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Goods coal wholesale

Supply of coal brand DOMSSH. ... ... ... T Coal supply


25.71 - 34.29$/MT

PINI-COAL Charcoal from briquettes pini key


300 - 500 $/MT

Charcoal (PINI-COAL)


0.39 - 0.41 $/kg

Coal of the DOM brand (13-40 mm)

Bituminous coal in St. Petersburg, Coal in bags 50 liters.


55.71 - 54.29 $/MT

Coal WPC. Coal in bags. Chopped firewood.


18.57 - 71.43 $/MT

Coal 3bpko of the Kansk-Achinsk coal basin


52.86 - 47.14 $/MT

Anthracite, coke, metallurgical coal, pulverized coal


58.57 $/MT

We supply coal across the Russian Federation and the CIS coal


12.86 - 13.29 $/MT

Coal, Coal stone with delivery


71.43 - 85.71 $/MT

Coal DR 0-300 buy coal with delivery


85.71 - 92.86$/MT

Highly efficient coal, there is always coal


25 - 40$/MT

Energy, Coal, coal fuel briquette, wholesale


21.43 - 85.71$/MT

Coal and brown coal by wagons across Russia and for export


10.71 - 34.29$/MT

Coal WPC 50-300. Sell coal


81.43 - 85.71$/MT

Coal DPK 50-200 buy coal with delivery


92.86 - 100$/MT

Coal for heating. Coal DPK.



Coal in bags. Delivery of coal.



Luchina for ignition of firewood, coal and briquettes


0.63 $/pcs

Coal in bags from a warehouse in Novosibirsk


2.1 - 2.4 $/мешок

Coal anthracite,


70 - 114.29 $/MT

Coal for the boiler selected screen in bags


2.86 - 2.1 $/pcs

Liquid for igniting coal and fuel briquettes Sintezcom


0.39 - 0.81 $/pcs

Anthracite coal, grade AO, AM, AS, ASh, sulfur 0.78-1%, ash 3-5%


107.14 - 153.57 $/MT

Coal grade T (lean), TOMSSH - FOB Nakhodka, CIF export


96 - 90 $/т

Coal Kuzbass, Kazakhstan


31.43 - 50 $/MT

Coal in St. Petersburg with delivery.


60 $/MT

Coal WPC with delivery.


61.43 $/MT

Packaged coal in bags and in bulk.


3.14 $/pcs

Bituminous coal in bags and in bulk


4.71 $/pcs

Trading and buyers company

If you want to find new customers who buy coal wholesale

  1. Cambodian Energy Ii Co.ltd.

    1. Anchor bolt esp support structurecel ii mw parts of coal fired power plantdt ls as per invoicewe clm r/u mies (50)
    2. Esp internals lot 1 for mw coal fired (24)
    3. Indonesian steam coal in bulk
  2. Kampot Cement Co.ltd.

    1. Indonesian steam coal in bulkcal arb 3. Cal adb 5. Tm 35, 35t. Ash 5, 01 t. Sulfur 0, 11 klasifikasibatubara > 0 0 (19)
    2. Indonesian steam coal in bulk
  3. Zee Health Care Cambodia Ltd.

    1. Cosmetics soap qutar 75 gm coal tar+sal icylic acid soap b. No: 8, m.d. 07/2, e.d. 06/ 0 0. /pcs (6)
    2. Soap. Qutar 75gm. Coal tar+salicylic ac id soap b. No. : 1 m.d. : 03/ 0 e. D. : 02/ 3
  4. Cambodian Energy Ltd.


    Indonesian steam coal in bulk

  5. Chip Mong Insee Cement Corp.


    Indonesian steam coal in bulkcal arb 4242 cal adb 5700 tm 36t.ash 7 t.sulfur 0,8klasifikasibatubara 5700

  6. C.i.i.d.g Erdos Hongjun Electric Power


    Indonesian steam coal in bulk

  7. Cambodia Cement Chakrey Ting Factory Co Ltd.


    Indonesian steam coal in bulk

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Alexey Khokhlov
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Elena Eremenko
manager logistic to EU, Asia

logistic, certificate
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Biggest coal manufacturers and Exporter

#Company (size)ProductCountry
1Cerrejon (39)STEAM COAL FROM EL CERREJON macedonia
2C.I. Prodeco S.A. (19) BULK METRIC TON STEAM COALperu
3C.I. Conminas Ltda And Or (14)Coal In Bulkaruba
4Carbones Del Cerrejon Ltd. (10)Steam Coalsaintlucia

coal Warehouse

  1. Phnom Penh
  2. Battambang
  3. Siem Reap
  4. Kampong Cham
  5. Kampong Chhnang
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