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  • Barley for food purposes.
  • Sewing underwear for children of the nursery, preschool and school age groups and teenagers from cotton fabrics: bed linen in sets and individual items (pillowcases, duvet covers, sheets)
  • Frozen beef: Block beef 1 grade frozen. Block beef 2 grade frozen. Premium block beef frozen. Block beef cutlet meat 8020 frozen. Block beef cutlet meat 9010 frozen. Block beef
  • Sewing underwear of the first layer for adults from cotton fabric:
  • Bread from wheat baking flour: wheat bread from premium flour, wheat bread from first grade flour.
  • adults made of cotton fabrics: bed linen in sets and in separate items (duvet covers, sheets, pillowcases)
  • Components supplied as replaceable ( of spare parts) for after-sales service of cars of the brands GAZ, PAZ, UAZ:
  • Components supplied as replacement (spare) parts for after-sales service of GAZ and UAZ vehicles:
  • Food barley
  • Wheat
  • Fried bakery products from wheat flour of the highest grade :
  • Semi-finished meat products, natural and minced, chilled and frozen: Semi-finished meat portion boneless from beef category A: steak; Boneless semi-finished meat product from pork category B: shashl
  • Frozen dumplings (semi-finished product):
  • Quail egg
  • Equipment for municipal services: installation of water supply for washing truck wheels
  • Soft winter wheat of the fourth class food. Harvest 2016.
  • Furniture for household and public premises in sets and individual products, including the sectional trademark Tandem: - Kitchen cabinet series Lisa, Sofia models: from P400 to P800, two-section models: В400П accor
  • Furniture for household and public premises in sets and individual products, including the sectional trade mark Tandem: -Dining table series Rectangular, Oval, Round, European, Lomberny , Book
  • Furniture for household and public premises in sets and individual products, including the sectional trademark Tandem - Bench with a back, series Tandem version: 11.2, from 12.1 to 15.1, corner series Tandem versio
  • Meat product. Raw smoked sausages. Category A - Braunschweig, Moscow, Jewish, Amateur, Tourist sausages, Sudzhuk, Special, Cervelat, Soviet, Stolichnaya, Maykop, Braunschweig semi-dry, Mosco
  • Feed barley
  • Household furniture on a metal frame for adults:
  • WINTER WHEAT, mix of varieties, harvest 2016
  • Personal protective equipment for hands. Protection group - against mechanical stress. Subgroup of protection - from abrasion (Mi).
  • Chickpea
  • Upholstered household furniture for sitting and lying: armchairs, sofas, sofa beds, sofas, ottomans , ottomans, chair-beds
  • Block assembly
  • Reinforced cords with a plug
  • Extension cords
  • Installation of water supply for a sink, non-household purpose, voltage 220380 V, brand NEVA
  • Chilled semi-finished meat products: - boneless lump portions, category A - brass beef; - chopped molded category B - beef kebab; - chopped category A - minced beef; - chopped molded
  • Fish culinary product: Norwegian-style salmon pancake.
  • Ready-to-eat products: Salad Chuka Sarada with nut sauce 185 g
  • Fish culinary product: Fried capelin, Fried milk (salmon), Fried navaga, Fried fish (Cod), Fried fish (Catfish), Fried fish (Flounder), Fried fish (Crucian carp ), Fried fish (Carp), Fried fish (Haddock), Ryb
  • Fish food products: Salmon lightly salted slicing (Sockeye), Salmon bellies in packaging lightly salted in vacuum , Lightly salted salmon
  • Wheat for food purposes.
  • Snacks: mimosa salad, Berlin salad, Spicy Carrot salad
  • Semi-finished products from chilled poultry meat: chicken fillet in breading, chicken wing in garlic marinade
  • Double-glazed windows glued: SPO-single-chamber
  • Cereals:
  • Bakery products made of premium wheat flour: pitta, Uzbek flatbread
  • Installation of water supply yki, not for household use, voltage 220380 Volts,
  • Durum wheat for food purposes.
  • BREAD made of wheat, rye and a mixture of wheat and rye flour using mixtures of bakery flour in the range:
  • Cereals.
  • Unprocessed grain for food purposes
  • Fresh vegetables
  • Confectionery products
  • Semi-finished poultry meat lumps, chopped, molded chilled, frozen: Chicken meat, Chicken hamburger,
  • Chilled meat culinary products - second lunch dishes: Roast at home, Meat solyanka, Beef pancakes, Liver pancakes, Homemade cutlets, Boyarskie fried cutlets, Ham stuffed, Neck
  • Semi-finished meat lumps, chopped from pork frozen: Pork ham (hip) category, Pork belly category, Pork goulash, Boneless loin (carbonade), Boneless cutlet (loin) ka
  • Chilled culinary vegetable products - salads, snacks: Salad Vinaigrette from sauerkraut, Salad Vinaigrette, Salad Greek, Salad Village, Salad Health, Salad Cabbage Provencal with mushrooms , Sala
