Buy product in Russia - it's easy

  • A safe and transparent deal that complies with all laws
  • Exact adherence to price and deadlines
  • Works with the EU, Asia, Turkey, US and Canada

You want to buy products in Russia or the Republic of Belarus, Kazakhstan. But you can't check the supplier or the goods, or you don't want to get into customs or logistics inside Russia. You are afraid to transfer money to Russia.

Then we can help you. You buy your product from our European company

You have to get from you the following documents on our email [email protected]:

  1. Your company's profile.
  2. The product you want to buy. Quantity/Quality
  3. The seller/factory that supplies this product
  4. Location where delivery is to take place

⚡ Important: send all documents in email [email protected] and add mobile phone. We are connect with you, check Sellers and start work with you.

We do the following:

  • Sign a contract with the supplier
  • Draw up certificates
  • Draw up export documents
  • Import into the EU
  • Logistics to your warehouse.

A simple scheme where you're fully protected and receive your shipment quickly.