• Equipment for municipal services: equipment for treatment of domestic waste water, type model: KOS
  • Machinery and equipment for municipal services: Water treatment plant equipment, type model: BOC
  • Combined storage water heaters HEATLEADER
  • Pumping units: Sewage pumping stations, type model: Н; PZ; Н
  • Capacitive equipment operating under overpressure of the 1st and 2nd categories: cylindrical apparatus and vessels, types EGN, EGNp; EGP; EVN; EVNp; EPP; EVPp
  • Equipment for municipal services: equipment for industrial and storm sewage treatment plants, type model: VOC
  • Pumping units for water supply, type model: NS
  • Storage tanks and water heaters for industrial water of the HEATLEADER brand, models SS, CSE, CS, T in performance E, ER, R, ERR, FM, FFM, С, H
  • Pressure vessels, types: EGN, EGNp; EGP; EVN; EVNp; EPP; EVPp
  • Automatic control cabinets, type ШУ for rated currents up to 400A, the Termokapital trademark


The export value from company ООО ТЕРМОКАПИТАЛ сonsists of:

  1. Customs clearance from $200;
  2. Payment of customs duties for export.

You can send your delivery for a cacaluttor by mail [email protected]

Which country should be import?

 Kazakhstan  Azerbaijan  Germany  India  Kyrgyzstan  China  Mongolia  Tajikistan  TURKMENISTAN  Uzbekistan  Ukraine


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    Working hours: 10: 00-18: 00 Monday - Friday

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