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  • Cupcakes: Stolichny, Amber, Evening, Curd , With dried apricots
  • Cotton bakery products. Premium buns: Freckle, butter with lipstick, butter with cocoa-fondant, civilian. Premium rolls: Slavic, fruit. Baking cakes: Vyborg, ordinary, twisted. Buns no
  • Cookies (see Appendix No. 1) sheet 4
  • butter cookies
  • Semi-finished products from poultry meat (chickens, chickens, broilers):
  • Butter biscuits
  • Cupcakes, Baba, Rolls.
  • Gingerbread, Kovrizhki, Korzhiki.
  • BAKERY PRODUCTS from rye and a mixture of rye and wheat flour. Appetizing, Fragrant, Father, Borodino, Boyarsky, Vienna, Vostochny, City, Buckwheat, Darnitsky, Village, Zhito, Zernovo
  • Butter cookies: "Curd", Pretzel with cinnamon, "Vyatskoe", "Hearts", "Baby", "Minutka". "Figured", Profiteroles, Muffins, "Kurabie", Milk biscuits.
  • BISCUITS: Forget-me-not, Quadrille, Theatrical with confiture, Tango, Funny guys, Sweetheart, Dream, With boiled condensed milk, Coconut paradise , Creamy Coast, Nezhenka, Nut, For tea, Linda,
  • SEMI-FINISHED BAKERY FROZEN AND REFRIGERATED. Chilled and frozen dough: Yeast (for fried pies, for baked pies, for kulebyak), cheesecakes, pies, pies; yeast butter, yeast psh
  • Butter bakery products: Freckling bun, Novomoskovskaya bun, Vyborgskaya bun, Oyknovennaya bakery, Butter with fondant bun, Civilian bun, Slavyanskaya bun, Fruit bun.
  • PANCAKES AND PANCAKES AND THEIR SEMI-FINISHED PRODUCTS REFRIGERATED AND FROZEN. PANCAKES: pancakes with meat filling; pancakes with liver and rice; pancakes with fish; pancakes with chicken; pancakes with sweet filling (
  • Barank bakery products: Bagel Figured with poppy, bagel Pink, drying Chocolate, Drying Assorted, Drying Coffee, Drying Fragrant, Drying Baby in sugar glaze.
  • DRIED BAKERY PRODUCTS. SUKHARI: Home-made, Nut, Autumn Garden, Road, New, Kiev, Lemon for tea, Childrens fun, Siberian, Prelest, Malyshok, Crackers for beer, Croutons.
  • COOKING FLOUR PRODUCTS: Belyashi with meat; belyashi Syzranski; cheesecakes made from yeast dough; cheesecakes made of unleavened puff pastry; stuffed croissant; kulebyaki from yeast dough; unleavened pies
  • Butter biscuits in assortment: shortbread and sandy-deposit
  • Gingerbread confectionery: raw gingerbread without filling, glazed: Chocolate, Mint, Vanilla, Lemon
  • Assorted bakery products from wheat flour
  • EASTERN FLOUR SWEETS: Amazon, Archimedes, Bow, Puff bows, Monogram, Cherry tenderness, Dessert, Thumbelina, Pearl necklace, Dawn , Zyatek, Kapel, Carnival, Ring, Korzhiki Pa
  • SALT VEGETABLES And pickled
  • Cupcakes on chemical baking powder from wheat flour of the highest grade: Sverdlovsky, Izuminka, Baby, Ufimsky, Tea, Candied, Evening, Smak, Manny, Magdalenki (with and without fillings
  • CAKES, CAKE AND ROLLS. The assortment is shown in Appendix No. 1 on one sheet.
