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Russian Decorative laminate wholesale products

๐Ÿ‡ท๐Ÿ‡บ TOP Exporters Decorative laminate from Russian Federation

Decorative laminate manufacturing companies you many buy this products:

Good from Russia
  • Furniture for public premises and household for living and common rooms from laminated particle board (LDSP) and or dry-type fibreboard (MDF) faced with decorative laminates
  • Combined packaging for non-food household products: decorative laminated paper, (un) coated, with dusting, with a metallized pattern

    Decorative laminated paper, thickness 0.4 mm, dimensions 3050 * 1320 mm

    Three-layer decorative laminated coating with an upper layer of solid European oak, with middle and lower layers of coniferous plywood, thickness from 9.3 mm to 18 mm, surface density from 500 kg m2 to 900 kg

    Chipboards (except for special-purpose boards) with a surface covered with decorative laminated plastics, models: 2012 S Perlino , 2022 S Modena, 2182 S Mason beige, 2231 S Classic onyx beige

  • Chipboards with a surface covered with decorative laminates: 7061 S Fossil, 7046 S Daily, 7351 s Stromboly gray, 7354 s Stromboly brown, 7049 S Infinity, 7011 S Canyon, 1110 S white backing, 1
  • Chipboards with a surface covered with decorative laminates, articles: 1110 S white, 2022 S modena, 2182 S mason beige, 2231 S onyx class beige, 2233 S grade stone, 2234 S Luxor, 2235 S semoli
  • Furniture for administrative premises made of wood materials, including with elements of finishing made of polymeric materials (high pressure laminate decorative paper-laminate), artificial stone
  • Decorative paper-laminated plastic SLOTEX (laminate SLOTEX) with a thickness of 0.3 to 16 mm, produced according to TU 2256-006-11111530-2003.

    Decorative and finishing material for walls and ceilings based on particle boards lined with decorative paper-laminated plastic: plates, thickness from 4.5 mm to 40 mm, width from 400 mm to 1300 mm, length from 2440

    Combined closures for bottle necks: decorative poly-laminated caps, marked "TECHPROM". The products are manufactured in accordance with the requirements of TR CU 005/2011.

    Profile moldings made of extruded polystyrene for interior decoration, not laminated, white unpainted or mass-colored, tm .: PLINTEXยฎ ( PLINTEXยฎ ), DECOLINEยฎ ( DECOLINEยฎ ), Types: skirting boards

  • Decorative paper-laminated plastic,
  • Decorative paper-laminated plastic (LBSP)
  • Decorative and finishing multilayer material made of hardwood (glued and laminated plywood), thickness from 5 mm to 30 mm

    Decorative and finishing panels made of high-pressure laminated plastic based on amino-aldehyde resins, from 200 mm to 1200 mm wide, 10 mm to 20 mm thick,

    Textile-decorative products: capes, covers from non-woven fabrics (100% polypropylene), thermally bonded, including laminated ones

  • Packaging and labeling materials made of paper, polymeric materials, on an adhesive basis, with decorative foil elements, including those protected by film lamination: labels,
  • Packaging and labeling materials: labels made of self-adhesive film and paper materials, including those with decorative foil trim, including those protected by film lamination, for application on consumer packaging
  • Combined packaging for industrial and household products: boxes, including folding, in including laminated, metallized, with decorative elements, appliquรฉs, holographic design,

    Packing from combined materials for industrial and household products: boxes, including folding boxes, including laminated, metallized, with decorative elements, applications, holographic

    Sugar confectionery: decorative confectionery sprinkles. Packaged in paper or polymer bags, corrugated boxes with a polymer insert, bags made of polymer or combined materials, laminated

  • Wood-chip boards lined and unlined, laminated decorative panels based on wood-shaving boards, lined and unlined, the Skif trademark
  • Particle boards (except for special purpose boards): veneered and uncoated, laminated decorative panels based on particle boards, veneered and uncoated, trade mark: Skif
  • Household furniture for adults cabinet for living quarters and kitchens made of decorative sheet material (laminated chipboard, PVC edges, MDF-fibreboard painted with enamel, accessories

    Profile products molded from polyvinyl chloride (window sills) laminated with decorative films, with wall thickness from 1.3 mm to 2.5 mm, density from 0.7 kg m3 to 0.9 kg m3, produced according to STO KB 01.09.2017

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