custard cream, cheesecake, muffins, biscuit roll, custard cake (eclair, ring, profiteroles), straw

    confectionery flour cakes: "Sandy with lipstick", "Ring" TU 9135-300-36530682-2007


    flour confectionery - cakes and pastries: pastries - "shortbread ring", "glazed shortbread", "sandwich", "puff sprinkled with powdered sugar", "custard" Slastena "," custard "Tenderness" ;

    Flour confectionery: shortbread impeller, sugar pretzel, milk shortbread, ring with nuts, "Curd" biscuits, "Figured" biscuits, "Domashnee" biscuits, brushwood, "Kurabie" biscuits, biscuits

    : Confectionery flour products. Butter cookies: "Palmira", "Vostok", "Letnaya Polyana", "Gollandskoe", "Sugar Ring", "Snowdrop", "Butter", "Rassvetnoe", "Curd Clouds".

  • Flour confectionery products butter cookies: butter cookies: "Udachnoe", "Nezhenka", "Walnut ring", "Nut", "Sticks" with boiled condensed milk, "Flight", "Shells" with jam, "Fairy Tale", "Sour cream"; shortbread cookies
  • Confectionery: Air cake: Rokai nut, Rokai coconut, Rokai coffee. Shortbread cake: Vostochnaya basket, Nut basket, Honey, Anthill, Strip, Sopnik, Nut ring
  • Confectionery. Airy cake: Meringue, Coffee Meringue, Raspberry Meringue. Shortbread pastry: Vostochnaya Korzinochka, Nut Korzinochka, Honey, Anthill, Strip, Sopnik, Nut ring. Cake n
  • Gingerbread confectionery: fruit gingerbread, gingerbread milk, gingerbread "Printed with jam", "Vanilla", "Vanilla ring", "Zebra", "Chamomile with peanuts", "Star with raisins", gingerbread with jam, gingerbread

  • Confectionery products in assortment: shortbread ring, cake sand.
  • Confectionery flour products. Cakes and rolls. Cakes: Potato, Shortbread, Shortbread with raisins, Mojito, Sissy, Eclair, Shell, Ring, Wonder curd, Curd bow, Curd roll, Berry, Rafaello, Smile,
  • Confectionery flour ... Cakes and rolls. Cakes: Potatoes, Shortbread, Shortbread with raisins, Mojito, Sissy, Eclair, Shell, Ring, Miracle curd, Curd scallop, Antario with filling, Wafer rolls with
  • Flour confectionery products: Muffins: curd; curd with chocolate chips; Custard ring; Rum-baba, in bags, containers made of polymer material, net weight from 0.001 kg to 10 kg

    Confectionery flour products: custard cakes "Profiteroles", "Rings"

    Confectionery: Shortbread cookies "Kurabie", Shortbread cookies "Shell", Shortbread cookies " Shell Chocolate ", Shortbread cookies" Shell duet ", Shortbread cookies" Ring duet "

    Confectionery flour products: biscuit rolls with fillings (jam, curd cream, with condensed milk); Volga cupcake, May cupcake; professional trolls; semi-finished product; air ring; cake

    Flour confectionery products. Sugar cookies: "For tea", "Sugar", "Shortbread ring", Cookies: "Round", "Pesochnoe", "Kurabye Baku".

    Flour confectionery. Cakes and pastries: Pastry "Shortbread Ring"

    Flour confectionery: shortcake ring cakes, "Tongues with curd"

    Confectionery products. Cakes: Biscuit cakes: Night, Summer, Biscuit-nut; Shortbread cakes: Shortbread ring with nuts, Shortbread with cottage cheese, Shortbread with fruit jam; Custard cakes: Tube

    products confectionery flour: shortbread ring with nuts; juicy with cottage cheese; the cake is sweet; cakes - rolls; reeds; eclairs; profiteroles

    Products flour confectionery of short storage: biscuit cake "Potato", puff pastry "Napoleon", biscuit cake "Medovik", custard cake Ring with curd filling, cake

    Confectionery flour products, Voentorg-West trademark: shortbread cakes : Capital cupcake, Crescent moon, Ring with nuts, Summer, Sand strip, Sand, Curly strip, Kolobok, School, Glazed strip,

    Confectionery flour products: puff pastries: puff "Sweet" with cottage cheese and cherries; puffs with apple, cherry, strawberry, raspberry; bow, shortcakes: juicy cottage cheese, shortbread ring, shortbread

