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  1. Cold Steel

    Surgical paper tape ( surgical tape mic roporous , hypo- allergenic 2.50 cm x 9. 14 cm ) ( 1 box of 12 )

  2. Unicef Supply Division

    1. Instruments and appliances used in medic al, surgical nail brush (58)
    2. Stainless steel hospital wares, aisi grade : surgical tray with cover (11)
    3. Instruments and appliances used in medical, surgical, dental or veterinary sciences, including scientigraphic apparatus (10)
    4. Surgical sutures usp s 1suture no n absorbable synthetic monofilament de c3 2/0 75cms conventional cutting nee (10)
    5. Sterile surgical sutures usp/ep braided coated synthetic made of polyg ycolic acid brand: i col 0 box of 36 (7)
    6. 00 pcs of surgical instruments made of s steel othe mention as per inv no. Bso/ 9/ 8
  3. Jorgen Kruuse As

    1. Surgical instruments (14)
    2. Kruuse carbon steel blades surgical bl ades other than made of high carbon stee l (12)
    3. Sterile surgical blades made of high car bon steel (5)
    4. Kruuse safety dis. Scalpel surgical bl
    5. Kruuse biopsy punch surgical blades ot her than made of high carban steel
  4. Unicef Copenhagen


    Surgical instruments made of s.s as per inv#uf 7733 dt: /08

  5. Trescal As


    Instruments and appliances used in medical, surgical or veterinary sciences, n.e.s.

  6. Bk Medical

    1. Instruments and appliances used in medical, surgical or veterinary sciences, n.e.s (26)
    2. Medical: surgical: dental & veterinary ins & appliances viz syringes: with or without needles o/t of plasti kg (4)
  7. Elsteel Denmark As


    Medical, surgical or laboratory sterilizers

  8. Gardeco Ltd.


    Furniture of cane:osier or similar materials(excl.of bamboo:r attan:metal:wood:plastics:medical:surgical:vets

  9. Abena As

    1. Surgical instrument ventilation tube donaldsonsilicone (12)
    2. Surgeon, prima std. Scalpel surgical b lades other than made of high carbon ste el (9)
    3. Surgical blades other than m/of high car bon steel razormed biopsy punch stainle ss, sterile #6mm 10pcs each box (4)
    4. Surgical blades other than made of highc arbon steel surgeon std stitch cutter ex p. Carbon sterile
    5. Surgical instruments nasal pack with str ing & tube8.0x1.5x2.0cm
  10. Copenhagen

    1. Surgical instruments (11)
    2. Surgical and dental instruments all made of s/l steel a inv no 9/44 dated 17/06/ 9 (6)
    3. 00 pcs of surgical scissors as per inv no=nc/ 9/15 dtd 16/05/ 9
  11. Mediq Danmark As

    1. Kiato plus carbon steel; premium gamma s terile ce marked surgical blade carbon s teel, /bx fda device listing #e (8)
    2. Kiato plus ss scalpel small 0 kiato p lus disposable scalpel ce mark swedish s tainless steel surgical blade (5)
    3. Surgical instruments m/o s/ste
  12. Syd Bank As

    1. Surgical instuments (5)
    2. 0 pcs of surgical instruments scissors m/o ss as p voice no. / 9/ date: 04 05 9 (4)
  13. Glorious Enterprises

    1. Surgical & dental instruments under rebate claim detail i
    2. Surgical instruments made of stainless steel as per inv under rebate clime
  14. Unicef Supply Division Skagera


    Instruments and appliances used in medical, surgical, dental or veterinary sciences,including scientigraphic apparatus

  15. Glorious Ent

    1. 37 pcs of surgical/dental inst m/o s. Steel as per in 0/44 dt.28 02 08
    2. Surgical/dental instruments m/o s teel
  16. Danske Bank A S


    Artificial jewellery item - chhaya earring gold/black & gold& crstal m/o 23% resin 75% zinc 2% surgical steel

  17. J Y S K E Bank


    Surgical instruments made of s.steel

  18. Care Development


    Carbon steel non sterile surgical blades

  19. Frits Pedersen


    Hand tools for specified uses watch make r - surgical blades pack/100 #11

  20. Otto Schachner


    Gloves of vulcanized rubber (excl. surgical gloves

  21. Km Optics


    Ophthalmic surgical instruments-anterior

  22. Codan Deha Aps

    Surgical instruments

  23. Copenhagen Denmark

    Electro surgical inst finger switch pencil

  24. Km Optics Ivs


    Ophthalmic micro surgical instruments aa 4525 stitch scissors needle points curve d

  25. Unicef Supply Division Denmark

    8500-pcs of surgical instruments ., made of stainless s / otherwise mentioned as per inv.#. qsi/786/304 dt.18.08.2009 and forme.no. hmb 0620218 dtd.18.08.2009

  26. Hsbc Bank Denmark


    Electro surgical instruments as per invioce tc/2218 und nufacturing bond sro-450(i)2001 warehouse license no.03/smb/mnfg/07

  27. Uni Bank As


    Surgical instruments (collin holding tissue forceps 160 /o s.steel, as per inv#; 2968 / 09 dt.29.06.2009

  28. E Vet Aps


    Surgical instruments as per inv.

  29. Beirholms


    Surgical instruments made of s steel

  30. Abn Amro Bank S.a.


    Surgical instruments (sound uterine martin) as per inv# 8/08 dt.03.03.2008

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Biggest Surgical Pack manufacturers and Exporters

Company (size)ProductCountry
2. 🇺🇸 Danmar Lines Ltd. (12)Medical, Surgical And On Boxes Hospital Supplies And Medical Plastic Articles On Boxes Medical, Surgical And Hospital Supplies And Medical Plastic Articles United States
3. 🇹🇼 Motex International Corp. (11)MOTEX POWDER FREE SURGICAL GLOVESFDA K N O. K Taiwan
4. 🇭🇰 Sino Protection Holdings Co., Ltd. (10)UTILITY DRAPE, SURGICAL GOWN Hong Kong S.A.R.
5. 🇵🇰 K.T Surgico (9)SURGICAL INSTRUMENTS Pakistan

Surgical Pack Warehouse

  1. Warehouse in Copenhagen
  2. Surgical Pack in Aarhus
  3. Odense Warehouse
  4. Aalborg Denmark
  5. Warehouse Esbjerg Denmark

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