  • Chilled cottage cheese products: Cheesecakes with raisins, Cottage cheese casserole (with raisins) ,
  • Non-alcoholic non-carbonated drinks: Compote from dried fruits,
  • Culinary vegetable snacks: chilled salads Stuffed eggplants, Korean carrots, Carrots with eggplants (in Korean), Carrots with mushrooms (in Korean), Champignons-he, Carrots with asparagus, Asparagus-x
  • Semi-finished meat products, chopped, molded from pork, beef, rabbit, frozen lamb,
  • Chilled poultry culinary products - second lunch dishes: Chicken medallion in an egg, Rolls chicken with cheese and mushrooms, Chicken fillet in cheese sauce, Chicken pancakes, Chicken Kiev cutlets, Tenzhny cutlets
  • Semi-finished meat products, chopped from beef, frozen : Brass beef, Tenderloin, Beef shoulder, Shoulder on the bone, Beef brisket, Bones, Table edge on the bone, Meat for broth (shank), Set
  • Semi-finished products from beef and pork offal frozen: Veins, Beef liver, Beef tongue, Food pork bones,
  • Non-alcoholic non-carbonated drinks with lemonade flavors,
  • Culinary products chilled meat - salads, snacks: Ham curl, Berlin salad, Moscow salad, Meat salad, Olivier salad, Hurghada salad
  • Chilled cereal products: Boiled buckwheat with fried mushrooms, Rice with vegetables, Bulgarian rice with vegetables,
  • Cranberry-currant juice,
  • Semi-finished products from meat and poultry offal lump, chopped chilled, frozen: Chicken breast (without skin), Chickens carcass, Chicken thigh, Chicken drumstick, Chicken breast, Chicken stomachs, Chicken bones, Wing
  • Products chilled culinary vegetables: Potato pancakes, Country style potatoes, Broccoli fritters, Vegetable ragout, Stewed cabbage, Baked potatoes, Beet cutlets, Carrot cutlets, Cabbage cutlets
  • Non-alcoholic non-carbonated drinks: Green tea with lemon,
  • Meat product. Semi-smoked sausages. Category A - Beef. Categories B- Armavirskaya, Sheep, Hungarian, Dachnaya, Krakovskaya, Peasant, Odessa, Polskaya, Servelat Moskovsky, Capital, Tal
  • Curd products: curd casserole with raisins, cheese cakes with raisins
  • Plastic toilet for dacha series Compact
  • PRODUCTS OF PAPER FOR SANITARY AND HYGIENIC PURPOSE: single-layer toilet paper, creped, with and without perforation, natural fiber color with markings: stnik , Evening messenger 2in1 .
  • Flour confectionery products: (see Appendix on 5 sheets),
  • Dried grapes
  • Caucasian lavash made from wheat flour of the highest grade in the assortment: Caucasian thin lavash, Caucasian thin lavash with cheese aroma, Caucasian thin lavash with dill aroma, Caucasian thin lavash with paprika aro
  • Assortment of wheat flour bread: wheat bread from premium flour, wheat bread from first grade flour, Homemade bread, Matnakash from premium and first grade wheat flour.
  • Flour confectionery - butter biscuits made from premium wheat flour in the assortment: Mushrooms, Cones, Jackie the Wolf with strawberry filling, Jackie the Wolf with cream filling, Jackie the Wolf With chocolate
  • Frozen dumplings (Semi-finished products):
  • Dried fruits
  • Culinary products from poultry meat - Tender chicken cutlets fried
  • Fresh vegetables late potatoes
  • Corn for fodder purposes.
  • Wheat bakery flour of the highest grade, bakery wheat flour first grade.
  • Bakery product made of wheat flour
  • Bakery product from wheat bakery flour
  • White bread made from wheat flour.
  • Personal protective equipment made of cotton, polyester cotton and synthetic fabrics, bleached and dyed to protect against mechanical stress and general industrial pollution for men and for women:
  • Crushed stone slag
  • Furniture for household and public premises in sets and individual products, including sectional
  • Butter cookies: Cupcake Raisin, Chamomile , Sweetheart


The export value from company ООО ТАНДЕМ contains of:

  1. Customs clearance from $200;
  2. Payment of customs duties for export.

You can send your LOI on email: [email protected]

Which country should be import?

  1. 🇦🇿 Azerbaijan
  2. 🇦🇲 Armenia
  3. 🇬🇪 Georgia
  4. 🇮🇱 Israel
  5. 🇰🇿 Kazakhstan
  6. 🇰🇬 Kyrgyzstan
  7. 🇨🇳 China
  8. 🇲🇩 Moldova
  9. 🇲🇳 Mongolia
  10. 🇳🇴 Norway
  11. 🇺🇸 United States
  12. 🇹🇯 Tajikistan
  13. 🇹🇲 Turkmenistan
  14. 🇺🇿 Uzbekistan
  15. 🇺🇦 Ukraine

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  • Location of production and warehouse

    The official address is 352030, РОССИЯ, Краснодарский край, Кущевский район, станица Кущевская, улица Промышленная, дом 5Г.You can go to the office, but you must first call and agree.
    Working hours: 10: 00-18: 00 Monday - Friday

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