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  • Bakery products from rye; from a mixture of wheat, rye and other flours:
  • Bakery products, including puff, from wheat flour:
  • Semi-finished meat and meat-containing products: from beef: Natural chopped steak; Solyanka meat with pepper; Beef back part; Beef back part; Shoulder; Meat for broth; Rump; Brass beef; Goulash
  • Culinary products: ajapsandali; assorted vegetables with oyster mushrooms and grilled spicy herbs; assorted vegetables with chanterelles and grilled herbs; buckwheat meatballs with onions and mushrooms; rice balls with p
  • Semi-finished products from poultry meat: Chicken wings in marinade; Chicken drumstick in marinade; Chicken thigh in marinade; Shish kebab Tenderness from chickens; Shish kebab Tenderness from turkey; Meat dish Italiano
  • Culinary products: assorted vegetables with oyster mushrooms and grilled herbs; assorted vegetables with chanterelles and grilled herbs; buckwheat meatballs with onions and mushrooms; rice balls with paprika and spinach;
  • Fish culinary semi-finished products: Atlantic cod fillet meat; BOTSMAN hake fillet meatball; Atlantic cod fillet meatball PRIMORSKY; Tilapia fillet with vegetables and herbs; Fish meatball from fillets
  • Chilled vegetable salads and snacks: Idily salad, Sissy salad ", Salad" Italiano ", salad" Santa Lucia ", salad" Palitra ", salad" Boyarsky ", salad" Samurai ", salad" Peacock ", salad" Vienna ", salad" Fitness ", salad
  • Semi-finished minced meat products: Minced beef; Minced pork; Minced mutton; Homemade mince; Minced meat Special; Minced meat Ukrainian; Minced lean beef; Diet minced veal; Minced meat Amateur; Minced meat in Moscow; Min
  • Meat-containing semi-finished products: Tolma in cabbage leaves; Stuffed tomatoes; Stuffed pepper; Dolma with meat and rice; Cabbage rolls are lazy; Cabbage rolls with meat and rice; Stuffed zucchini; Stuffed eggplants
  • Semi-finished poultry meat products: Chicken thigh in marinade; Chicken thigh in garlic and ginger marinade; Marinated chicken thigh; Turkey meatballs; Meat Italian dish in marinade; Bolls Swedish; Turkey drumstick marin
  • Meat-containing culinary products: zucchini stuffed with meat; stuffed zucchini Hunting; zucchini stuffed in Mexican; eggplant stuffed with meat; eggplant in Mexican; lazy baked cabbage rolls; г
  • Dried fish food products. Asian smelt toothy uncut dried first grade
  • Bakery products made of wheat flour, including puff, with fillings:
  • Wheat food. Vintage 2018.
  • Culinary meat products: Royal baked pork; Royally baked pork; Baked boiled pork; Pork roll with bacon and Savoy cabbage; Boiled tongue; Baked spicy lamb; Piglet
  • Unprocessed grain for food purposes
  • Culinary products: baked lazy cabbage rolls; baked cabbage rolls with meat and rice (in broth); baked cabbage rolls with meat and rice (in sour cream sauce); baked cabbage rolls with meat and rice (in tomato sauce); minc
  • Culinary products from poultry meat: Grilled chicken breast; Grilled chicken wings; Grilled chickens; Grilled chicken legs; Grilled chicken drumstick; Grilled chicken thigh; Roasted chickens; Chicken with cheese and cucu
  • Culinary vegetable products: Eggplants fried; Baked eggplant Parmegiano; Monastery-style eggplants baked; Stewed eggplants in Ukrainian; Stewed eggplants; Potato meatballs; Potato balls with mushrooms
  • Cupcakes: apple cinnamon muffin; muffin "Three Chocolates"; blueberry muffin; muffin "Orange-lingonberry"; muffin "Caramel"; muffin "Original"; raisin muffin; cupcake "Sissy"; apple charlotte cupcake; cupcake "Marble
  • Semi-finished poultry meat: Fillet balls chickens; Sausages Chicken-Ryaba; Chicken cutlet in Kiev; Special chicken cutlets; Chicken Surprise cutlets; Chicken wings in spices; Chicken roll with cheese; Marinated chickens