    Confectionery flour products: brownie, vanilla biscuit, vanilla cupcakes, carrot cupcakes, chocolate cupcakes, potatoes, coconut pie, ring with cottage cheese, chocolate keypops, vanilla keypops

    Flour confectionery products: cottage cheese custard ring, a basket with cream "Mushrooms", a basket with cottage cheese, bagels with cottage cheese,

    Confectionery products: shortbread, shortbread ring, muffins (with poppy seeds, with raisins , with candied fruits, with filling, with nuts, without filling), muffins, butter cookies (Kurabye, Chamomile, sugar, round, sl

    Flour confectionery. Cakes: "Shortbread ring", "Sand strip", "Milk cake", "Soak with cottage cheese"

    Flour confectionery products: strudel with apples; peach strudel; strudel with pear; strudel with poppy seeds; Berry roll for tea; Curd ring; Berry cake with white chocolate; meringue; raisin muffin

    Confectionery. Gingerbread products: Gingerbread "Bird cherry", Gingerbread "Chocolate", Gingerbread "Coconut", Gingerbread "Nut ring", Gingerbread "Creamy", Gingerbread "Komsomolsky", Gingerbread "Orange slices", Ginger

    Flour confectionery: Oriental floury sweets: Shaker Uralsky, Okra, Biscuit with cinnamon, Zemelah, Kihelak Vanilny, Sand sticks, Shaganak, Ring with peanuts, Milk cake, packed in polymer film,

    Confectionery products: rum baba, shortbread "Peaches" biscuits, shortcrust pastry ring; honey cut (with and without filling); profiteroles - semi-finished custard; biscuit-biscuit weight

    Confectionery products. Cakes: Biscuit cakes: Night, Summer, Biscuit-nut; Shortbread cakes: Shortbread ring with nuts, Shortbread with cottage cheese, Shortbread with fruit jam; Custard cakes: Tube

    Confectionery products - Butter biscuits in the range:" Kurabie "," Festival " , "Dandelion", "Marquis", "Trio", "Peach", "Shortbread ring in chocolate glaze", "Darkie", "Biscuit", "Delicacy", "Chocolate

    Confectionery products: Biscuit cake with cream and protein cream, biscuit strip, biscuit roll, Napoleon cake, shortbread ring, shortbread, muffin, shortbread cookies, Honey cake, cookies with jam, custard

    Confectionery products. Butter cookies: "Palmira", "Vostok", "Letnaya Polyana", "Gollandskoe", "Sugar Ring", "Snowdrop", "Butter", "Dawn", "Curd Clouds". Oatmeal cookies: "Oatmeal" original, "O

    Flour confectionery. Flour sweets: - sand: a strip of sand with jam, a ring with a nut, a curd biscuit, a curd biscuit with raisins, a juicer with strawberries, a juicer, an anthill; - air: Meringue "Vanilla"

    Confectionery products. Cakes: Biscuit cakes: Night, Summer, Biscuit-nut; Shortbread cakes: Shortbread ring with nuts, Shortbread with cottage cheese, Shortbread with fruit jam; Custard cakes: Tube

    Flour confectionery products: Basket with jam, Basket with condensed milk, Custard ring, Eclair with butter cream, Eclair with condensed milk, Potatoes, Bouchet, Honey, Anthill, Napoleon, Prague.

    Flour confectionery: Custard cookies without sugar: Custard in fondant; Custard in dark glaze; Custard in white glaze; Fondant custard; Custard ring in a dark eye

    Confectionery flour products: Shortbread ring, Shortbread cakes, Cupcakes (cottage cheese, capital, filled, with raisins, with powdered sugar), Muffins, Cookies (Kurabie, Chamomile, Sugar, Round, Sliced, Nut)

    Flour confectionery products: - shortbread cakes: Tartlet 鈥淐herry; Basket Mushrooms; Pretzel; 鈥淪and bagel with boiled condensed milk; Sand bagel with jam; Sandy sweet tooth; Nut ring; - pyro

    Confectionery products. Cakes: Biscuit cakes: Night, Summer, Biscuit-nut; Shortbread cakes: Shortbread ring with nuts, Shortbread with cottage cheese, Shortbread with fruit jam; Custard cakes: Tube