  • , COOLERS, FILLING. Group - meat products. Category A: Beef jellied meat; Pork jellied meat; jellied meat Snack; colder Rural; Category B: brawn with tongue; brawn Amateur; brawn Village; brawn Home;
  • Vegetable snack salads,
  • Flour confectionery products. BISCUITS:
  • Semi-finished products from poultry meat
  • Culinary products from meat and offal
  • Cakes and pastries with herbal cream:
  • Culinary products from poultry meat: grilled chicken, grilled chicken; poultry (chicken), legs, poultry fillets, fried chicken wings, thigh; cutlets, schnitzels, fried poultry meatballs; chicken legs, wings, thighs - gri
  • Semi-finished meat and meat products
  • Candy:
  • Custard cakes from wheat flour of the first grade: Northern, Fruit, Voronezh, Zarechenskie, Cranberry, Nut, Chocolate , Novosibirsk; Gingerbread cookies made from wheat flour of the highest grade: Lubite
  • Butter cookies made of premium flour: Lemon , Nut , Mu-mu , Summer , Curd , Fantasy ; Butter biscuits made of first grade flour: Krimulda, Fruit, Ukrainian by weight and packed in consumer goods
  • Weighted and piece muffins: Volzhsky , Sverdlovskiy , Voronezhskiy , Ufimskiy , With cinnamon , Izuminka , Kazanskiy packed in consumer packaging made of cardboard, polymer and combined materials
  • Biscuit rolls: Biscuit-cream, Evening, Slastena, Fruit, Day-night, Yoghurt with poppy seeds
  • Bakery products
  • Bread
  • Sugar confectionery. Zephyr
  • Wheat bread: Home, Home new, Stanichny from the highest wheat flour , first and second grades or from wheat flour of general purpose type М55-23, М75-23, М125-20, molded and hearth.
  • BAKERY PRODUCTS Southern from rye and a mixture of rye and wheat flour: bread Psebaysky, Borodinsky new, Delicatessen, Buckwheat, Abundance, Fragrant, Heroic, Borodino, Grain, Onion, Tables
  • Flour confectionery. Cookies
  • Flour for pancakes Lyubitelskaya packed in paper bags, cardboard boxes and consumer containers made of polymeric and combined materials
  • DRIED FRUIT-NUTS MIXTURES, FRIED NUTS AND NERLES packed in consumer packaging:
  • Cakes and pastries with creams in vegetable oils, see attachment No. 1
  • Puff pastry products Delicious (9 positions): see the Appendix on one sheet
  • Culinary flour products:
  • Oriental flour sweets: kurabie, Zemelakh , Shaker-churek butter, Sponge cake with cinnamon , sand sticks packed in consumer containers made of cardboard, polymeric and combined materials
  • National confectionery product Chak-Chak packed in consumer containers made of cardboard, polymer and combined materials: Chak-Chak with poppy seeds, Chak-Chak with raisins, Chak-Chak customized, Chak-Chak with
  • Butter cookies, weighted and packaged in consumer packaging made of cardboard, polymer and combined materials: Amber Fairy Tale, Tsarskoe, Snegovichok, Minstrel, Eden with fruit filling, Eden with a filling f
  • Cupcakes (12 items) see Appendix on one sheet
  • Gingerbreads by weight and packed in consumer containers from cardboard, polymer and combined materials: glazed custards from wheat flour of the first grade: Lenten , Zest , Coconut Ogonyok
  • Cakes and pastries (36 items) see Appendix on one sheet
  • Confectionery flour Ladies Club packed in consumer containers made of cardboard, polymer and combined materials: cake without filling Ot Valentina, cupcake with filling Ot Larisa
  • Cakes and pastries:
  • Semi-finished confectionery products baked from premium wheat flour: biscuit No. 1, biscuit with nuts, biscuit with poppy seeds, biscuit with raisins, nut cakes, cakes milk, school cakes, shortbread cakes, tartlets, n
  • Cupcakes from wheat flour of the highest grade on chemical baking powder: Sverdlovskiy, Izyuminka, Baby, Ufimskiy, Tea, Candied, Vecherny, Smak, Manny, Magdalenki (with and without fillings), Bavarsk
  • Semi-finished products from poultry meat, chilled and frozen in assortment
  • Cakes and pastries with finishing semi-finished products based on cream substitutes. Cakes: Benefit, Children, Crème Brлеlée, Yoghurt, Strawberry, Apricot, Orange, Chocolate, Nut, Fruit, Pineapple, Cherry, Н
  • Oatmeal cookies: Oatmeal, Oatmeal with poppy seeds, Oatmeal - fruit new , Oatmeal new , Oatmeal .
  • Eastern sweets from wheat flour of the highest grade : Revdi nskie , Baku , Shaker Uralsky , Birch , Crisps with poppy seeds , Sugar ears , Puff sticks with cheese , Puff sticks with sesame , Pretzel Twi
  • Biscuit cakes with cream on vegetable oils: Evening Nocturne , Cherry - baby , Vesnyanka , Maiden dreams , Ekaterina , Medovichok , Milena , Strawberry meadow , Tidbit , A gardeners dream , My sho
  • Biscuit cakes with butter cream: Biscuit, Penek. Biscuit cakes with chocolate cream: Truffle, Charodeyka Biscuit cakes with soufflé: New; Shortbread cake with protein cream Berry; Piro
  • Cookies made from wheat flour of the highest grade: Nocturne, Rhapsody, Favorite, Squirrel, Iskra, Kurabye Nevskoye , Beehive , Vityaz , Makovka , Night .
