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Home felt boots with woolen decor

Home felt boots with woolen decor

14 $/pcs
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Good from Russia
  • Knitted upper 2nd layer without lining with markings Rich Line Home Decor, Rich Line, Rich Line Textile, Rich Line Home Textile by individual products and in sets: home suits, home robes,
  • Bedding for adults marked Rich Line Home Decor, Rich Line, Rich Line Textile, Rich Line Home Textile in sets and as individual products: blankets, quilted bedspreads, pillows (sleeping and
  • Textile haberdashery for adults decorative from synthetic fibers and threads, trademarks "BELEZZA", " ARDENZA "," Absolutely for everyone "," CELLO "," STUDIOTEX "," CASA CONFORTE "," Brownie "," Home Decor ": cover

    Textile haberdashery products from cotton, mixed and woolen fabrics, from fabrics from chemical (synthetic) fibers and threads, marked ARKADA: decorative pillows for home, decorative pillow covers

    Bed linen for adults made of fabric made of chemical threads (fibers), in sets and individual items, brands: โ€œBELEZZAโ€, โ€œARDENZAโ€, โ€œSTUDIOTEXโ€, โ€œCASA CONFORTEโ€, โ€œAbsolutely for everyone โ€,โ€œ IT โ€,โ€œ Brownie โ€,โ€œ Home Decor

    Leather goods for adults with a combined top made of genuine leather, including exotic leathers, textile materials, natural fur, with decorative trimmings (crystals, beads, natural mat Home "

    Semi-finished meat and meat-containing minced products with decorative marinades and sprinkles: Home-style cutlets him from pork and beef, Classic cutlets from pork and beef, meat schnitzel Chopped from pork and b

    Decorative pillows for adults: animal pillows, headrest pillows, bolster pillows, clutch pillows, pillows, poufs with home made of textile materials, stuffed with granular polystyrene and polyester wool

    Gingerbread confectionery: Honey, Vanilla, Fruit, Mint, With poppy seeds, With nuts, Chocolate, Decorated, Home gingerbread

    Butter biscuits glazed, unglazed, partially glazed, with additions, without additions, with filling, without filling, decorated (with finishing): Homemade, Homemade with cinnamon, Homemade with poppy seeds , Home

    Confectionery: Anthill cake, Napoleon cake at home. Packaging: plastic containers, decorative cardboard boxes or other types of packaging. Net weight: from 100g to 3000g.

    Textile products - haberdashed for adults from mixed fabrics , marked Home collection: bedspreads, covers, decorative pillowcases.

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    Minsk (Belarus) - Temirtaลซ (Kazakhstan)02.20203085
    Saint Petersburg (Russia) - Nikopolโ€™ (Ukraine)02.20201402

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