🇰🇼 Biggest coal buyers in Kuwait

Goods coal wholesale

Supply of coal brand DOMSSH. ... ... ... T Coal supply


25.71 - 34.29$/MT

PINI-COAL Charcoal from briquettes pini key


300 - 500 $/MT

Charcoal (PINI-COAL)


0.39 - 0.41 $/kg

Coal of the DOM brand (13-40 mm)

Bituminous coal in St. Petersburg, Coal in bags 50 liters.


55.71 - 54.29 $/MT

Coal WPC. Coal in bags. Chopped firewood.


18.57 - 71.43 $/MT

Coal 3bpko of the Kansk-Achinsk coal basin


52.86 - 47.14 $/MT

Anthracite, coke, metallurgical coal, pulverized coal


58.57 $/MT

We supply coal across the Russian Federation and the CIS coal


12.86 - 13.29 $/MT

Coal, Coal stone with delivery


71.43 - 85.71 $/MT

Coal DR 0-300 buy coal with delivery


85.71 - 92.86$/MT

Highly efficient coal, there is always coal


25 - 40$/MT

Energy, Coal, coal fuel briquette, wholesale


21.43 - 85.71$/MT

Coal and brown coal by wagons across Russia and for export


10.71 - 34.29$/MT

Coal WPC 50-300. Sell coal


81.43 - 85.71$/MT

Coal DPK 50-200 buy coal with delivery


92.86 - 100$/MT

Coal for heating. Coal DPK.



Coal in bags. Delivery of coal.



Luchina for ignition of firewood, coal and briquettes


0.63 $/pcs

Coal in bags from a warehouse in Novosibirsk


2.1 - 2.4 $/мешок

Coal anthracite,


70 - 114.29 $/MT

Coal for the boiler selected screen in bags


2.86 - 2.1 $/pcs

Liquid for igniting coal and fuel briquettes Sintezcom


0.39 - 0.81 $/pcs

Anthracite coal, grade AO, AM, AS, ASh, sulfur 0.78-1%, ash 3-5%


107.14 - 153.57 $/MT

Coal grade T (lean), TOMSSH - FOB Nakhodka, CIF export


96 - 90 $/т

Coal Kuzbass, Kazakhstan


31.43 - 50 $/MT

Coal in St. Petersburg with delivery.


60 $/MT

Coal WPC with delivery.


61.43 $/MT

Packaged coal in bags and in bulk.


3.14 $/pcs

Bituminous coal in bags and in bulk


4.71 $/pcs

Trading and buyers company

You want to find new customers who buy coal wholesale

  1. Specialities Construction Chemicals


    Coal tar liquid pitch ( ct sp 05 ) free trade sample, no any commercial value in volved, value declared for customs purpo

  2. Petroleum Coke Industries Co


    Epco 2020 txanti-corrosive chemically r esistant coal tar extended epoxy coating (eprb) system for below and above water

  3. Kuwait Cement Co

    1. High chromium cast articles machinery pa rts bearing bush for coal mill screw c onveyor drwg no. 8 patt no.1m (27)
    2. Wear plate wearing plate x 0 mm for coal mill separator part no. Drg : 8 5 mm 3 (7)
    3. Batubara lainnyasteaming coal in bulkcal arb 2cal adb 6 tm 12.66 t. Ash5.96t. Sulfur 1.64 klasifikasi batubara > 0 (5)
  4. Kuwait Cement Co K S.c.


    High chromium cast articles - bearing bush for coal mill screw conveyor drwg no.611-7688 patt no.1m-1116

  5. Alsharhan Industries


    Tools and acessories -- coal shovel

  6. Thuwainy Trading Co

    1. Coke, semi coke of coal, lignite, peat & retort carbon (6)
    2. Coal gas, water gas, etc. Not gaseous hydrocarbons
    3. Tar from coal, lignite or peat, other mineral tars
  7. Taroof Trading Co


    Iron coal burner rectangle other details as per inv & p/list

  8. Kuwait Ferro Alloys General Trading


    Carbon tamping paste (eca base) net content of electrically calcined anthracitecoal-45.60 mts & coal tar pitch-14.40

  9. Al Tamauz International Restaurants


    Kitchen equipments -s.s coal operated

  10. Al Hafiz Co


    Stc: 1 lot coal fired cogen plant. second seal no. (c/s110473 / a/s744434)

  11. United Bahra Co


    Coal burner rounf as per inv

  12. Kuwait Oilfield Supply Co

    1. Coke, semi coke of coal, lignite, peat & retort carbon (4)
    2. Coal gas, water gas, etc. Not gaseous hydrocarbons
    3. Tar from coal, lignite or peat, other mineral tars
  13. Maha Mohammed Al Muhadib General

    Anthracite coal 3-5 mm line item # 32906

Alexey Exportv
Alexey Khokhlov
Import to Asia, EU, Africa

Finance, contract, import
email: [email protected] Linkedin

Elena Exportv
Elena Eremenko
manager logistic to EU, Asia

logistic, certificate
email: [email protected]

Biggest coal manufacturers and Exporters

Company (size)ProductCountry
2. 🇵🇪 C.I. Prodeco S.A. (19) BULK METRIC TON STEAM COAL Peru
3. 🇦🇼 C.I. Conminas Ltda And Or (14)Coal In Bulk Aruba
4. 🇱🇨 Carbones Del Cerrejon Ltd. (10)Steam Coal Saint Lucia

COAL wholesale price in Kuwait

Productcoal price per kg,MTWeight
Anthracite, Crushed; Intended For Purification Of Drinking Water$0.8 per kg100 - 1.000 kg
Mul-80$0.3 / kg1.000 - 10.000 kg
Coal$97.5 per MTabove 10MT
Crushed Anthracite Is Irregular-shaped Granules Of Black Color With Glittered Edges (granules Diameter 0$0.3 / kg10-100 kg
Anthracite, Crushed; Intended For Purification Of Drinking Water$0.3 per kg100 - 1.000 kg
Coal Stone Anthracite Other$90.8 per MTabove 10MT
Coal Samples Of Grade "gzh" For Laboratory Tests; Coal Stone Bituminous Cocking$2.5 / kg1.000 - 10.000 kg
Bituminous Stone Coal$118 per MTabove 10MT
Other Bituminous Stone Coal, Brand "d" Limit Heat Of Combustion (on Wet, Ashless Base) Qsaf 6697 Kcal / Kg. Limiting Output Of Volatile Substances (on Dry Ashless Base) Vdaf 43.1%:$0.1 / kg10-100 kg
Other Bituminous Stone Coal$0.1 per kg100 - 1.000 kg
Other Bituminous Stone Coal$0.1 / kg1.000 - 10.000 kg
Other Bituminous Stone Coal$77.1 per MTabove 10MT
Stone Coal (slude) Brand $0.3 per kg100 - 1.000 kg
Coal$0 / kg1.000 - 10.000 kg
Coal$63.6 per MTabove 10MT

coal Warehouse

  1. Warehouse in Kuwait City
  2. coal in Al Jahrā’
  3. Al Aḩmadī Warehouse
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