  • Cakes and pastries. Cakes: Sponge-Cream, Album, Coffee, Nutty, Prague, Basket, Hedgehog, Childrens, Honey, Cobweb, Earl ruins, Kiev, Astoria, Carmen, Childrens, Nadezhda, Riddle, Birds milk, Winter
  • Oatmeal cookies: Oatmeal, Oatmeal with raisins, Oatmeal-sesame, Oatmeal-nut, Oatmeal-fruit, Oatmeal-chocolate.
  • Confectionery products.
  • Wheat rusks: Vanilla rusks, Osobye rusks, Poppy seeds, Mustard rusks, Moskovskie rusks, Kievskie rusks, Rusks Lemon , Nut crackers, Milk crackers
  • Assortment of bakery products: Baton Sunflower, Baton Vigor, Vitushka Kolosok, Kalach Kilmezsky, Bakery trifle Zebra, Bakery trifle Vigor, Bar with bran, Bun Hope, Bun Yar
  • straw
  • Pastel confectionery products.
  • Gingerbread confectionery products.
  • Gingerbread confectionery products:
  • BISCUITS FAVORABLE: Sweet Tooth, Day and Night, Curl, Sand Strip, Fantasy, Gourmet, Snowball , Cornflower, Forget-me-not, Inspiration, Caprice, Sweets, Assorted, Daisy.
  • PASTRY PRODUCTS. Gingerbread: Moscow Region, Winter, Curly, Festive, Nevsky, Coconut, Northern, Gentle, Voronezh, Nochka.
  • Butter cookies: Sunset, Ishleyskoe, Ishleyskoe with coconut, Ishleyskoe with sesame seeds, Kokosanka, Mama Mia, Minutka, Tender, Konosh shells, Chamomile, Sadko, Sadko with boiled condensed milk, With cinnamon, Sudog
  • Pies, baked and fried pies, chebureks, belyashi, cheesecakes, liquid shanks, shangi and shanezhkas with fillings, cutlets, meatballs, sausages baked in dough, Chicken Pie, Echpochmak, Pancakes
  • Bagels: childrens, lemon, butter, mustard, sugar with poppy seeds, vanilla, Slavic, egg;
  • Marmalade jelly, fruit-jelly, jelly-layer, jelly-shaped, three-layer, five-layer, seven-layer, seven-layer "Black currant" , "Watermelon-melon cocktail", "Baton in sugar", "Merry worms", "Marble
  • Rum baba, Rice with honey (with and without filling), shortbread Peaches biscuits, profiteroles-semi-finished product custard, biscuit, shortcrust pastry ring
  • Gingerbread cookies: Vigor, Voronezh, Gorodetskaya fun, Childrens, Zest, Irek, Caprice, Cranberry, Coconut, Konosha, Komsomolsk, Favorite, May, Mint, Nevsky, Tender, Nut, Special with boiled condensed milk, Specials
  • Cakes: Aida, Kirishsky, Our Anniversary, Black Prince, White Dance, Josephine; Rolls: Okhtinsky, Nadezhda; Cakes: Kirishskoe (sliced), Winter cherry, Black Prince, Alenka, Stepashka basket;
  • Oriental sweets such as soft candies:
  • CUPCAKES: Orange, Volzhsky, Zebra, Hedgehogs, Lemon, Nut, Stolichny, Sukharny, With banana and chocolate, With fruit, Curd, Curd with raisins, Ufa; Cupcakes: Lemon, With boiled condensed milk
  • Oatmeal cookies, classic oatmeal cookies, oatmeal cookies with raisins, oatmeal cookies with dried fruits, cookies oatmeal with candied fruit, oatmeal cookies with nuts, oatmeal cookies with peanuts, oatmeal cookies with
  • dry instant drink from cereals
  • Pastel confectionery: marshmallow - Vanilla , Strawberry with cream , With cranberry taste , Laska , Moonlight , with marmalade, Sonata , glazed, glazed with marmalade; marshmallow - White-pink, Roseau
  • Baba rum
  • Cakes and pastries: - Biscuit cakes: Ah by weight, Count ruins Weight, Amelia, Alyonka, Pineapples in cream, Aphrodite, Aristocrat, Banana, Bohemia, Balaton, Bonzhur, Boyarushka, Veronica,
  • Bakery products from wheat flour of the highest grade and first grade: Glazed pigtail with raisins, pretzel with poppy seeds , puff with marzipan, puff with jam, roll with poppy seeds, roll with raisins, Novomoskovskaya
