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Alexey Exportv
Alexey Khokhlov
Import to Asia, EU, Africa

Finance, contract, import
email: [email protected] Linkedin

Elena Exportv
Elena Eremenko
manager logistic to EU, Asia

logistic, certificate
email: [email protected]

Russian incandescent lamp product

LON-500, incandescent lamp LON-500, incandescent lamp, LON 5



Oil seals, lamps, incandescent lamps, stoves



Lamps with incandescent lamps NPO, NBO, NBB, NSO



Incandescent lamp wholesale LON B 40 W 60 75 95 W 150 red


21.29 - 20.71 $/pcs

Incandescent lamp 7595 W from 7, 45 rubles


11.36 $/pcs

Incandescent lamps 25, 200, 300 W. and DRL 125vt.


0.09 $/pcs

Do you want to delivery incandescent lamp on CIF

Ports in where shipments might be delivered incandescent lamp:

  1. Hamilton (#11)
  2. Freeport (#12)
  3. Saint George (#13)

      Please, ask the sellers about CIF price

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Price on CIF in airports :

Please, ask the sellers about CIF price in Airport and cities (Hamilton)

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