April 2022 (update).

At ExportV, our mission is to connect customers and suppliers by finding the best possible solutions for all parties. This is the kind of work we do on a daily basis for businesses of all sizes and in a variety of sectors.

For objective reasons, some business areas are undergoing certain difficulties today. And one of the most important tasks is to enable companies in these areas to continue their development. A success of April 2022 was the resumption of export sales of plywood from our supplier to Uzbekistan. Now Export B's customer has been given the opportunity to sell his products. It is deals like this at every level that support the economy of our country.

We have been working in the field of export and intermediary services for many years. And timber has traditionally taken quite a big place among clients' requests. April 2022 was no exception. It was that month when we started to send timber to Georgia through the mediation of the company. This is a valid contract, which will join the cohort of operating companies and will bring monthly profits to the business owner and the country as a whole. As always, our company is happy to be a part of such positive processes. We are ready for new challenges and look to the future with confidence!

20 April, Our seller is shipping urea in pellets to CPT Mersin, volume 500 tonnes per week.

News March 2022.

The economic situation at home and around the world presents its own challenges. March 2022 has seen a large number of requests for A4 paper as well as products such as cheque tape. With such high demand, it is difficult to find a supplier who can supply the required volume while guaranteeing a decent price. But the team at Export B managed to rise to the challenge. We managed to find a supplier who agreed to work together at a price one third lower than the market average. Our customers were satisfied and were able to grow their business profitably. And that is one of the missions of our company.

We cannot but admit that March was a rather difficult month. Without denying the obvious, we are sure that even in today's reality it is possible to find space and opportunities for mutually beneficial work. For example, one of the month's significant successes was a deal that satisfied a request for moulds and aluminium casting products.

In addition to landmark successful deals, which we mention separately in the monthly report, the daily work on existing contracts is in full swing. This was the case at the end of 2021 and continued in winter 2022. We are working just as hard this spring.

The end of the month was marked by a new contract for the sale of pallets from Russia to Turkey. New tasks, new solutions and new deals lie ahead!

Deals February 2022.

In addition to the traditional projects that ExportB does on an ongoing basis, February 2022 was marked by the fact that an attractive opportunity to sell gold for cryptocurrency appeared. This opened up interesting prospects, and we couldn't help but take advantage of them in order to bring profit to our company's clients. This way we were able to make profitable deals for clients in Europe. Long-established relationships should not collapse in the face of the changes the economy is undergoing. That is why it is so gratifying to be able to conduct transactions, develop business and generate profits in the new year 2022. Among our company's values is helping the country's businesses grow, and we work hard every day for our clients to make that possible. In deals like this you need not only knowledge and experience, but also flair. By taking BTC at the entry and getting gold bullion at the exit, we have left all parties to the transaction satisfied and with a profit.

Our company has many clients both in Russia and abroad. An area of activity that deserves special attention is medicines. In addition to the super importance inherent in this product category, there are a number of features that are important in exporting this group of goods. One of the successful cases in February is that ExportB set up the sale of medicines from the USA to Turkey.

We also have big plans for March. Spring is the time to develop!

January 2022.

During the long New Year holidays, our company did not rest, but continued its successful activities related to export mediation. Winter is the right time to prepare for future construction and landscaping. Therefore, products of the construction segment, including sawn timber, are in demand. January 2022 was no exception. We were able to successfully organise a shipment of sawn timber to Germany. The client of our company obtained a reliable customer, was able to ship the production, which was expected in Germany without any hassle and overpayments, and was pleased with the process and results of the transaction.

The deal to supply rolled metal products to Georgia was a similar success. Russia has strong economic and business ties with this country. Strengthening the partnership is one of the key objectives of ExportB. We will build your business so that yours will bring you benefits and avoid problems! The rolled metal products you have shipped are ready for use and your customer company is counting the profit. We are pleased to be part of this life-affirming process. Development is what business needs today, and we are making our own contribution to the overall development of the country's economy.

An interesting task in January was raising capital for an investment bank in the UK. Such tasks have many nuances and pitfalls. But our team consists of experienced professionals who are able to cope with the task in the shortest possible time and for the benefit of the client in the best way. We look to the future with confidence, business will grow!

New Deals in December 2021.

December is the time to take stock of the year and lay the foundation for business development in the coming year. December 2021 was no exception and enabled us to fulfil a number of important tasks for our clients. Who, in turn, have been able to grow in an environment where it has become quite difficult to do so. Staying on the move is the most important task for any company in any field.

No matter what year it is from an economic point of view, agriculture is of strategic importance to the economy of any country, the survival of its people and the planet as a whole. Therefore, fertilizers, their timely ordering, shipment and implementation is an annual paramount task for the entire sector tied to agriculture. Our company ExportB is pleased to be part of the success of this key challenge this December. We have had numerous experiences with fertiliser exports, and in December 2021 we helped our client company with a shipment of urea from Turkmenistan. The shipment in question is 500 tonnes of fertilizer per week! Mediation of such transactions is our aim and value as a company acting as an intermediary between a client and a customer. Your success is our success and the success of our countries!

New Year's Eve is a time when alcoholic drinks are especially in demand. However, during the other months of the year, the alcohol market also provides a huge profit for companies and contributes to the country's economy. Among the successful cases in this segment in December we would like to mention the organization of shipment of alcoholic beverages from Georgia to Russia and the USA. Let the holidays be merry and the business be successful! At the same time, shipments of alcohol from Russia to China were successfully carried out for other clients. We believe that next year will be successful for our country's economy and for businessmen of all levels, and for ordinary citizens.

Working in November 2021.

November, a month traditionally rich in deals, was characterised by very different figures, a trend explained by the global situation. However, despite the difficulties, our company continued to work successfully, assisting our partners in finding clients, logistics, and exporting in the current difficult situation.

Business has to evolve, because staying in stagnation means going backwards. So it is with great satisfaction that we report on successful solutions in terms of finding new partners for our clients. ExportB continues to fulfil its mission successfully, and cooperation with us remains a profitable investment for companies in a wide range of activities.

Among the successful deals in November, we would like to highlight the organisation of shipment of pellets to Europe for our clients. We managed to steadily ship 5 trucks a week with this essential cargo. Pellets, in turn, helped company owners to carry out their own technological and export processes, smoothly and profitably to close the tasks of November.

Also a landmark deal of the month was helping customers of Export B from Poland. The company needed to cooperate with a milling plant for parts on mutually beneficial terms. Through our mediation, the client and the production found each other, agreed on the terms and timing of the parts delivery and made a significant contribution to the development of their own business. We are happy to be involved in this kind of process and this is what we see as our company's mission.