• CAPACITIVE EQUIPMENT (equipment category - 3 and 4, working environment - dissolved hydrogen sulfide, group 1; water vapor p, group 2). See annex on two sheets No. 0268661 ÷ No. 0268662.
  • VESSELS AND CAPACITIES (equipment category - 3 and 4, working medium - gases of group 1). See Appendix on one sheet No. 0268644.
  • Liquid collection tanks (condensate collectors)
  • Tank equipment for the Future Development Project - Wellhead Pressure Management Project (FGP - Tengizchevroil PMM), operating under excess pressure.
  • LPG flushing tank (item E-309) of hydrocracking unit and gas fractionation Veba Combi Cracking, maximum allowable working pressure 2.6 MPa, capacity 20.95 m3, working medium - gas (group 1), 4th category
  • Lubricating oil coolers for YAMGAZ-YAMAL LNG PROJECT, maximum allowable working pressure 1.2 1.04 MPa, capacity 0.515 0.634 m3, working medium - liquid (group 1), 2nd category according to table 3 Appendix №
  • Equipment, operating under excess pressure: intermittent blowdown tank
  • Equipment operating under excess pressure: reflux Column storage capacity
  • Equipment operating under overpressure: additive containers
  • Equipment operating under overpressure: lubricant and antistatic additives tanks
  • Vessels for the chemical industry of the UZUC trademark: Receivers types 111-E13A B, 111-E14A B, 111-E15A B, 111-E16A B.
  • Lube oil coolers
  • Vessels and apparatus that are part of the hydrocracking and gas fractionation unit Veba Combi Cracking;
  • Containers for collecting liquid


The export value from company S.C. UZUC S.A. сonsists of:

  1. Customs clearance from $200;
  2. Payment of customs duties for export.

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