• Asynchronous electric drive of the deep vibrator trade marks: "TSS", models: EP-0.75 / 220 Sh with RCD, EP-1.3 / 220 Sh with RCD, EP-1.5 / 220 with RCD, EP-2.2 / 220 with RCD, EP-2.6 / 220 with RCD.
  • Petrol jackhammers,
  • Construction equipment and machinery: Vibratory plates with a diesel engine,
  • Pumping equipment: Motor-pumps (pumps), trade marks: TCC, TSS, models: PGS25, PGS50, PGS80, PGS100, PGS25A, PGS50A, PGS80A, PGS100A, PGS25B, PGS50B, PGS80B, PGS100B, PGT50, PGT80, PGT100, PGT50A, PGT80A, PGT100A,
  • Diesel generators: Diesel welding generator, brands: TSS, models : DW-200, DGW-200E, DGW 5.0 200E-R, DGW 5.0 200ES-R, DGW 5.0 200ES-R2, DGW-200ESS, TSS DGW-250E, DGW 6.0 250E-R, DGW-250ES, DGW 6.0 250ES-R, DG
  • Electric generating sets with gasoline and diesel engines with a capacity of no more than 10 kW
  • Diesel generating sets and power plants of the TSS trademarks, TCC, MitsuDiesel, MD Diesel, stationary, mobile, containerized version with power from 8 to 5000 kW.
  • Construction equipment
  • Diesel generators: Electric generator sets of the TSS brand with diesel engines, models: Kipor KDE 12 STA, Kipor KDE 12 EA3, Kipor KDE 12 EA, Kipor KDE 16 EA, Kipor KDE 16STA, Kipor KDE 16 EA3, Kipor KDE 16STA3, Kip
  • Diesel generator synchronous, electric, brushless, brand TSS-GS, models: TSS-GS-10, TSS -GS-12, TSS-GS-16, TSS-GS-20, TSS-GS-30, TSS-GS-40, TSS-GS-50, TSS-GS-60, TSS-GS-70, TSS-GS -80, TSS-GS-100, TSS-GS-120, TSS
  • Electric generator sets TSS brands with gasoline engines, models:
  • Electric generator sets of the TSS trademark with gasoline and diesel engines, models: TSS SGG 900 L, TSS SGG 1000L, TSS SGG 1000E, TSS SGG 1200L, TSS SGG 1200E, TSS SGG 2200L, TSS SGG 2200E, TSS SGG 2600 L, T
  • Construction equipment and machines: Vibratory plates with a gasoline engine,
  • Synchronous generators with power from 10 kW to 2000 kW,
  • Gasoline construction equipment:
  • Construction electrical equipment:
  • Synchronous generators from 10 to 2000 kW, models:
  • Diesel generators TCC,
  • Diesel generators of the brands TSS, TCC,
  • Gasoline and Dual-Fuel Generators, Electric Units and Power Plants of the TSS Brand,
  • Pumping equipment:


The export value from company ООО ГРУППА КОМПАНИЙ ТСС сonsists of:

  1. Customs clearance from $200;
  2. Payment of customs duties for export.

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