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  • Cakes: biscuit-coffee "Tiramisu", biscuit "Ruins" with prunes, custard "Ladies whim", biscuit " Senator ", biscuit" Fruit ", layered" Napoleon ", biscuit" Honey Delight "
  • Biscuit rolls: "Fruit", "Milk-cream", "Cream"
  • Bakery products:
  • Sponge cake with cocoa "Zebra", puff pastry with prunes "Stozhok", sponge cake with coconut "Air"
  • Bread from a mixture of wheat and rye flour: "Rye-wheat with sunflower seeds", "Borodino", "Baltic "," Rural "
  • Bakery products from wheat flour: bread from wheat flour of the highest grade, bread from wheat flour first grade, bread from wheat flour of the first grade "Farmerskiy", loaf, loaf with raisins, bun
  • Biscuits - sandwich "Venice" with pastel filling, sandwich "Air Castle" with pastel filling, sandwich "Air Castle" with pastel filling and cherry flavor, sandwich "Air Castle" with pastel filling (shock
  • Cakes
  • Cupcakes: "Volzhsky", "Gentle", "Ufimsky", "For tea", "Sour cream"
  • Butter cookies of premium wheat flour
  • Bakery products puff "Caprice"
  • Bread from wheat flour in assortment:
  • Pastel confectionery - "Bird", "Bird" with the aroma of crème brulee, "Bird" with a chocolate flavor, "Bird" with the aroma of lemon, "Birdie" with cherry scent manufactured by: Limited Liability Company "Kara
  • White bread
  • Assorted bakery products:
  • Bakery products made of rye bread flour and a mixture of rye bread flour and wheat flour, shaped and hearth, sliced ​​and not sliced ​​
  • Gingerbread in glaze with jam (cherry), Mini gingerbread with cranberry filling, Mini gingerbread with blueberry filling,
  • Bakery products: Moscow buns, Vyborg muffins
  • Rye-wheat bread in packaging: new Ukrainian bread packaged in bags made of polypropylene film made in accordance with the requirements of GOST 2077-84" Rye bread, rye-wheat and wheat-
  • Wheat flour bakery products:
  • White bread made from wheat flour of the highest, first and second grades
  • wheat rusks
  • bags net from 1 kilogram to 25 kilograms: from soft wheat - for making fresh pasta ("Farina 00 Pasta fresca"), "Manitoba" ("Farina 0 manitoba"); from hard varieties psh
  • Borodinsky bread, Ukrainian new bread, Slavic bread, rye bread from peeled flour
  • Milk Rose Cupcake with Chocolate Cream
  • Bakery products "Ryabinushka": shaped bread "Ryabinushka" packed in bags made of polypropylene film made in accordance with the requirements of TU 9110-004-49872579-08 "Bakery products" Ryabinush
  • Cookies "Oatmeal-fruit", "Oatmeal", "Oatmeal with nuts", "Oatmeal with raisins", "Oatmeal with seeds"
  • Oriental flour sweets: Mutaki "Vostochnye", "Rhombics with cinnamon", "Chak-chak", "Khvorost"
  • "Envelopes" puff with vanilla filling, "Croissants" puff with filling (strawberries with cream), "Croissants" puff with cherry filling,, "Croissants" puff with cranberry filling, puff "Croissants" with blueberry filling,
  • Cakes and pastries.
  • cakes
  • Packaged and unpacked first grade wheat flour sliced ​​loaves
  • First grade wheat flour bread, packaged and unpackaged
  • Butter rusks "Vanilla", "With raisins", "With poppy seeds", "Children"
  • Bakery products from rye and a mixture of rye and wheat flour: "Rye grain" bun, "Sytny" bread
  • Wheat flour bread: wheat bread made from flour of the highest, first and second grades, homemade, Krasnoselsky, chamomile, travel packed, sieve with raisins, peasant loaf, souvenir loaf, Russian loaf.
  • rusks made from wheat flour (see Appendix No. 1 on one sheet).
  • pastry flour products (see Appendix No. 1 on two sheets).
  • oriental flour sweets (see Appendix No. 1 on one sheet).
  • Cupcakes with chemical baking powder
  • Dumplings with curd and cheese fillings: dumplings with Adyghe cheese; dumplings with feta cheese; dumplings with boiled condensed milk and nuts; dumplings with Suluguni cheese; dumplings with cottage cheese; dumplings w
  • Bakery products made of wheat flour: iodized Ryabinushka bread
  • Wheat flour bread : wheat bread from the highest grade flour, wheat bread from the first grade flour, wheat bread from the second grade flour, mustard bread, Saratov kalach, Chisinau bread, bread of the region
  • bread made from a mixture of peeled rye and wheat flour (see appendix 1 on one sheet).
  • biscuit rolls (see Appendix No. 1 on one sheet).


The export value from company ООО КАРАВАЙ contains of:

  1. Customs clearance from $200;
  2. Payment of customs duties for export.

You can send your LOI on email: [email protected]

Which country should be import?

  1. 🇦🇿 Azerbaijan
  2. 🇦🇲 Armenia
  3. 🇬🇪 Georgia
  4. 🇮🇱 Israel
  5. 🇰🇿 Kazakhstan
  6. 🇰🇬 Kyrgyzstan
  7. 🇨🇳 China
  8. 🇲🇩 Moldova
  9. 🇲🇳 Mongolia
  10. 🇳🇴 Norway
  11. 🇺🇸 United States
  12. 🇹🇯 Tajikistan
  13. 🇹🇲 Turkmenistan
  14. 🇺🇿 Uzbekistan
  15. 🇺🇦 Ukraine
  16. 🇦🇫 Afghanistan

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    The official address is ул. Почтовая, 39а, п. Безбожник, Мурашинский район, Кировская область, Российская Федерация, 613750.You can go to the office, but you must first call and agree.
    Working hours: 10: 00-18: 00 Monday - Friday

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