🇬🇭 Biggest Bitumen buyers in Ghana

Goods Bitumen wholesale

Bitumen (bitumen powder, bitumen crumb)


107.14 $/MT

Bitumen polymer-bitumen binders PBV 40, PBV 60, PBV 90,


271.43 $/MT

Bitumen, Bituminous powder, bitumen crumb, primer, mastic


300 - 400 $/т

Bitumen BND 6090. Road bitumen


137.14 $/pcs

Road bitumen, building bitumen,


138.57 $/MT

Bitumen tape, polymer tape, tape polymer-bitumen.


0.6 - 0.69$/kg

Semi-trailer 150786 bitumen truck 2017 Bitumen tanker 31 cubic meters



Tank for storage of bitumen and bitumen

Bitumen bottom valve KD-B-100 (for bitumen trucks)

Bitumen varnish BT-577 black


1.27 $/kg

Bitumen varnish BT-577 black


1.13 $/kg

Bitumen varnish BT-577 black


1.29 $/pcs

Universal bitumen varnish.


5.99 $/pcs

Owens Corning bitumen shingles Owens Corning in Krasnodar


7.5 - 7.43 $/м.кв.

Nordland flexible bitumen-polymer shingles


6.3 - 7.14 $/м.кв.

Primer GPB bitumen-polymer in barrels by 200 kg


854.29 $/MT

Bitumen mastics, Primer primer


0.86 - 0.93 $/kg

Sealant bitumen-polymer TechnoNikol No. 42 (BP-G25)


15.76 $/pcs

Sealant bitumen-polymer TechnoNIKOL No. 42


0.91 $/kg

Building bitumen 9010


8.29 $/БрикеMT

Bitumen MGO, MG, SG, bulk


214.29 $/MT

Bitumen MGO, MG, SG, in bulk manufacturer


171.43 $/MT

Bitumen construction 7030 in barrels


255.71 $/MT

Construction bitumen BN 9010 taking into account containers of knb of 44-52 kg


355.71 $/MT

Bitumen BND 6090 90130 in cloverainers of 1000 kg


255.71 $/MT

Sale! Petroleum bitumen


100 $/т

Oil insulating bitumen BNI V in containers KNB of 45-52 kg


345.71 $/pcs

Bitumen BND 6090 90130 packed in barrels of 200 kg.


2427.14 $/MT

Bitumen BN 90


12.89 $/pcs

Bitumen 9030 25kg


12.14 $/pcs

Trading and buyers company

You want to find new customers who buy bitumen wholesale

  1. S.l.f


    Washer made of bitumen - set of 2

  2. Premier Steel Ltd.

    1. Dr. Fixit torchshield ap 0 articles o f asphalt or of similar material for ex ample, petroleum bitumen or coal tar pit (8)
    2. Articles of asphalt or of similar materi al for example, petroleum bitumen or coa l tar pitch. Dr. Fixit torchshield ap 0
  3. Miat Ltd.


    Construction chemicals - expansion joint bitumen filler board-20mm thick(4`x2`) #name

  4. N.o


    Bitumen washer set of 2 pcs (125000 set

  5. Heureka Consult Ltd.


    Aim 042-3, universal penetrometer digita l new type for soil and bitumen testing

  6. Ssiedf

    Bitumen washer s/o 2 & u washer of steel

  7. E.o.m

    Washer set of 2 made of bitumen

  8. Cm

    Bitumen washer set of 2 pcs (303500 set

  9. C.m

    Bitumen washer set of 2 pcs (210000 set

Alexey Exportv
Alexey Khokhlov
Import to Asia, EU, Africa

Finance, contract, import
email: [email protected] Linkedin

Elena Exportv
Elena Eremenko
manager logistic to EU, Asia

logistic, certificate
email: [email protected]

Biggest Bitumen manufacturers and Exporters

Company (size)ProductCountry
1. 🇨🇭 Ooms Producten BV (8)Other Wastes, Other, Other Destination Prepaid Obtained From Bituminous Materials Seal O Mat Sd Residues Of Petroleum Oils Non Hazardous Petroleum Coke, Petroleum Bitumen And Other Switzerland
3. 🇺🇸 Global Wholesale Supply (6)BITUMEN BOARDS B X X M A SHEETS PALLETS BITUMEN BOARDS B % United States
4. 🇺🇸 United Fuel Supply Caribbean Llc (6), BBLS BITUMEN GRADE / United States
5. 🇨🇳 Weifang Boguan Waterproof (6)Coated Woven Facer High Bitumen Rolled Roofing Underlayment Cartons Pallets Coated Woven Facer High Bitumen Rolled Roofing U China

BITUMEN wholesale price in Ghana

ProductBitumen price per kg,MTWeight
Engine Oil$5.9 / kg10-100 kg
Mineral-based Motor Oil$2.3 per kg100 - 1.000 kg
Mineral-based Motor Oil$1.6 / kg1.000 - 10.000 kg
Oil$989 per MTabove 10MT
Bitumen Road Bnd 60/90$5 / kg10-100 kg
Petroleum Bitumen$0.5 per kg100 - 1.000 kg
Petroleum Refining Products: Bitumen Oil Construction Bn 90/10. Bitumen Oil Construction Bn 90/10. Applied For Construction Works In Various Areas Of Folk Economy. Needle Penetration Depth At 25 ° C 0$0.5 / kg1.000 - 10.000 kg
Bitumen Oil Road Viscous Brand Bnd 60/90$349 per MTabove 10MT
Bituminous Mixtures$2.7 / kg10-100 kg
Bituminous Mixtures$1.1 per kg100 - 1.000 kg
Bituminous Mixtures$1 / kg1.000 - 10.000 kg
Bitumen Mixtures Based On Viscous Road Petroleum Bitumens And Block Copolymers Of Styrene-butadiene-styrene (sbs) Type; Produced On The Basis Of Viscous Road Bitumins-bitumen-bitumen With Vvead$459 per MTabove 10MT
Roofing Materials From Petroleum Bitumen In Rolls: Roofing Materials$9.5 / kg10-100 kg
Roofing Or Facing Materials$1.2 per kg100 - 1.000 kg
Roofing Or Facing Materials$0.7 / kg1.000 - 10.000 kg
Insulating Floor Tunnel, Front. Rectangular Gasket$0.7 / kg10-100 kg
Rear Door Insulating Gasket Right. Rectangular Gasket$2.2 per kg100 - 1.000 kg
Bitumen Vibration Insulation In Plates$0.6 / kg1.000 - 10.000 kg

Bitumen Warehouse

  1. Warehouse in Accra
  2. Bitumen in Kumasi
  3. Tamale Warehouse
  4. Sekondi Ghana
  5. Warehouse Tema Ghana
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