  • Cupcakes: Capital, Spring, Maisky, With cocoa, Curd
  • Flour confectionery: biscuit rolls, weighted: Rainbow, Fairy Tale, Sour cream, Truffle, Fruit, Cherry, Amateur, Gift
  • butter cookies: American, American chocolate, American fruit, American grain
  • Vegetable snack salads with markers ovka KONDITER LLC: Meat, Stolichny, Troitsky, Zastolny, Health, Solnechny, Vitamin, Autumn, Piquant, Spring, vegetable vinaigrette, Air, vegetable on
  • Culinary flour products: baked and fried pies with various fillings (minced meat), donuts, Velikolukski chebureks, belyashi, cheesecakes, pies with meat, pies with fish, pies with chicken, snack pies, kul
  • Cookies: shortbread - butter: Alya-Vienna, Orange with chocolate pieces, Vanilla with chocolate , Health , Coconut fingers , Kokosanka , Kurabye , Baku , Oil , Minutka , Curd , Almond ,
  • Simple molded rye-wheat bread
  • Bread from wheat flour of the highest grade, bread from wheat flour of the first grade, bread from wheat flour of the second grade
  • Cakes and pastries with creams on vegetable oils, see Appendix No. 1 on one sheet
  • Cakes and pastries, see Appendix No. 1 on four sheets
  • Eastern sweetness like KOKOSANKA soft candies:
  • Wheat bread from flour of the highest, first and second grades hearth, shaped, piece, Ural hearth piece
  • Cakes and pastries.
  • Bread bakery products. Dryers: New, Shuttle, Vanilla, With poppy seeds, Mustard, Baby, Milk, Salted, Drying for beer, With cinnamon, Diabetic. Baranki: Butter, Sugar with poppy seeds , Vanilla ,
  • Dumplings. Semi-finished products frozen in dough:
  • Semi-finished products and bakery products
  • Cakes, pastries, muffins, rolls
  • GIFT SETS OF PASTRY PRODUCTS. New Years gifts: Openwork Christmas tree, Visiting a fairy tale, Delicious, Magic cap, Magic, All symbols of the year, Merry Christmas tree, Amicable farm, Christmas tree, Zimushka Winter,
  • Wheat rusks. Rusks Mustard, Vanilla, With poppy seeds, Moscow, Kiev, Lemon, Nut, Dairy, School, Ukrainian, Pioneer, Road, Children .
  • Chilled vegetable snack salads, in assortment: Meat, Capital, Troitsky, Zastolny, Health, Solnechny, Vitamin, Autumn, Piquant, Spring, vegetable vinaigrette, Air, vegetable set
  • Bakery products:
  • Meat second lunch dishes, marked KONDITER LLC: liver baked with mushrooms; country-style liver; tongue with potatoes baked in sauce; pork in Kuban style; lordly pork; pork in Italian; pigs
  • Wheat bread from premium flour, wheat bread from first grade flour, shaped and hearth, packed and unpackaged
  • Bakery products: bread made from rye and a mixture of rye and wheat flour,
  • Bread and bakery products rye-wheat, wheat-rye, wheat Bread stories:
  • Wheat bread from baking wheat flour of the highest, first and second grades or from wheat flour of general purpose type М55-23, М75-23, М125-20, shaped and hearth,
  • Flour confectionery. Eastern flour sweets
  • Flour confectionery. Assorted biscuits:
  • Products and semi-finished bakery products from wheat flour:
  • Assorted wheat flour bakery products:
  • Gingerbread CONFECTIONERY. Rug with filling; Khibinskaya rug; chocolate-glazed rug; gingerbread Holiday.
  • Cupcakes: Cupcake with raisins, Cupcake Zebra, Cupcake Curd, Rum Baba
  • Bakery products. Cakes and pastries: (see Appendix 1)
  • PASTILE PASTRY PRODUCTS. Marshmallow Vanilla; Marshmallow In chocolate.