  • Poultry culinary products: Roasted turkey thigh; Grilled chicken thigh; grilled chicken thigh; baked chicken meatball with vegetables; baked chicken meatball with cauliflower and carrots; chicken bitch
  • Semi-finished meat and minced meat products: Diet meatballs; Chopped beef and pork steak; Chopped veal steak; Delicious zrazy Poltava cutlets; Lamb kupaty; Kupaty of beef and s
  • Cakes and pastries:
  • Bakery products: Baton Podmoskovny; Baton Voronezh; Hamburger bun "Baby"; Hamburger bun with sesame seeds; Hot dog roll; Raisin loaf; Baton "To health!"; Loaf "Piquant"; Set of buns "Franz
  • Sandwiches, sandwiches, shawarma: Ham and cheese sandwich; Closed salmon sandwich; Closed ham sandwich; Closed ham sandwich; Closed chicken sandwich; Hamburger; Hamburger Student; Grand bu
  • Pies and pizza: Grilled Bruschetta with bacon and vegetables; Bruschetta Italian style with bacon and vegetables; Bruschetta in Italian with vegetables and pickled cheese; Bruschetta Italian style with vegetables and spr
  • Packaged cheese and cheese products (portioned slices - a piece, serving slices - slices, grated): DUTCH Cheese 45%; Goud / Good cheese 40-50%; MAASDAM / MAZDAMER cheese 45%; Tilziter / Tilzit / Tilsits cheese; Cheese LA
  • Bakery products : according to Appendix No. 1 on 2 sheets, Appendix No. 2 on 2 sheets. Packing: plastic bags, paper bags, cardboard boxes, plastic containers, weighing from 100 grams to 10000 grams.
  • Bakery products
  • Fresh table carrots
  • Cereals: food wheat for food purposes, harvest 2018,
  • Barley for food purposes. Harvest of 2018.
  • Semi-finished poultry meat products: chicken tobacco, home-style marinated chickens, chicken Kiev cutlet, chicken fillet meatballs, chicken chakhokhbili, Chicken ryaba sausages, chicken Surprise cutlets, natural schnitze
  • Bakery products made from a mixture of rye and wheat flour: Bread, Mariinsky Bread with raisins, Sovital Bread, Sovital bun, Cotton product Zavarny Perekrestok, Fjord Bread, Kornshpitz Vensky, Potato Bread, Chemie Bread
  • Wheat grade 5
  • Packaged cheese and cheese products (portion cuts - a piece, serving cuts - slices, grated): DOLCE Cheese PARMESAN; CHEEZZI Cheese CHIZANO WITH FREEDER; MONCASA GOURMET Cheese PARMESAN; MONCASA GOURMET Cheese MAASDAM; MO
  • Barley for food purposes. Vintage 2018. Variety "Helios"
  • Cookies: Valencia, Sand Ring, Shell with Cottage Cheese, Oatmeal Raisin, Puff, Coffee Aroma at, Puff puff, Grain, Fantasy with sesame, Fantasy with walnut, Fantasy with almond petals, Spikelet, Puff with pr Adyghe produc
  • instant lunch dishes: instant soup with mushrooms, instant soup with chicken flavor, instant soup with chicken and croutons, quick soup
  • Fresh pumpkin, harvest 2018
  • ​​Peas for food purposes, harvest 2017
  • Cupcakes: Fortuna, Fusion, Apple charlotte, With raisins, With cottage cheese, With cottage cheese and raisins, Easter, Charlotte with candied fruits and nuts, Berry basket, Marble, Chocolate, Chocolate- cottage cheese,
  • Culinary products from eggs: boiled egg; boiled Easter egg; natural baked omelet; natural omelet; omelet with ham and cheese; omelet with mushrooms; natural omelet with ham; omelet with cheese and herbs
  • Winter wheat. For food purposes. Harvest 2018, in bulk
  • Cheese and milk products with milk fat substitute, produced by cheese technology, packaged (portioned cutting - a piece, serving cutting - slices, grated): DUTCH cheese 45%; Goud / Good cheese 40-50%;
  • Packaged green tea: Gunpowder 9475 standard 3140, White Dragon Pearls standard 3138, Dragon Pearls standard 3139, Jasmine Dragon Pearls standard 580, Long Jing standard G2198, White Peony standard W2263, Oolong standard