    Confectionery flour : cakes Cheryomushka, Ring, Horn with poppy seeds, Basket with protein cream, Milk basket, Basket with cream (with vegetable cream substitute for milk whipped cream, Basket with chips

    Flour confectionery. Shortbread cakes: Sand strip, Sand cake, Sand ring; Custard cakes: Eclair with condensed milk; Crumb cakes: Potato; Wafer cakes: Wafer pipes

    Confectionery, flour, cakes: Ring with protein cream, Kartofino, Sladkaya Gorka, marked by AKKOND JSC

    Confectionery products. Cakes: Biscuit cakes: Night, Summer, Biscuit-nut; Shortbread cakes: Shortbread ring with nuts, Shortbread with cottage cheese, Shortbread with fruit jam; Custard cakes: Tube

    flour confectionery products: Sand ring cakes, glazed sand cakes, sandwiches with jam, Puff pastries sprinkled with powdered sugar, Slastena custard cakes, Nezhno

    Confectionery products: cookies Butter vanilla, Butter with a chocolate drop, Zvezdochka, Duet , Saturn , Stick , Curd-shortbread , Cheese-shortbread , Strudelnoye , Ring , Classic oatmeal , Ov

    Flour confectionery products, labeled LLC CRYSTAL: Nuts with condensed milk; Cookies Poppy; Cookies Zest; Cookies Nut ring; Cookies Shell with jam; Cookies Sissy curd.

    flour confectionery - cakes: sand ring, sandwich sandwich

    Flour confectionery. Butter cookies: Sugar, Sandy-creamy, Leaves, Special, Shells, Shortbread, Shortbread, glazed with chocolate, Nut, Shortbread with sprinkling, Fruit, Rings, Dr

    Flour confectionery products - cakes: shortbread with fruit filling, shortbread ring with nuts

    Flour confectionery products with the Khlebnaya Usadba trademark. Puff pastries: Puff tube with cream, Puff, Napoleon. Custard cakes: Eclair, Shu with plant-based cream, Rings, Profitrol

    Confectionery flour products: custard rings, packed in cling film, paper bags weighing 50 grams,

    Flour confectionery products: milk cakes, Sand ring

    Confectionery products. Pastries: Pastry glazed with fondant with fruit filling, Choux ring

    Ot Lasena flour confectionery products: Chocolate with cherry pie, Berry pie, shortbread pie with cranberries, fruit pie, Ring pie.

    Confectionery flour products. Cookies: Zest biscuits, Nut ring biscuits, Wasps nest biscuits, Shells with jam biscuits, Poppy biscuits.

    butter cookies: Home, Curd, Gentle in confectionery glaze, Sandy, Ring with peanuts, Sochen with cottage cheese, Sochen with fruit filling, Sour cream, Korzhik.

    Flour confectionery. Custard cakes: Choux ring, Profiteroles with boiled condensed milk, Eclairs with boiled condensed milk, Nuts with boiled condensed milk.

    Confectionery products. Cakes: Napoleon; Eclair classic; Chocolate eclair; Curd ring; Gourmet; Honey; Tartlet with berries; Caramel; Profiterole; Esterheise; Nutty with caramel; Potato; Three shocks

    Products confectionery flour: shortcrust pastry ring, Fantasy cake, Stolichny new cupcake, Sponge roll, New cake.

    Flour confectionery products. Choux pastry products: Custard dumplings, Gourmet, For tea, Tenderness, Dessert, Lada, Ideal, Dream, Amateur, Air, Surprise , Ring with curd filling, Kol

    馃嚢馃嚞 TOP exporter confectionery rings from Kyrgyzstan

    Good from Russia

    Confectionery candy: Grape Candy 153g * 20, Scotch Coffee 157 * 20, Ring Candy 13g * 18 * 4

  • Flour confectionery: biscuits, Sochi, rings
  • Confectionery products: shortbreads, Sochi, rings. GOST
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    Get Currect Price on confectionery rings

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    • Step 4: Accept the contract & make payment.
    We may checking contragents:
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    Delivery from Russia, Kazahstan, Uzbekistan
    Export to cityDateKm
    Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan) - Tallinn (Estonia)01.20203815
    Nur-Sultan (Kazakhstan) - Beersheba (Israel)01.20203720
    Kara-Balta (Kyrgyzstan) - Temirta奴 (Kazakhstan)01.2020808

    Where is confectionery rings made. Supply map

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