Import Fittings with female thread wholesale to Austria

Importers Austria from:

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Alexey Exportv
Alexey Khokhlov
Import to Austria, Asia, EU, Africa

Finance, contract, import
email: [email protected] , WhatsApp

Elena Exportv
Elena Eremenko
manager logistic to EU, Asia

logistic, certificate
email: [email protected]

Russian Fittings with female thread product

Fitting 12 ”(female) with female thread

MT 50 2 fitting with 2 female threads (female) galvanized

МТ25-24 fitting, female with 1 female thread for the pistol

Fitting (female) with external thread on the Damper

Female fitting with 25 mm thread



Female fitting 25 mm with thread



Air delivery to SPAIN

Price on CIF in airports:

  1. Vienna International Airport
  2. Vienna International Airport
  3. Vienna International Airport

Please, ask the sellers about CIF price in Airport and cities (Vienna, Linz, Graz, Salzburg, Innsbruck, Klagenfurt, Wiener Neustadt, Bregenz, Eisenstadt)

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