• Cosmetic products from the Siberian collection of balms: Cleansing gommage "Arit Nuur" "Clean face" Renewing "Dolgin" face scrub "Volna", "Kharaasgay" Facial Cleansing Milk "Swallow", Gel for women
  • Series cosmetic products "Siberian collection of balsams": Gel for washing "Geser" "Hero", Shower gel "Geser" "Hero", Cream shower gel softening "Seber" "Pure", Moisturizing cream-gel
  • Cosmetic products of the series Siberian collection of balms ": foot balm" Gorkhon "" Ruchey "
  • Cosmetic basis: series Experalta
  • Cosmetic products of the Siberian collection of balms": balm-conditioner for hair growth "Edie Shady" "Magic", balm - hair conditioner "Bayalig" "Luxury", mask strengthening for the growth of ox
  • Cosmetic products of the "Caramel 36.6" series: Face cream "Raspberry with cream"
  • Means of oral hygiene: ELBESHEN balm "Magician"
  • Cosmetics series" Siberian collection of balms "phytobalm against dandruff" Emey "" Medicinal "
  • Cosmetic products of the “CA RAMEL 36.6 ": shampoo and shower gel 2 in 1" Currant jam ", cleansing gel" Currant jam ", shower gel" Sugar cherry "
  • corrector pencil "Delicate luxury" series: tone 1 - beige, tone 2 - warm beige
  • Cosmetic products: Protective cream "Vitality" with juice of shiksha berries of the Experalta series
  • Cosmetic products: Phytoactive serum "Fight against skin fatigue" with Rhodiola pink and mountain pine series Experalta; Phytoactive serum "Against dryness" with Siberian iris series Expera
  • Cosmetic products of the series "Siberian collection of balms": shaving gel "Geser" "Hero"
  • Cosmetic products: "Cooling" anti-cellulite gel "Reform" series; "Warming" slimming gel "Reform" series
  • Cosmetic products of the Biora series: refreshing fluid for all skin types; revitalizing toner for all skin types; Experalta series: peeling nectar "Amur Schizandra" Intensive
  • Cosmetic products of the "Sib Irish collection of balms ": regenerating mask with cedar oil" Zurkhen Khusha "" Heart of the cedar "
  • contour pencil for the eyes "Delicate luxury" series: tone 01 - black, tone 02 - brown; contour eyeliner with a metallic effect series "Delicate luxury": tone 01 - black, tone 02 - brown, tone 03 - blue
  • Cosmetic products: gel for washing FOR MEN 36.6
  • Cosmetic products: refreshing after shave gel FOR MEN 36.6
  • Cosmetic products of the CARAMEL 36.6 series: deodorant - antiperspirant "Fruit"
  • Cosmetic products series "Siberian collection of balms": balm-conditioner for hair growth "Eddie Shady" "Magic", balm-conditioner for hair "Bayalig" "Luxury", strengthening mask for growth in
  • contour pencil for lips "Gentle luxury" series: tone 01 - nutmeg, tone 02 - caramel, tone 03 - delicate rose, tone 04 - ripe cherry, tone 05 - mother-of-pearl beige, tone 06 - berry mix, tone 07 - pomegranate
  • Cosmetic products: Cleansing oil "Energy Cedar" series Experalta
  • capillary eyeliner series "Delicate luxury": tone 02 - brown, tone 03 - purple, tone 04 - olive
  • Cosmetic products of the series "Siberian collection of balsams": anti-dandruff phyto shampoo "Emei" "Medicinal", shampoo for growth hair "Eddie Shady" "Magic", shampoo "Bayalig" "Luxury", phyto soap "Dara Ehe" "Goddess"


The export value from company ООО АЙКЬЮ - КОСМЕТИК contains of:

  1. Customs clearance from $200;
  2. Payment of customs duties for export.

You can send your LOI on email: [email protected]

Which country should be import?

  1. 🇰🇿 Kazakhstan
  2. 🇦🇿 Azerbaijan
  3. 🇦🇲 Armenia
  4. 🇱🇻 Latvia
  5. 🇱🇹 Lithuania
  6. 🇲🇩 Moldova
  7. 🇺🇦 Ukraine
  8. 🇪🇪 Estonia

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