  • Non-alcoholic drinks: cranberry drink, cherry drink; dried apricot drink, black currant drink, dried fruit drink, Lime drink with mint and ginger, Apple drink with lime blossom, Citrus drink
  • Culinary products from cereals: Fried semolina meatballs; Fried rice balls; Fried rice balls with carrots; Rice balls with paprika and baked herbs; Boiled buckwheat with onions; Boiled buckwheat; Millet casserole
  • Culinary fish products: Fried Atlantic cod fillet zrazy PO-PUSHKINSKI; Assorted fish Festive (pike perch, Atlantic salmon); Atlantic cod fillet meatballs FISHERMAN; Fillet of Pink salmon baked with mushrooms
  • Fruit desserts: "Papaya"; "Melon Charente"; Melon Cantaloupe; Melon Galia; "Yellow melon"; Orange Melon; Melon Torpedo; "Watermelon is red"; "Watermelon yellow"; "A pineapple"; "Grapefruit red"; "Grapefruit"; "Pomelo"
  • fresh potatoes
  • Semi-finished bakery products
  • Fresh tomatoes,
  • Vegetable culinary products in assortment (appendix No. 1 on 2 sheets), weight and packaged, packed in consumer packaging made of polymer or combined materials
  • Bakery products made of wheat flour with fillings:
  • Assorted bakery products made from wheat flour of the highest grade: simple loaves; buns for children.
  • Pies and pizza: Grilled Bruschetta with bacon and vegetables; Bruschetta Italian style with bacon and vegetables; Bruschetta in Italian with vegetables and pickled cheese; Bruschetta in Italian with vegetables and sprats
  • Milk desserts with at least 4% fat mass, assortment: Curd dessert with milk fat substitute with berries, Yoghurt dessert with milk fat substitute with muesli, Strawberry
  • Dairy products
  • Assorted bakery products made of wheat flour (appendix No. 1 on 10 sheets) unpacked and packed in foil, bags made of polymeric or combined materials
  • Cereals: soft winter wheat, food.
  • Cheese and cheese products packaged with mass fractions of fat in dry matter from 20% to 60% in assortment (appendix No. 1 on 7 sheets): - portioned cutting (piece); - serving cutting (slices ); - grated packs
  • Bread from wheat flour: bread from wheat flour of the highest, first and second grades, shaped, hearth; matnakash bread from flour of the first and highest grades; civilian shaped bread, hearth; Chisinau bread
  • chilled, slightly frozen and frozen uncooked smoked meat products: category A Grandini sausages; category B: sausage "Salami Lovetskaya"; sausages "Grandini with paprika"
  • Bread made of first grade wheat flour, second grade molded, weighing 0.4-0.8 kg. Matnakash from wheat flour of the highest grade, weighing 0.3-0.4 kg.
  • fresh kiwi
  • Bakery products from wheat flour
  • Sunflower seeds for food purposes
  • Cheese and cheese products packed with mass fractions of fat in dry matter from 20% to 60% 9 sheets): - portioned cutting (piece); -Serving slices (slices); -washed packaged
  • Rusks: butter crackers; wheat crackers; rye crackers; rye crackers with garlic; rye crackers with Provencal herbs; rye crackers with salt; breadcrumbs
  • Cereals: wheat for fodder purposes, class 5, harvest 2017,
  • Meat products from meat (offal) pork boiled, smoked-boiled, smoked-baked, baked chilled and frozen in assortment: Appendix No. 1 on 1 sheet.
  • Grains of legumes: chickpeas for food purposes. Harvest 2018
  • Knitted items of the first layer for men and women, of blended cotton yarn with polyurethane fibers: sweatshirts ("T-shirts"),


The export value from company АКЦИОНЕРНОЕ ОБЩЕСТВО ТОРГОВЫЙ ДОМ ПЕРЕКРЕСТОК contains of:

  1. Customs clearance from $200;
  2. Payment of customs duties for export.

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