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  1. Chic Antique

    1. Handicrafts of iron & glass art ware o ld french box w. Text dog food antique c ream set of 2 h27/l26/w20 cm (18)
    2. Handicrafts of iron art ware shelf w. Chicken wire antique zinc set of 2 (8)
    3. Handicrafts of aluminium glass & iron ar tware champagne cooler h27/l30/w26 cm antique silver (5)
    4. Handicrafts of iron glass & wood art war e old french baking form round antiqu e white h3/d9, 5 cm (5)
    5. Handicrafts of iron wood & glass artware fil de fer bread basket set of 2 h12/ d30 cm antique coal
    6. Handicrafts of iron glass & wood art war e old french box w. Text laundry powde r antique cream set of 2 h22/l25/w22 cm
    7. Handicrafts of iron artware candle hou se f. Candle antique coal h30 cm
    8. Iron artwares watering can w text antique zinc h26/d17 cm
    9. Handicrafts of iron & glass art ware o lf french breadbox oval antique cream h1 5/l36/w28 cm
    10. H/c. Of iron, lamps of iron, alum. & artw. Lante. Hrns.& glass, old french chamberst ick antique white h7/d13cm
    11. Handicrafts of iron wood & glass artware christmas tree w1 5/d11 5 cm antique white
    12. Handicrafts of iron artwares old french tub s16 w. Handle antique zinc h27/d26 cm
    13. H/c. Of lamps of iron, alum. & glass ar tw. Lante. Hrns & glass, ceiling lamp fact ory antique zinc h20/d15cm
    14. Handicrafts of iron art ware noel letters antique iron h25/w26 cm
    15. Handicrafts of iron artware box w. Fre nch pattern antique mocca h6/l30/w22 cm
    16. Handicrafts of iron & glass art ware old french box w. Text cat food antique cream set of 2 h27/l26/w20 cm
    17. Handicrafts of iron artware tealight h older w. Eyelet pattern antique zinc h1 1/d13 cm
  2. Henrik Brunbjerg Aps


    Iron/aluminium antique nautical/yellow m ark v diving helmet 18

  3. Cozy Living As

    1. Handicrafts of iron artwares bar cart an ne antique brass (10)
    2. Handicraft made of iron & glass artwares w/mdf: c. Piece antique mirror set 2
  4. Ib Laursen Aps

    1. Table lamp silver antique white cord made of brass, iron w/electric cord w/holder (115)
    2. Iron handicraft round taper t light potwith cut work nickel antique finish 9m 01 (10)
    3. Iron handicraft oval tray with punching big nickel antique finish 9m 11 (6)
    4. Iron handicraft globe shape candle cage sml nickel antique finish 9m 51 (4)
    5. Iron handicraft round candle plate withpunching sml nickel antique finish 9m 71
  5. Society Of Lifestyle Aps


    Handicrafts made of iron - paper towel s tand wipe black antique

  6. Jeanne D Arc Living


    Other handicrafts of iron, floorlamp articulated antique silver

  7. Speedtsberg As

    1. 8 d cream globe enamel recycled plasti c w/paper with tripod base and calibera ted iron arc brass antique finish (18)
    2. Handicrafts of iron artware with wax. Eliza holder w/light d8xh10 cm antique silver finish
    3. 8 d olive green gold globe enamel recy cled plastic w/paper with tripod base a nd caliberated iron arc brass antique
    4. 5 d earth texture globe recycled plast ic w/paper with mango wood base and cal i berated iron arc brass antique finish
  8. Chic Antique Denmark


    Indian handicrafts of iron artwares - 64 489-24 - clip h18/b4 5 cm antique coal

  9. Broste Copenhagen As


    Handicraft made of iron : vase 'nils' ir on antique copper finish 9*h13cm s/3 (lu t no. : 55/cgst/lut- h.r desiigns/mbd/20

  10. Bo Concept


    Lantern made of glass with iron. hexagon lanterns,set/3 (antique brass finish

Alexey Exportv
Alexey Khokhlov
Import to Asia, EU, Africa

Finance, contract, import
email: [email protected] Linkedin

Elena Exportv
Elena Eremenko
manager logistic to EU, Asia

logistic, certificate
email: [email protected]

Biggest Antique Iron manufacturers and Exporters

Company (size)ProductCountry
1. 🇵🇭 Mbg Line Container Logistics (2)Iec No: S. B No Dt. Paintings Drawings & Pastels Other Than Antique Prohibited Gr. Wt. Kgs Of Indina Iron, Wooden Furniture One Hundred Thirteen P Only Total Packages X Philippines
2. 🇮🇳 Ect Transport Ltd. Dba Sequest Line (1)Said To Cartons Home Decorative Items & Furniture Other Handicrafts Of Copper Mirrorantique, Pillar Plate Etc. Iron Boot Shape Umbrella Iron, Glass, Mdf And Stone Stand, Stone Pcs Set For One Up Bronze Antique T India
4. 🇭🇰 Jumbo (Asia) Industries Group Ltd. (1)Xmas Tin Bucket X Styles Wood Iron Wire Sleigh Inch Antique Snowflake Wood Iron Wire Sleigh X X Wood Iron Wire Sleigh X X X In. Grapevine Star In. Vine Basket W/Handle Inch Antique Snowfl Hong Kong S.A.R.
5. 🇮🇳 Karam Freight Movers (1)Prohibited Items, Other Than Antiques And Wooden & Leather Handicrafts Items, Seventy Eight Cartons Only Wooden/Iron Leather/Brass Per Invoice And Packing List Futniture & Handicrafts Items As Inv. Nos: Uac Dtd. India

Antique Iron Warehouse

  1. Warehouse in Copenhagen
  2. Antique Iron in Aarhus
  3. Odense Warehouse
  4. Aalborg Denmark
  5. Warehouse Esbjerg Denmark
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