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Russian export of safety membrane:

  • Azerbaijan
  • Armenia
  • Viet Nam
  • India
  • Kazakhstan
  • Latvia
  • Lithuania
  • Mongolia
  • Peru
  • Uzbekistan
  • Ukraine

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Russian safety membrane wholesale products

Safety membrane 04-4A TRZhK-3


14.29 - 15.71 $/pcs

Safety membrane 04 4A TRZhK-3



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safety membrane manufacturing companies you many buy this products:

Good from Russia

Indicating and safety devices working under pressure: Membrane safety devices and safety membranes

Membrane safety devices, type 袣袪, 袣袪袘, 袣啸, 袣啸袘, 袣啸袟; bursting safety membranes

  • Industrial pipeline fittings, diameter up to 200 millimeter c, for working environment categories 1, 2: Safety membranes and membrane safety devices
  • Safety membranes
  • Chemical, oil and gas processing equipment: membrane safety devices and safety membranes

    Industrial pipeline fittings: safety membranes type MP, MX; membrane safety devices such as MPU MR, MPU MX, VORMON brand

  • Membrane safety devices and safety membranes
  • Industrial pipeline fittings: membrane safety devices and safety membranes,
  • Membrane safety devices for liquids and gases used for working environments group 1,2

    Equipment operating under overpressure categories 1 and 2: pipeline fittings: chemical membrane valves, type VDH PN 6, 10, 16 MPa. The products are manufactured in accordance with TR CU 0322013 On safety about

    Personal protective equipment. Vests against general industrial pollution for workers of labor protection and industrial safety services from synthetic jacket fabrics with antistatic thread, breathable membrane,

    Industrial fittings pipe wired: membrane safety devices,

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    袨袨袨 袧袗校效袧袨 - 袩袪袨袠袟袙袨袛小孝袙袝袧袧袗携 肖袠袪袦袗 袟袗些袠孝袧蝎袝 小袠小孝袝袦蝎
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    袨袨袨 袙袨袪袦袨袧
    袗袣笑袠袨袧袝袪袧袨袝 袨袘些袝小孝袙袨 小袗携袧小袣啸袠袦袩袥袗小孝
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    袨袨袨 协袧袝袪袚袨小袩袝笑小袧袗袘

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    Delivery from Russia, Kazahstan, Uzbekistan
    Export to cityDateKm
    Homyel鈥 (Belarus) - Yerevan (Armenia)05.20201707
    Moscow (Russia) - Ulaanbaatar (Mongolia)05.20204637
    Taraz (Kazakhstan) - Hisar (India)05.20201576
    Samarkand (Uzbekistan) - G蓹nc蓹 (Azerbaijan)05.20201750
    Novosibirsk (Russia) - Fargo (United States)05.20208687
    Jalal-Abad (Kyrgyzstan) - Temirta奴 (Kazakhstan)05.20201015
    Nizhniy Novgorod (Russia) - Khiwa (Uzbekistan)05.20202037
    Andijon (Uzbekistan) - Nikopol鈥 (Ukraine)05.20203085
    Qaraghandy (Kazakhstan) - Panev臈啪ys (Lithuania)05.20203270
    Osh (Kyrgyzstan) - Huaraz (Peru)05.202015500
    Tokmok (Kyrgyzstan) - Ventspils (Latvia)05.20204031

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