  • Butter cookies: Assorted, Crows feet, Zebra, Zvezdochka, Ginger, Kurabie, Lola, Baby, Nut tubercles, Bagel with poppy seeds, Bagel with sugar, Berry, Shortbread cookies with sunflower seeds, New, French pu
  • Pastel confectionery: pastilles - Vanilla , Strawberry with cream, With cranberry flavor, Laska, Moonlight, with marmalade, Sonata, glazed, glazed with marmalade; marshmallow - White-pink, Rozov
  • Salted bacon products,
  • PASTRY PRODUCTS. Cupcakes: Capital; Ufimsky; Walnut; Childrens; Cocoa Cupcake; Chocolate-creamy.
  • Bakery products from wheat flour:
  • Confectionery
  • Assorted gingerbread products
  • COOKIES in the range
  • Confectionery products in assortment
  • Flour confectionery products.
  • Pickled and sauerkraut vegetables: sauerkraut. Packing: polymer buckets, net weight from 0.5 to 15 kg
  • assorted cakes
  • Wheat flour, premium grade, wheat flour, first grade , baking wheat flour, second grade
  • Pastel confectionery: Vanilla Pastila, Vanilla Zephyr
  • Jelly marmalade
  • Bakery products: Baton Sunflower, Baton Vigor, Vitushka Kolosok, Kalach Kilmezsky , Bakery trifle Zebra , Bakery trifle Vigor , Bar with bran, Bun Nadezhda , Bun Yaranskaya , Bun Sol
  • Vyatka closed pie with fillings (fish, fruit and vegetable), Cheesecake with filling (fruit and berry, potato, cottage cheese), Shanga with mayonnaise and egg, Kulebyaka with filling (canned fish, vegetables), Roll with
  • Confectionery flour muffins,
  • Sugar biscuits made from wheat flour of the highest grade: Openwork, Diabetic, Otradnoe, Hello, Rastsvet, Raduzhnoe Saldinskoe, Saldinskoe with poppy seeds, Saldinskoe in glaze, Saldinskoe creamy, С
  • Bread from wheat flour: Bread Toast Yaransky, Bread Tykvita, Bread Camomile new, Bread Ciabatta, Bread Ciabatta with onions , Kalach Orlovsky , Lavash Domashny , Bread Aromatic , Bread Friendship , Bre
  • Butter bakery products: Sprinkle horn, Vanilla bun, bun Laska , Easter cake Maisky , Bun Autumn , Bar Mayonnaise 1c, Pretzel with raisins.
  • Breadcrumbs from bread crumbs: amateur bread crumbs.
  • Oriental sweets. Sherbet Milk with peanuts, Raisin, Caucasian, Delicate, Special with sesame seeds. Kozinak: Nut, Fragrant, Southern, Makovka, Sesame
  • Cakes and pastries
  • Bakery products from wheat flour, unpackaged and packed: bakery products from wheat flour of the highest grade, first grade, from wheat flour for general use - rolls, sliced ​​loaf, French loaf
  • Pastry confectionery biscuits Marble cookies Oatmeal, Gourmet with cottage cheese, Fruit gourmet, shortbread tubes, shortbread sticks, shortbread ring, Gourmet with cottage cheese, Gourmet
  • Wheat bread flour: Bread Matnakash 1s, Bread City, Bread Sitny with raisins, Bread Camomile premium, Bread Mustard 1s; Bread Home, Bread Civil, Loaf Russian, Loaf Souvenir, Kalach Uralsky
  • Rolls biscuit
  • Bread from a mixture of rye and wheat flour: Bread Derevensky, Bread Pekarsky, Bread Dream, Bread Selsky, Flatbread Stolichnaya, Bread Krupyanoy, Bread Zlakovy, Bread City , Bread Borodinsky new, Baguette
  • Cookies
  • Baranko bakery products. High quality bagels: Figured with poppy seeds , pink, vanilla-creamy, Makovka , with milk flavor, homemade, new butter, new mustard, sweet. Drying 1 s: vanilla-creamy, chocolate, Mal
  • DRAGE: Orange, Peanuts Aristarkhovich, Peanuts in glaze, Peanuts in burnt sugar, Assorted, Banana , Hippos , Beads , Cherry , Delicious balls , Double joy , Raisins in glaze , Zest , Yogurt ,
  • Rye-wheat croutons Appetizing with bacon flavor, simple, spicy, home-style, common in oil, home-like: salted in oil.
