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Russian gas discharge lamp product

Lamps with discharge lamps RSP, ZhSP, GSP

Sodium gas discharge lamp DNaT 250 Philips

$/pcs 聽

8.57$/pcs 聽

Discharge lamp HPI-T 400W 645 E40



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Good from Russia

Outdoor lamps designed for use with gas-discharge lamps and direct-on lamps,

  • Lighting equipment: street lamps, floodlights for use with LED, gas-discharge lamps
  • Stationary lighting devices with gas-discharge and LED sources light: lamps for lighting public places and buildings, Landpole models , Tweet S1 PSE , Tweet S3 PSE , Tweet LED PSE , Stanza T LED P
  • light equipment and light sources: outdoor lamps designed for use with gas-discharge lamps, series ZhTU GTU 06, ZhTU 06, GTU 06, RTU 06, ZhBU GBU 06, ZhBU 06, GBU 06, RBU 06
  • Lighting equipment for non-household purposes: lamps designed for use with gas-discharge lamps with a nominal voltage of 220 volts,

    Electronic ballasts for gas discharge lamps

    Gas-discharge lamp of ultraviolet radiation for industrial use

    Ultraviolet gas discharge lamp

    General-purpose pendant, ceiling, with plastic shades, designed for use with gas-discharge lamps

  • devices with gas discharge lamps:
  • Lighting and signaling devices with gas discharge lamps
  • Lighting equipment for non-household purposes: fluorescent gas-discharge lamps,

    Ballasts for gas-discharge lamps, supply voltage 220 Volt, trademark TRIDONIC: ballasts, starters series: PCI, PCA, PCS, PCIS , DALI, OM, OG, OF, EM, EC, PC, LCI, LCCI, LCAI, LCAU, LCL, LCAL, LCU

    Industrial gas-discharge lamps

  • Spotlight for lighting buildings, public places, structures exclusively for non-domestic use for use with LED and gas-discharge lamps powered by 220 V, models: Ixis 1, Ixis 2.
  • Stationary street lamps with gas-discharge and LED light sources,
  • Cantilever outdoor lighting fixtures (street) for non-household purposes used with gas-discharge lamps

  • Stationary lamps for use with gas-discharge and LED lamps
  • Stationary lamps for use with gas-discharge and LED lamps for residential lighting and public buildings
  • Lamps stationary for use with gas-discharge and LED lamps for illumination of residential and public buildings,
  • Stationary lamps for use with gas-discharge and LED lamps,
  • Stationary lamps for use with gas-discharge and LED lamps for lighting public and residential premises ,
  • Lighting equipment: stationary lamps for use with gas-discharge and LED lamps for lighting public and residential premises,
  • Outdoor lamps for use with gas discharge and LED light sources,

    Gas-discharge fluorescent lamps

    Gas-discharge induction lamp for industrial use

    Gas-discharge sodium lamp

    Lamps with gas-discharge and LED light sources

    Lighting equipment for non-domestic purposes: fluorescent lamp (gas-discharge)

    Neon lamp, gas discharge, for a supply voltage of 240 V AC, power 8 watts, length 320 mm, diameter 13 mm, brand New Elfin Model 050TNE8

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    Delivery from Russia, Kazahstan, Uzbekistan
    Export to cityDateKm
    Saint Petersburg (Russia) - Warsaw (Poland)02.20201030
    Tashkent (Uzbekistan) - Yerevan (Armenia)02.20202085
    Moscow (Russia) - Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan)02.20202990
    Shymkent (Kazakhstan) - Ashgabat (Turkmenistan)02.20201069
    Osh (Kyrgyzstan) - Chisinau (Moldova)02.20203552
    Minsk (Belarus) - Tallinn (Estonia)02.2020639
    Tokmok (Kyrgyzstan) - Cienfuegos (Cuba)02.202012378
    Mahilyow (Belarus) - Temirta奴 (Kazakhstan)02.20202907
    Yekaterinburg (Russia) - Regensburg (Germany)02.20203289
    Qaraghandy (Kazakhstan) - Xiaoganzhan (China)02.20203977
    Nur-Sultan (Kazakhstan) - Nikopol鈥 (Ukraine)02.20202682
    Andijon (Uzbekistan) - Panev臈啪ys (Lithuania)02.20203824
    Samarkand (Uzbekistan) - Lida (Belarus)02.20203479
    Namangan (Uzbekistan) - Ventspils (Latvia)02.20203955

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