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  • Cakes: (see appendix 1 on)
  • Butter cookies: "Home", "New", "Day and night", "Shells", " Abundance "," Chamomile "," Coconut "," Raisin "," Sesame "," Hedgehogs "," Smile "," Milk-honey "," Dream "," Apricot "," Hearts "," Apple "," Lemon ",
  • Bread from dispersed wheat grain: "Special" bread (slicing), "Piquant" bread (slicing), bread "Grain with sesame" (slicing).
  • Bakery products from wheat flour: (see appendix 1 on)
  • Ready-made flour products from yeast dough: fried and baked pies - with jam, with apples, with potatoes and onions, with cabbage and onions, with cabbage and eggs, sausage in dough, puff with apples, puff with boiled con
  • Oriental flour sweets: mutaki with apricot filling, mutaki with apple filling, mutaki with boiled condensed milk, kurabiye, earth, brushwood, brushwood with powdered sugar, brushwood with powdered sugar and cinnamon, cha
  • Crackers: wheat crackers, salted wheat crackers, sweet wheat crackers, wheat butter crackers, rye-wheat crackers, rye crackers, solitaires .
  • Yeast-free rye-wheat bread
  • Bakery products made of rye and a mixture of rye and wheat flour: Borodinsky shaped bread (slicing), simple shaped rye-wheat bread (slicing), custard products Borodino Molded (slicing).
  • Crackers: wheat crackers, salted wheat crackers, sweet wheat crackers, butter wheat crackers.
  • Cupcakes: Stolichny cake, For tea cake.
  • Biscuit rolls: biscuit roll Curd, biscuit roll Prazhsky, biscuit roll Curd-cream, biscuit roll with fruit and berry interlayer, sponge roll made of sponge cake .
  • Thin Armenian lavash, Tajik flatbread, Uzbek flatbread Kulcha, Italian Focaccio bread, Italian Chabatta bread.
  • Bakery products from wheat flour: (see Appendix No. 1)
  • Rum baba
  • Bread crumbs from bread crumbs
  • Bread from dispersed wheat grain: special bread (slicing), Piquant bread (slicing), grain bread with sesame seeds (slicing) ...
  • Dry bread kvass "New"
  • Bakery products made of rye and a mixture of rye and wheat flour: see Appendix No. 1 on 1 sheet
  • Cakes: biscuit cakes - Prague, Black Prince, Chocolate Paradise , Count Ruins , Pancho , Honey , Poor Jew , Cherry Tale , Drunken Cherry , Bavarian with Peach , Bird Cherry , Chocolate Tango ,
  • Cakes : biscuit cakes - Boucher with dried apricots, Boucher with prunes; custard cakes - Chocolate eclair, Plombir ring; shortbread cakes - Glazed basket with dried apricots, Glazed basket with prunes
  • Bakery products from wheat flour: see Appendix 1 on 1 sheet
  • Dispersed grain bread: Grain bread, Piquant bread, Grain with sesame bread, Grain benefit bread, Extra grain benefit bread.
  • Bakery products from rye and a mixture of rye and wheat flour: rye-wheat bread - Spicy deluxe, Alpine, Zavarnaya, Scandinavian; wheat-rye bread - Garlic, Siberian with cranberries, Borodino pods
  • Wheat flour bread: top grade wheat flour bread, piece (sliced); wheat flour bread, first grade, molded, piece (slicing); bread made of wheat flour, second grade, molded, piece (slicing).
  • Butter bakery products: buns, buns with fondant, cheesecakes with cottage cheese, buns Moscow, sour cream cakes.
  • Rye, rye-wheat and wheat-rye bread: Borodinsky bread, hearth, piece (sliced); Ukrainian hearth and shaped bread, piece (slicing).
  • Bakery products: simple loaves, sliced ​​loaves, sliced ​​milk loaves, loaves with raisins, city loaves, Moscow region loaves, capital loaves, student loaves, braids with poppy seeds.


The export value from company ОСКОЛКОВ ВИКТОР БОРИСОВИЧ contains of:

  1. Customs clearance from $200;
  2. Payment of customs duties for export.

You can send your LOI on email: [email protected]

Which country should be import?

  1. 🇰🇿 Kazakhstan
  2. 🇺🇿 Uzbekistan
  3. 🇺🇦 Ukraine
  4. 🇦🇫 Afghanistan
  5. 🇹🇯 Tajikistan

In rating biggest factory: ОСКОЛКОВ ВИКТОР БОРИСОВИЧ

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  • Location of production and warehouse

    The official address is 660050, Россия, Красноярский край, город Красноярск, улица Щербакова, дом 55, квартира 6.You can go to the office, but you must first call and agree.
    Working hours: 10: 00-18: 00 Monday - Friday

    Price on popular products in 2021 -2023

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