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Goods oil and oil products wholesale

Tank and storage tank oil and oil products

Sorbent of oil and oil products, analogue of Megasorb



Oil and oil products storage tank

Chemicals for drilling and oil production

Stabilization systems for dairy and oil production


218.63 - 665.87$/kg

Supply of Oil and Petroleum Products



Gasoline and oil pumps for oil products НДв



Production and sale of oil and gas equipment

Operating production of sunflower oil and flour

Equipment for the production of vegetable oils and compound feed

Tank for bitumen and viscous oil products



Reservoirs, vessels, containers and tanks for oil products

We sell light and dark oil products

Oil and gas separators with water discharge, type NGSV from production

Unloading and loading of oil products, bridges, overpasses

Hydrometers for oil products and alkalis

Transshipment, storage and bunkering of oil products



Equipment for the production, refining and extraction of vegetable and sunflower oil

Equipment for the production, refining and extraction of rapeseed, cottonseed and soybean oil

Oil 72, 5% and 82.5% fat, monolith for food production


2.79 - 2.93 $/kg

Oil for bakery and other food production


2.14 - 2.86$/л

Trading and buyers company

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  1. Shaisa


    Petroleum oils and oils obtained from bituminous m - lubricant oil 2124 cajas de aceite lubricante

  2. Ecc002


    Light mineral oil (baby oil) packed in p et bottles 24 pcs in a master cartons. e ach weight 10 oz (243 gms)

  3. Programme Alimentaire Mondial

    1. Sunflower oil orkide brand refined sunfl ow er oil in 1 liter pet bo ttles : 24 2, 40 kgs (10)
    2. For intravenous fat emulsn, >5 oil carton refined soybean oil, with each 1 for intravenous fat emulsn, 5 x1 litre pet bottles 18. Kg net 18. Mt for intravenous fat emulsn, >5 net refined soybean oil, packed in 9 cart for intravenous fat emu (10)
    3. Animal or vegetable fats and oils and their c leava rapeseed oil 1l : 68 kgs production date : 05/ 0 expiry date 31/ 05/ 2
    4. Palm oil and its fractions, whether or not refined palmolein oil 80 net kgspalm oil a
  4. A A Trading Co


    Patent medicine 73 cartons 470 doz. no.1 shiling oil 310 doz. no.2 shiling oil 4,250 doz. no.5 shiling oil h.s.code 30049099 advertising matter 195 doz.no.5 shiling oil 3 cartons h.s.code 30049099

  5. Cassis Freres


    Olive oil,virg,.wt.under 18kg. olive oil - of extra virgin olive oil hs code olive oil,virg,.wt.under 18kg. 15091090referenc e 95002901

  6. Solec


    Medium oils and preparations, of petroleum or bitu - petroleum oils, greases and related p roducts donax= fluid tg aeroshell= oil w100 c aed: 03c141 kc4585 20090900074

  7. Ubnkhtpp


    Herbal product-each 200ml lotion cont:ci tronella oil -2.0%,lemongrass oil-1.5%,e ucalyptus oil-1.5%,(halsa+mosqurun lot

  8. Codigel

    1. Vegetable fats and oils 6 x 20 fcl : 7, jerryc ans of cooking oil fraiswe ll jerryca n orange 00 m l packing : 20 l in a jerr ycan yellow gw, .80 kgs nw, .00 kg svegetable fats and oils 6 x 20 fcl : 7, jerryc ans of co (24)
    2. Cooking oil 21, packages contains o f 19, jerrycans of frai swell cooking oil packing : 20 l in a jerrycan yell ow packet : t shirt = pcs hand towel = pcs gw, .50 kgs nw : 3 59, .50 kgs freight coll ectcooking oil 21 (15)
    3. Cooking oil 7, packages contains of 6, ctns of tropical co oking oil packing : ml x 24 bottles per carton g w : 73, .80 k gs nw : 68, .60 kgs post material : empty carton : 80 pcs pos ter : pcs packet : han d towel: pcscooking
  9. Unibank


    Ech gm cont:mnthl-21.0%,wntr grn oil-10. 0%,cmphr-6.0%,trpntn oil2.25%eclyps oil 2.0%,thyml crstl0.075%,clv oil 0.075

  10. Mima

    1. Divyol light mineral oil 70 usp divyol light mineral oil 7 0 usp 50 plastic drums of kgs net each net wt 8 kgs wt 8 k gs divyol mineral oil tech 54 plastic drums of 1 65 kgs net each net wt 89 10 kgs wt 0 kgs s b no (30)
    2. Organic surface active agents other than soa p; s = 8 drums of kg net tall oil fatty acid loaded on 2 pallets : 00 0 kg 8 drums of kg net pine oil 85% loaded on 2 pallets : 10 0 kg 16 drums of
  11. Associated Food Distributors

    1. X 20 container slac: cases of sardi nes in oil 50/ g cases of sardines in olive oil 25/ g cases of sardine s in tomato 25/ g cases of sardines in springwater 25/ g cases of sard ines in springwater no salt added 25/ g 4 (24)
    2. Olive oil and fractions obtained from the fru it of olive oil (9)
    3. Cooking oils dry foodstuff cooking oils 27, .00 lbs 29, .80 lbs all charges prepaid
    4. Cases bw sardines oil 50/ g ca ses bw sardines olive oil 25/ g cas es bw sardines tomato 25/ g cases b w sardines spring water 25/ g cases sardines must eo 25/ g cases bw sa rdines lemon 25/ g cases bw sardine
  12. Karyna S.a.


    Palm oil and its fractions, whether or not refined - non-haz oil hs 1511900000 freight prepaid

  13. Blinde International Haiti


    Anti-knock preparations, oxidation inhibitors, gum inhibitors, viscosity improvers, anti-corrosive preparations and other prepared additives, for mineral oils (including gasoline) or for other liquids used for the same purposes as mineral oils

  14. Brasserie De La Couronne


    Wine of fresh grapes, including fortified win es; g - 55 case(s) 12 x 750 ml wines 516 case (s) 6 x 750 ml wines 40 case(s) 6 x 500 ml oil 15 case(s) 12 x 200 ml oil 650 case(s) boxe s 13 case(s) pos material 6 case(s) 6 x 500 ml vinegar 4 case(s) 12

  15. Petrogaz Haiti S.a.


    Oil recycling machinery system accessori es hot oil heater accessories

  16. Es Ko International


    1118 cases of fresh fruit vegetables, 18 cases of chilled eggs, 50 cases of oile oil and 30 cases of warehouse supplies. recoder no: h581139 temperature required 36 d.f. goods in transit for minustah- un mission hait) freight prepaid x20100105005218

  17. Societe Du Rhum Barbancourt


    Spare parts of wine agricultural includin oenoblock + oenofisher oenochips + empty wooden barrels lin oil spare parts of wine agricultural includin oenoblock + oenofisheroenochips + empty wooden barrels lin oil

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Elena Eremenko
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Biggest oil and oil products manufacturers and Exporter

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2Intl Petroleum Products (31)Bbls Fuel Oil M Kirishiunitedstates
3Ep Petroecuador (30)NAPO CRUDE OIL BBLSecuador
4Intl Petroleum (29)Bbls In Bulk Fuel Oil Deg F, Mtluxembourg

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