  • Semi-finished meat and meat-containing products:
  • Culinary flour products (see Appendix No. 1) sheet 5
  • Culinary flour products (see appendix 1) sheet2
  • Sugar cookies: Avangard (cheese), Appetizing, Vecherniy Kiselevsk , Vanilla , Vkusnenkoe , Sovereign , Sovereign - premium , Diabetic , Ginger , Caramel , Kiselevskoe , Kiselevskoe with a nut ,
  • Sweets: Orange Temptation, Anabel, Cupid, Ariadne, Aphrodite, Breeze, Diamond, Bottle, Bohemia, Bagheera, White Waltz, Verichita, Vernissage, Delight, Voyage, Vaudeville, Victoria, Gret
  • ORIENTAL SWEETS OF SOFT CANDY TYPE. RAKHAT LUKUM: Orange, Jasmine, Mirabelle, Scheherazade, 1001 nights, With sesame seeds, Gourmet, Marmaris, Vanilla, Rose, Lolita, Eastern fairy tales, Pistachi
  • Confectionery pastry. Quick-frozen cakes and pastries in assortment: Quick-frozen biscuit cakes - Azart-yoghurt, Orange gourmet, Bavaria, Banana, Inspiration, Daniela, Childrens, Jemka, Irish k
  • Gingerbread confectionery products in assortment: - gingerbread: Banana, Vanilla, Harmony, Donskoy with condensed milk, Pearl, Mystery, Funny, Ginger, Irek , To the post , Coconut , Kiselevskie ,
  • Gingerbread confectionery products: Custard cakes made of premium flour: Ladoga »Gentle, Ladoga, Nevsky. Gingerbread cookies made of first grade flour: Winter, Irek, Komsomolskie, Severnye, Cranberry, Voronezh, Banana, N
  • Eastern flour products: Zemfira, Temptation, Carnival , Cupcake, Orion, Okay, Easter, Constellation, Sonata, Truffle, Elegy
  • Dragee: Peanuts in sugar, Walnut in chocolate, Sea stones with raisins
  • Flour confectionery. Oriental flour sweets:
  • PASTRY GIFT SETS. New Year gifts. Openwork Christmas tree, Visiting a fairy tale, Delicious, Magic cap, Magic book, Magic, All symbols of the year, Merry Christmas tree, Santa Claus, Herringbone, Zimushka, Winter, Z
  • Bakery products. Appendix No. 1 on two sheets
  • Pastel confectionery products
  • Cupcakes in assortment: Cupcake with raisins, Zebra cake, Curd cake, Rum baba cake
  • Pastry
  • Cakes, pastries, rolls of candy and pastel mass.
  • pastry flour products.
  • Fruit jelly
  • Marmalade jelly, fruit-jelly, jelly-layer, jelly-shaped, three-layer, five-layer, seven-layer, seven-layer
  • Jelly marmalade: molded, cut, puff, Bears, Assorted.
  • Bread from wheat flour of the highest grade, bread from wheat flour of the first grade, bread from wheat flour of the second grade, Romashka bread
  • Simple shaped rye bread, Borodinsky shaped bread, Ukrainian new hearth bread
  • Flour confectionery products. Appendix No. 1 on three sheets
  • culinary in the assortment according to Appendix No. 1 (sheet 1), trade marks: Atoll-Vega, Sweet Dreams, Baker cake, packed in a corrugated box, correx, food shrink film, polypropylene film, m
  • Oriental sweets such as soft candies: Cherry souffle, Winter cherry, Lokum fruit, Lokum with dried apricots, Lokum with prunes , Lokum with chocolate chips , Lukum Fakir , Rakhat - fruit delight , Creamy
  • confectionery gingerbread, gingerbread
  • Caramel
  • Flour confectionery:
  • Semi-finished fish products: fish fillet, minced fish, fish cutlets and meatballs, fish cutlets Amateur, fish bread, zrazy, meatballs, fish soup set (cod, catfish, haddock, salmon ridges), TM CONDITER
  • Jelly jelly, fruit jelly, jelly-plastic, jelly-shaped, jelly-shaped in sugar, three-layer, five-layer, seven-layer, seven-layer
  • Cookies: Minutka, Quadrille, Milk in chocolate glaze, sandy chocolate
  • Cakes, pastries, muffins, rolls based on industrial confectionery semi-finished products:
  • Semi-finished products and bakery products:
  • Pastry culinary products:
  • Marshmallows and marshmallows: marshmallows, pastilles: with different tastes: condensed milk, creme brulee, ice cream; with berry flavor (raspberry, strawberry); - with aromas: orange, cranberry, mint, vanilla, banana,
  • Unpacked and packaged bakery products
  • Bakery products from wheat bakery flour of the highest grade:
  • Eastern flour sweets.
