Russian export of powdered egg white:

  • Mongolia
  • Tajikistan
  • Uzbekistan

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Powdered egg white (albumin) fermented, de-sugared (high whipping),

Powdered egg white GITPRO A Whip

  • Egg white powder with increased whipping, Gel-forming egg white powder
  • Processed liquid and dry food egg products, chilled, frozen and deep frozen: egg melange, egg yolk and egg white, egg powder.

    egg products: chilled or frozen: melange, yolk, white; dry - melange (egg powder), yolk, white

    Fried pies - with jam, potatoes, mushrooms, cabbage, rice and eggs, with liver, with confiture, with boiled condensed milk, with cottage cheese, with green onions and eggs, with meat; donuts with powdered sugar, whites w

  • Egg products: egg white powder
  • Egg white powder,

    Food dry egg products: dry egg melange (egg powder), yolk, fermented yolk, white. Packaging: consumer and transport containers. Weight from 0.002 kilograms to 20 kilograms

    Fried bakery products: pies - with potatoes , minced meat, onions and eggs, cabbage, liver, cottage cheese; pasties with minced meat, whites with minced meat, donuts - with powdered sugar, with jam, with honey, with cond

    Fried culinary products: whites; pasties; fried sausage in dough; glazed donut; powdered sugar donut; fried pies with jam, jam, cabbage, potatoes, rice and eggs, curd 8, lifting height 34.0 m., Model GV2015, z

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    Delivery from Russia, Kazahstan, Uzbekistan
    Export to cityDateKm
    Minsk (Belarus) - Ulaanbaatar (Mongolia)07.20205309
    Novosibirsk (Russia) - Khiwa (Uzbekistan)07.20202242
    Nizhniy Novgorod (Russia) - Khorugh (Tajikistan)07.20202925

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