  • Baranko bakery products. Dryers: Baby, Chel-nochek, Taste of childhood, drying snacks, favorite drying, For beer, For beer with the aroma of bacon, cheese, sour cream and onions, Provencal herbs, Noliki with
  • Bread from wheat flour, single piece, unpacked and packaged in assortment
  • Flour confectionery
  • Salted herring, marked LLC KONDITER . Packing: polymer buckets, weighing from 3.0 to 20 kg.
  • Fish salads, marked LLC CONDITER : Jubilee, Mystery, Premier, Herring under a fur coat, Fish, Crab, Snack, Orange Sea, Valentine, tuna salad, smoked cod, Tender »Packaging
  • Bakery products from wheat flour of the highest grade and first grade:
  • Confectionery products:
  • Butter cookies:
  • Ready-made food products
  • Confectionery products in assortment. Cakes and pastries: Biscuit cakes: Poor Jew, Allsorts, Azart-yogurt, Orange, Grandmas pie, Ladybug, Bavaria, Babushkin, Banana Paradise, Brusnichka, Vdohnovenie, Je
  • Bakery products from wheat flour in an assortment: baked pies with cabbage, sandwich, samsa, sausage in dough, sandwich (closed) simple, sandwich (closed) with sausage and cheese , bun village kaya, hamburger, rass
  • Confectionery products. Cakes and pastries: Cakes: Assol, Vernissage, Biscuit cream, Evening blues, Vilnius. Grillazhny, Riddle, Winter Cherry, Strawberries in the Snow, Coffee, Margo, Mulatka, M
  • Cakes: biscuit-cream cake, biscuit cake with butter cream, shortbread cake, cake Basket, cake Basket with protein cream, honey cake, custard cake with butter cream, n
  • Cakes: biscuit cream cake, honey cake, Prague cake, Birds milk cake, Grafskie ruins , cake Yogurt , cake Napoleon , cake Home , cake Winter cherry , cake Tiramisu , cake Pleasure
  • Biscuit roll with boiled condensed milk, biscuit roll with butter cream, biscuit roll with whipped cream, biscuit roll Chocolate, biscuit roll with cream and nuts, biscuit roll with jam,
  • Eastern sweetness soft candies:
  • Biscuit rolls: Astoria roll, Vaudeville roll, Cream roll, Prince roll, Sour cream roll, Sultan roll, Souffle roll With various fillings, Mussovy roll with various fillings, roll Milana, p
  • Bread and bakery products: yeast and yeast-free puff products: buns, envelopes, rosanches, croissants, tongues, rolls, snails; with milk filling - with cheese, cottage cheese, with boiled condensed milk, with taste


The export value from company ООО КОНДИТЕР contains of:

  1. Customs clearance from $200;
  2. Payment of customs duties for export.

You can send your LOI on email: [email protected]

Which country should be import?

  1. 🇦🇿 Azerbaijan
  2. 🇦🇲 Armenia
  3. 🇩🇪 Germany
  4. 🇬🇪 Georgia
  5. 🇮🇱 Israel
  6. 🇰🇿 Kazakhstan
  7. 🇨🇦 Canada
  8. 🇰🇬 Kyrgyzstan
  9. 🇱🇻 Latvia
  10. 🇱🇹 Lithuania
  11. 🇲🇩 Moldova
  12. 🇲🇳 Mongolia
  13. 🇷🇸 Serbia
  14. 🇺🇸 United States
  15. 🇺🇸 United States
  16. 🇹🇯 Tajikistan
  17. 🇹🇲 Turkmenistan
  18. 🇺🇿 Uzbekistan
  19. 🇺🇦 Ukraine
  20. 🇪🇪 Estonia
  21. 🇨🇳 China
  22. 🇳🇴 Norway
  23. 🇦🇫 Afghanistan

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    The official address is 612260, РОССИЯ, Кировская область, г. Яранск, ул. Северная, д.19а.You can go to the office, but you must first call and agree.
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